The Moment of the Explosion in Suruç

Aftermath of Explosion in Suruc

  • Maggat

    Just another day in paradise, islamic paradise.

  • Herbertporter

    Feel Free Freedom glazingcatfu ……… Keep Reading

  • My friendly advice to all Muslims – leave Islam, and destroy every vestige of it you find among you. It is hell itself, it is the epitome of evil, it is the enemy of humanity.

    • GusanoAmarillo

      Even though Islam is a horrid and stupid religio-political ideology that keeps human beings in a prison of their own making, no Muslim is going to take the friendly advice of someone named “Avi Sion”. That would be like expecting the Israeli Knesset to give an audience to someone named “Adolf Himmler.”

      • The comparison is not apt. The Israeli Knesset has received friendly Germans without regard to their name. Rational human beings take advice from other rational human beings. I assume there are some still rational people in the Muslim camp, but then again maybe not. Still, islam will not disappear from Planet Earth until the Muslims themselves delete it.

        • GusanoAmarillo

          I wasn’t talking about Germans in general, friendly or otherwise.

          I was talking about a specific name, i.e., “Adolf Himmler”, (or “Heinrich Hitler”, or “Adolf Hitler” or “Heinrich Himmler”, if you prefer).

          Your name evidences a traditional Hebrew first name “Avi” and a last name “Sion” that is the target of Islamist antipathy.

          So the comparison is quite apt, because “Avi Sion” to a Muslim is comparable to “Adolf Hitler” to a Jew.

          • Again, your comparison is deranged. Do you know of any “Avi” or any “Sion” who killed 6 million Muslims?

            You are obviously a sick anti-Semite.

          • GusanoAmarillo

            No, of course I haven’t. My point is that MUSLIMS don’t like Jews and Zion.

            Actually, I don’t know of ANYONE in history who killed 6 million Jews, or Muslims, or what have you.

          • Hitler and his gang of murderers killed 6 million Jews. If you don’t know that it is time for you to study the matter. It seems clear that if you were alive at that time, you would have joined the gang. Maybe you were alive at that time, in a previous incarnation. How is your ridiculous holocaust denial to be explained otherwise?

          • GusanoAmarillo

            You keep parroting “Hitler killed 6 million Jews” as if repeating it makes it so. I understand, it is a firmly entrenched, quasi-religious belief that has social consequences if you dispute or challenge the claims made in support of such a narrative, the same what that non-theists are when they dispute the evidence for a “God.”


  • Everyone Else

    weren’t those mostly kurds who got killed?

    who says Erdogan isn’t behind this?

  • Hard Little Machine

    zio-goats no doubt.

    • GusanoAmarillo

      Really. You don’t believe that Islamists are capable of doing this without getting a sign off from the Joos? You think Israelis are behind every act of terrorism in the world? Get real. The Israelis are no saints, they have exploited the Holohoax to the last drop of guilt money, and they aren’t making matters any better by making illegal excursions and expansions into disputed territories.

      By the same token Muslims are among the least rational hominids on the planet, and see nothing wrong with making a political statement in this manner. Even the most Zio of Goats would go back in a time-machine and kill Muhammad.

      The conflict between Islam is not “the friend of your enemy is my enemy and the enemy of your enemy is my friend” because the friend of your enemy could likewise be your enemy, as can the enemy of your enemy.

      It makes no sense to cast your lot with the Palestinians out of your animosity toward Zionists. It would be far more sensible to have nothing but contempt for both.

      • Actually, Hard Little Machine was being ironic.

        Still, though you apparently somewhat defend Israel here, you also peddle the usual anti-Semitic & anti-Israeli myths that “they have exploited the Holohoax to the last drop of guilt money, and they aren’t making matters any better by making illegal excursions and expansions into disputed territories.” Holohoax? Guilt money? Six million killed not enough for you and all the witnesses. Go to Israel and visit Yad Vashem And what “illegal” excursions are you talking about – what laws are you referring to? What about the law of self-defense?

        I guessed from your statement to me higher up that you were viscerally unfriendly to Jews/Israelis. This post of yours confirms it.

        • GusanoAmarillo

          Spare me the continued “Six Million” claim. This number has been used for over a century in reference to demands for funds by Jews.

          Not only have I visited Yad Vashem, I have had confrontations with purported “Holocaust survivors” who continue to try to perpetuate the “Jews were made into soap, lampshades and book covers” lies that even Yad Vashem itself has had to admit are fraudulent, by using Yad Vashem’s own analyses.

