Turkey-funded mega-mosque in Bucharest sparks resistance

Resistance is growing in Bucharest to a giant mosque proposed for the city and financed by Turkey, as part of its push to build religious centres in major cities outside the country.
The Romanian government has given 11,000 sqm of terrain next to the exhibition centre ‘Romexpo’ with a market value of €3.9 million for free to the Mufti of the Romanian Muslim Community, Murat Yusuf.

On the site, Turkey will finance the building of a mosque, initially meant to be “the largest in a European capital”.

But opposition to the project comes from a broad mix of Romanian intellectuals, ex-President Traian Basescu, extreme-right groups and some Muslims.

  • canminuteman

    There you go with those “extreme right wing groups” again, eh. Because objecting to your government aiding and abetting a foreign government in building a fortress for the express purpose of conquering your country right in your capital city is an “extreme” position to take.

  • Clinton

    Turkey is building mosques in Europe, and Europeans are aiding
    them. Meanwhile, the single Turkish Orthodox Christian seminary at
    Halki has been shut down by government order. In Istanbul, the population
    of Orthodox Christians has dropped from 100K a couple of decades ago
    to less than 4,000 today. If Europeans want to assist in their own
    cultural suicide, perhaps they could at least demand a quid pro quo
    from the Turks, that they stop discriminating against their Christian

  • Wally Keeler

    Such a giant mosque would complement Ceaucescu’s palace at the top of the Avenue for the Victory of Socialism.

  • Icebow

    If there aren’t enough mosques, deport some muzz. Then deport some more, and demolish a mosque.