Forced to chew a sandal and facing a death sentence

An ISIS fighter accused of slaughtering 60 soldiers in one of the terror group’s most gruesome mass executions was forced to chew a sandal as he appeared in front of news cameras in Iraq.

In Arab culture, even showing the soles of your shoes is considered a great insult.

The man – named on social media as Adnan Abdul Ridha – was reportedly arrested for his role in the bloody Speicher Camp massacre where an estimated 770 unarmed Iraqi air force cadets were captured, gunned down and buried by Islamic State thugs.

An Iraqi court used satellite images of the site where they were killed, as well as ISIS’s own propaganda video of the killings, to sentence 24 ISIS members to death for their role in the massacre.

  • BillyHW


  • UCSPanther

    Payback is a bitch…

  • Linda1000

    Is it a contest between all the different Muslim fighter groups to see who employs the most barbaric Sharia law torture before execution?

  • Join ISIS my Jihadi brothers! The bad news is that eventually you will be made to eat the big sandal. The good news is we have plenty of sandals. I hope its an Israeli made Naot… No to BDS.

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    ‘In Arab culture, even showing the soles of your shoes is considered a great insult.’

    And since all Muslims are just wannabe Arabs, when sharing an elevator with them, I like to lift my foot up and scratch at my ankle bone inside my shoe, in the process giving them a good, long look at the sole of my shoe.

    A community organizer I am not!

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  • Everyone Else

    Foot washing is an important meme in islamic supremacism.

    It nurtures the belief that non-muslims are dirty.

    It’s not just a random peculiarity but part of the programming.

    Foot washing is brainwashing