‘Jihad Isn’t Romantic,’ IS Militant Tells Wannabe Brides

A post slamming “jihadi brides” for romanticizing what it is like to live in territory in Syria and Iraq controlled by the militant group Islamic State (IS) has spread across Russian-speaking IS accounts on social media.

The post seems to have originated on July 14 on a now-deleted VKontakte account belonging to a North Caucasian IS militant who calls himself Djundullah, before being shared elsewhere.

‘Auzubillah [may Allah preserve me] from reading on sisters’ [social-media] pages, ‘I miss Syria, I long for Syria,’ the post reads…

  • What’s not romantic about being raped and burned with cigarretts by rabid killers who are stoned on a totalitarian nihilist religion? What could be better than wondering if, when he’s tired of tormenting you, you will be handed off to one of his inexpressibly repulsive mates? After all, nothing is quite as sensual as watching your hubby-at-will (that’s the will of Allah, by way of your hubby’s will- not yours) saw the head off infidels or, better yet, set them on fire! Doesn’t the smell of burned human flesh and blood make you feel fulfilled and safe? Just wait, if you wind up not liking it all that much, or maybe you do one thing that gives someone an excuse to accuse you as an “unbeliever” one of them will take pity on you and make it a quick and less painful end of you instead of merciless “educational” beatings and further rapes.
    Gives a whole new meaning to “It seemed like a good idea at the time…” doesn’t it?

    • Petey

      They say sado-masochism is quite popular nowadays.