          Guilt money? Absolutely. Look up the headline “Holocaust Survivors Implore His Holiness Pope Francis To Intervene With German Chancellor Merkel To Lead Germany To Provide All Necessary Care For Survivors In Need.” Survivors in need, 70 years after the war’s conclusion? Evidently Jewish babies and children were NOT immediately “exterminated” upon arrival at the camps.

          How can you invoke the “Law of Self Defense” in relation to the establishment of settlements in East Jerusalem and the West Bank that Arabs are prohibited from likewise establishing? Are you conceding that such settlements are also part of the Israeli war effort?

          The laws I am referring to are international laws as well as treaties to which Israel is a signatory, or are international laws no longer relevant after they served their purpose in legitimizing the existence of the State of Israel?

          “Viscerally unfriendly to Jews/Israelis”? Nonsense, but I am not surprised at the invocation of “anti-Semite” the moment that any opposing view to either the conventional Holocaust narrative is presented or when Israel’s policies are brought into question. That technique is as hoary as the use of the phony contrived word “Islamophobia” whenever I express any opinions opposing the so-called “Palestinians”, such as reminding people that the “Palestinians” were among the most eager celebrants of 9-11.

          Here’s what might be really baffling for you. I believe strongly in Israel’s right to exist, and it’s right to exist as a Jewish State. I have expressed my belief through generous financial donations to a number of Israeli charities through the IsraelGives website. I am viscerally opposed to the so-called “Boycott, Divestment and Sanction” (BDS) movement utilized by pro-“Palestinian” activists online.

          I don’t have to accept without question the demonstrable falsehoods surrounding the orthodox Holocaust narrative to make a case for Israel as the one nation in the region that shares values with the West, including but not limited to freedom of expression, freedom from theocracy and equal rights for gays and lesbians.

          In fact, it is my position as a Holocaust revisionist that actually adds to my credibility as a supporter of Israel generally, and the rights of Jews to a homeland in the region. Why? First of all, there is a legal concept that an admission against self-interest is presumed to be truthful. There is an analogy that someone who isn’t just a philo-Semitic “true believer” (like many of Israel’s more strident Christian allies who are only friends of Israel because of “God’s covenant to Abraham” in Genesis 12:3) is MORE credible as an independent analyst of the case for Israel.

          Second of all, it is my intention to be consistent. The reason I support Israel, besides the fact that it is the home of much technological and scientific advancement along with many shared values with the West, is that it wants to be ethnically Jewish as part of its national identity. I realize that there are Israeli Arabs, Druze and other non-Jews who make up the population, but the other truth is that the Law of Return only applies to Jews, and then specifically, only the Ashkenazim and Sephardim, as Jewish hostility toward black falashmura is well known.

          This means I likewise support the right of Western and Northern European nations to be free from the toxic poison of “multiculturalism” that Aliyah Jews like Barbara Lerner-Spectre wishes to inflict upon countries like Sweden.

          Although I find the Hasidim and other ultra-Orthodox Jews to be most reprehensible examples of religious extremism (many are anti-Zionist) comparable to Islamism (and I have been known to use some slurs to describe them), I am among the most vocal commenters who reminds people of the debt of gratitude we all share globally with genuine Jewish humanitarians as Dr. Jonas Salk, who shared his discovery of an effective polio vaccine without personal monetary gain to which he was clearly entitled.

          So no, I am certainly not “viscerally unfriendly” to Jews/Israelis. I am viscerally unfriendly toward any enemies of the West (which includes Islamists and “Palestinians”) as well as anyone, Jew or otherwise, who calls for the contamination of white nations like those in Fenno-Scandia and in Western and Eastern Europe with African and Muslim detritus.

          I trust I have made myself clear.

          • You are a sick guy.

          • GusanoAmarillo

            Obviously, you didn’t read the entirety of my response to you. TL:DR, amirite?

          • I read the speech of a mentally confused individual, who for some reason only he knows wishes to deny or belittle the holocaust. At the root of this is a deep-seated anti-Semitism, which is an expression of spiritual depravity.

            What does holocaust denial constitute? It is as if the victims are murdered a second time, because their actual death and suffering are denied and concealed. This is morally evil, and it puts the denier in the ranks of the murderers.

          • GusanoAmarillo

            Utter nonsense, but fortunately more and more thoughtful individuals are rejecting this silly contention that providing information from historical records with either a conviction that the information is plausible or that the information debunks other competing assertions or narratives is somehow an incitement to racial hatred or morally equivalent to murder. For the Nazis to have killed six million Jews would have meant that two Jews were killed every 90 seconds for the five and a half years between 1939 to 1945, but to challenge it as preposterous and physically impossible when 1) no death camps existed on German soil, 2) no homicidal gas chambers have ever been found and 3) no mass graves have ever been located even with the latest technology makes me a “murderer”? You’re insane.

