Mark Steyn: The Knees Have It

I mentioned a few days ago the announcement by Charlie Hebdo that they are no longer in the business of Mohammed cartoons…

h/t MW

  • Alex

    “It’s hard standing on your feet when everyone else with the #JeSuisCharlie buttons is on their knees, bottoms in the air, prostrate before the fanatics. And so Charb’s successor has opted to live on his knees.”

    Do we really wish to live on our knees? This is not a theoretical question; each of us in western society must answer this question for themselves.

  • David

    “~I have no particular urge to die standing, but I really don’t want to live in the world this malign alliance of Islamic imperialists and hollow western appeasers is building for us.”

  • David

    OT: there’s a great Bill Whittle video at FPM. Well worth the time!

  • Surrender to Islam is only numbers.

    When Muslims represent 10% of the population, just like in present day France, obviously you lose the right to draw cartoons.

    As the percentage of Muslims goes up – 20%, 30%, 40% , … , you lose more and more rights until you are 100% Sharia compliant.

    This is how Islam works. Fear of the unseen jihadi works its wonder. And bingo – you are a Muslim, a demini or dead.

    Read my detailed article on this at:

    • Alain

      Actually the 10% is no longer required. Just keep track of what takes place nowadays in the US and Canada. You don’t need 10% when you can get the state or its agencies to do your bidding.

    • Thorough post there, Bob.

  • Shebel

    Violence works.

    • Alain

      That is the objective of terrorism.

  • Life on one”s knees won’t make things easier.