Jewish leader condemns German vice chancellor’s Iran trip

The Obama deal has opened the floodgates.

No one should be surprised at what will become acceptable in short order.

  • Hard Little Machine

    They’re trading gas chamber schematics.

  • David

    Economics always trumps genocide.

  • David

    Dagnabbit, those germans just can’t help themselves.

  • Many European and other businessmen are just drooling with anticipation at the fat contracts they hope to get with Iran. The German minister went there asap to make sure he got some of the choicest cuts. I’d say that was a major motivating factor in rushing to an Iran nuclear deal – pure greed, even if the people involved were unaware of their own motives being unaccustomed to honest self-analysis. The carpet-baggers will be there in large numbers from all countries in no time.

    • A market of 80 million people, that is the reason for the deal.

      • And a windfall of hundreds of billions of dollars to spend.

      • Linda1000

        Europe will get a discount price for Iranian oil also?

    • mobuyus

      Flying-carpet baggers.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The EU members are grasping at straws that Iran can finally solve their Jewish problem for them.