            This nonsense has been used by Jews to persuade nations like Canada to enact legislation making it a crime to question or dispute any part of the Holocaust narrative.


            This means that it is a crime in some countries to argue that Irene Zisblatt’s “testimony” that she swallowed and defecated and re-ingested diamonds to hide them from vicious Nazis in Auschwitz is an implausible fabrication, or to question how she could have given birth to children after supposedly being sterilized:


            This means that it was a crime in some countries to dispute this story about a man who married the girl who fed him apples while he was an internee at a camp, until it was revealed to be entirely fabricated:


            For you, it’s another Shoah to observe that Red Cross records of camp deaths correspond to the significantly lower numbers recorded by the Germans themselves, and that “6 million” is an absurdly inflated figure:



            “What does Holocaust denial constitute”? It is absolutely not a “murder of victims a second time”, because it cannot be an incitement to racial or religious hatred to simply question the veracity of testimonies by supposed “survivors” or to refer to documentary evidence to support the contention that a historical event from70 years ago may not have occurred in the manner it has been typically reported. Your conflation of historical inquiry with a second genocide of the victims is repugnant and false.

            Why is it that Jews demand such special privileges for the alleged suffering of themselves and their forbears?

            ” Wiesel’s account of the Holocaust is perplexing; he dismisses scientific or historical explanations of the event as insufficient in light of what he experienced in Auschwitz as a metaphysical evil that will forever remain unspeakable.Throughout his literary corpus, Wiesel focuses almost exclusively on Jews in the Holocaust and takes a highly religious perspective . . . he gives voice only to a religious, Jewish perspective on the Holocaust.”


            You can try to use the same hoary claims about the “six millions” (who incidentally were also Holocausted in 1919 according to Jewish Soviet propagandist and Germanophobe Ilya Ehrenburg) and how “its another Shoah” to question a 70 year old narrative, but more and more people are coming around to the realization that they have been lied to for as long as they have been forced to read “Night” or watch “Schindler’s List” at school or learn about non-existent shrunken heads or Jewskin lampshades and Jewfat soap.

            Yours is the last gasp of the Holocaust religion.

          • I will leave your comment up as as an example of lunacy.

          • GusanoAmarillo

            Really? I take it that you consider the historical use of the “Six Million” figure by Jews as nothing more than a mere coincidence instead of a continuing pattern of claimed victimization?

            You consider it to be “lunacy” to point out that so-called “Holocaust survivors” who supposedly number in the “tens of thousands” in the United States alone betrays a false claim?


            According to Jewish Week, there are 120,000 Jewish Holocaust survivors living in the United States. However, according to immigration statistics confirmed by the online Holocaust Encyclopedia, the number of Jewish Holocaust Survivors who entered the United States was 96,000.

            So not only have the number of Jewish Holocaust survivors exceeded all actuarial statistics for mortality (people age 10 in 1955 have an 80% chance of being alive today), but have even INCREASED in number AFTER arriving in the United States!

            You consider a person who supports Israel’s right to exist peacefully with its neighbors a “lunatic”?

            You consider someone who objectively notes the good and the bad in the Jewish community and for whom the “anti-Semite” label doesn’t comfortably fit (what anti-Semite gives charitably to Israel?) an example of “lunacy”?

            Then you have an interesting definition for “lunacy”, albeit one that defies the ordinary definition.

            This is the problem most people who aren’t afraid to question orthodoxies encounter:The superficial namecalling and labeling.

            Interesting how none of my remarks or posts contain any ad hominems, but the emotional Jew who missed the whole point of my comment couldn’t refrain.

          • Please give it a rest. This isn’t a website you’ll enjoy.

          • GusanoAmarillo

            Forget it. You don’t get to decide for me what websites I do or don’t enjoy, and I am certainly not going to allow you or anyone else to attempt to silence me about proving, from the testimony of the two primary “witnesses” to the supposed systematic murder of Jews in Auschwitz, that the orthodox Holocaust narrative is a lie. I doubt you’d be inclined to tell me not to criticize the evil of those who set off a bomb at a peaceful political demonstration, would you?

            Either challenge the SUBSTANCE of what I say, or just stay out of it.

          • This website isn’t public property. You’ve been allowed to publish screeds here for days, so don’t whine about being censored. If you want to start your own blog where you can rant about Jews I certainly won’t try to stop you. Your notion that other people should be obliged to host you as go on endlessly about your pet obsessions, which are distasteful, to put it mildly, to the owner and most of the readers of this blog, is childish and idiotic.

            Keep it up and I will certainly ban you. I’m not looking for a debate here.

          • El Martyachi

            That seems template worthy. Only variable is “… where you can rant about $N I certainly won’t try to stop…”

          • GusanoAmarillo

            “Template worthy.” I take it you shop at the “one size fits all” section . . .

          • El Martyachi

            …. depends on the one, size, fit and all. But yeah, generally, when possible that’s me. Despite what ur momma told ya, yer just not that special, son.

          • Melek_Taos

            If templates and “one-size-fits-all” are fitting attributes for you, then the word to best describe you is “formulaic.” Slavish adherence to convention isn’t good, despite what your momma told you. There’s no way you could use such a paint by numbers approach on mine, so I ain’t yer son either, Marty.

          • El Martyachi

            Formulaic. I can live with that.

          • GusanoAmarillo

            You were the one to tell me to give it a rest.

            Why is it that you assert that I am going on about my “pet obsessions” when I simply RESPOND to another’s comments to me.?

            BTW, have you even bothered to actually read anything I have posted in response to “Avi Sion”? Obviously not, because I have kept everything I have written factual, with outside references, without a single pejorative about anyone, and certainly not a “rant about Jews”, given that I have objectively pointed out examples where anti-Semites have employed strategies, both online and on campus, to suppress their right to free expression. Mr. Sion, in response and by contrast, feels the need to call me “sick” or “mentally confused”. This of course is a weak ad hominem substitute for actually responding to the SUBSTANCE of my comments.

            I have the facts on my side, so I don’t have to use adjectives like “distasteful,” “childish” or “idiotic” in an attempt to demean a post or the person behind them. Don’t accuse me of “whining”, I haven’t, and I didn’t get butthurt or respond in kind when the site’s owner decided to state that my post would remain as an “example of lunacy.” Instead, I challenged the assertion, which hasn’t been rebutted.

            Moreover, I am fully aware that this website is not “public property,” and I have never asserted otherwise. However, your site isn’t hosting Disqus either, it is the other way around. Perhaps if you really don’t want a debate, you’ll create your own blog comment forum for yourself and the owner that doesn’t depend on a networked platform.

            Finally, I have no intention, desire or interest in posting “screeds.” That would be an apt observation if I was making remarks that were irrelevant to the subject matter of your site with no relation to any other post, which of course wasn’t the cases at all, as I was responding to Mr. Sion’s overreaction to my OP. However, I reserve the prerogative to respond to anyone who feels the need to try to attack ME rather than the content of my remarks.

            Have a pleasant day.

          • Holocaust denial, and attempts to diminish the figure, are insane – lacking in mental health, revealing of some inner sickness in the speaker. It is lack of objectivity, not to mention woeful lack of compassion and humanity.

          • GusanoAmarillo

            Naturally. This is the policy strategy described by Deborah Lipstadt:

            “Ultimately and with this I conclude, our objective should be to create a society where denial of
            the genocide is seen as so outrageous and so despicable, that anyone who engages in it, would be rendered a pariah.” – Deborah Lipstadt in Dublin, Nov 18-19 2010

            So instead you want to silence free expression, rather than dealing with how 700,000 Jews from Hungary could have been conceivably exterminated at Auschwitz, knowing, from the blueprints of Krema II, that:

            1. there were only fifteen muffles in the crematoria,

            2. located next to an inmate soccer field,

            3. which would have required 6 days, with no down time to clean the muffles of any coke or accelerant residue, to cremate 2000 people crammed into a room, if filled to capacity, would have required them to stand with military precision, in 133 rows of 15 people abreast, giving them no room other than to stand erect with their arms straight down, with no shower facilities or soap,

            4. to be killed in “15 minutes” with about 4 canisters of Zyklon-B,

            5. to be removed and dragged, each weighing an average of 150 lbs., over 70 feet by 35 Sonderkommando (Jewish inmates used for this purpose) using nothing but hooked canes (as testified by Dario Gabbai and recounted to Naomi Pfefferman) [35 Sonderkommando using hooked canes would have EACH been responsible for dragging 8,571 lbs. of dead human weight (2000 dead divided by 35 SK times 150 lbs average per body), almost 4.25 TONS, anywhere from 1 feet to 100 feet, in one hour, for 20 hours each day],

            6. to have been burned “four at a time in forty minutes” which, at ten minutes per body, represents a rate 9 times faster than the fastest industrial crematorium in existence today (which burns 100 lbs in one hour, considering that the human body is almost 60 percent water)

            7. which would have taken 390 days (780,000 Hungarian Jews divided by 2000 Jews killed per day ), operating 24 hours a day with no time for sleep, eating or going to the bathroom, just to murder the Jews from Hungary, let alone the ones from Poland, Czechoslovakia, Austria, etc., who were alleged to have been processed through Auschwitz.

            OK, so 2,000 weren’t killed every day. The number was allegedly 1,750 per day. According to the website, ”

            Auschwitz-Birkenau – “The Death Factory”


            “. . . 105,000 were killed from January to March 1943.”

            This means that in two months, or sixty days, 105,000 inmates were allegedly murdered and disposed of using the same inefficient process. This means that, on average, 1,750 people were murdered each day, every day, seven days a week, with no down time for the crematoria to cool off to remove the bodies. Using the aforementioned calculations (1750 dead divided by 35 Sonderkommando times 150 lbs per dead body = 50 times 150 = 7,500) each Sonderkommando was still responsible for moving 7,500 pounds of dead weight, using nothing but hooked canes and no wheels, conveyor belts, or anything, using a single lift with a six hundred pound capacity, meaning that poor Dario had to move 3.75 tons of dead bodies, using a manned lift with no mechanized assistance (from Dario’s own testimony and that of other Sonderkommando like Filip Muller), 12.5 times a day. That means that each Sonderkommando, using their own testimony, moved 7,500 pounds of dead bodies, dragging them on the average of 70 feet through the “gas chamber” (the size taken from blueprints and the footprint of Krema II at the Auschwitz museum), at a rate of 3,750 pounds per hour, or about 2 minutes for each person weighing 135 pounds each (you’d have to be dragging 150 pounds an average of 35 feet in one minute, every minute, of each day without rest).

            This is humanly impossible.

            . . . and you say it’s me who lacks “objectivity”?

            The Holohoax industry depends on people being too “ashamed” to question the testimony of people like Dario Gabbai (who later had a short career as an actor in Hollywood) and Filip Muller (whose testimony has been discredited in other contexts), or afraid to do the simple computations that would render their testimony absurd and humanly impossible, because that would mean (*GASP*) that a Holocaust survivor would have been caught in a LIE, and your narrative depends on a credulous public being rendered pariahs or criminalized for going through this process.

            Just doing this kind of analysis would cost a person their freedom, finances and reputation in Austria


            Bosnia and Herzegovina

            Czech Republic







            The Netherlands






            (and proposed throughout the European Union).

            The excuse is that this kind of analysis would result in a “resurgence of Nazism, anti-Semitism and would be like ‘murdering the victims all over again'”, is that your argument?

            You can use terms like “lacking in mental health, revealing of some inner sickness in the speaker.
            It is lack of objectivity, not to mention woeful lack of compassion and humanity” to attempt to shame me, but as I have already indicated, none of this has happened, at least not in my case.

            I am opposed to the Islamization of Europe, and how Islamic intransigence has been a force preventing peace in the Middle East. I have given my money to help Israelis and Jews provide the necessary counter-arguments against the on-campus pro-“Palestinian” propaganda which is used to shout down the Israeli ambassador when he makes a visit to one of our universities.

            Unlike everyone else (including this “Black_Mamba” person), I am consistent in my support of free speech and expression. The pro-Palestine side wants to use the same techniques as the Holohoax exponents (shaming opposition, shouting down dissent, etc.) to prevent a fair and OBJECTIVE analysis and open discussion of controversial topics.

            You either support free speech or you find excuses to curtail it. There is no middle ground. Free speech and expression is too precious, as you should know if you have been following what Muslims have been trying to achieve by attempting to make criticism of Islam a banned form of “hate speech”), to allow in any way, even if it offends the sensibilities of Jews with an emotional stake in the orthodox Holocaust narrative.

            What was that again, “Blazing Cat Fur”, about “lunacy” again?

  • Justin St.Denis

    When organizing a successful community picnic, remember Rule #1. It’s all about location, location, LOCATION!

  • knight

    Time to push Islam back into the grave and show that by pushing them back their terror is a failure

  • Gene

    Islam is the most vile, disgusting, evil, intolerant, hateful, perverted, criminal ideology that has ever existed. Made made up by any mass murdering, thieving, raping, lying, pedophile for the sole purpose of satisfying the lust, hate and greed of Muhammad. At some point, it will have to be destroyed to save humanity.

    I hope I was not too subtle.

  • Good Lord….

    I’m sure the person who filmed this will be shaking for the rest of his life.