Tell me again that Donald Trump isn’t a toxic clown

Trump and Graham have engaged in an ongoing feud in the past few days as they battle for the Republican presidential nomination. In Trump’s speech Tuesday, he called Graham an “idiot,” after Graham called him a “jackass.”

Trump gave out (Graham’s cell) number and urged attendees to call it.

“Give it a shot,” Trump said, urging people to call the state’s senior senator.

Revenge for this.

(UPDATE: eh, read this. Ace is on a roll.)

  • I never thought I would find myself agreeing with Piers Morgan.

    I’m sorry but Donald Trump is winning because he never says sorry

    • Elephant in the Thread

      Piers is partially right. There is another factor for Trump’s success that I haven’t seen mentioned. While I was growing up the US and American’s were “can do”, pride filled people. About 20 years ago that started to disappear as the left started to cast guilt over anyone that showed pride in America by shrieking about every evil the country may or may not have committed. A self doubt and a shame started to creep into the country’s psyche allowing to sink into the disaster that we now see today. I think Trump is exemplifying the old proud, self reliant, no excuses, no apologies America that is tucked away inside most Americans due to intimidation tactics from the SJW’s and other special interest groups that love to criticize the old America to no end. I hope Trump is successful in unleashing that pride and “Making America Great Again”

      • Linda1000

        “American exceptionalism”. Ozero doesn’t believe in it but Trump shouts it out.

        • Justin St.Denis

          Trump oozes it from every pore!

  • moraywatson

    Mean what you say, and say what you mean. Donald Trump seems to understand this concept.

  • Exile1981

    Giving out the other sides cell phone number is petty but it’s still funny.
    I’d be even better if he gave out Hillary’s phone number.

    • Linda1000

      Trump is saying to Graham call me a jackass then I can also act like one. What has Graham or McCain done in the last how many years sitting on their asses in Washington. Now the Rinos are scared that Trump is making such a big impact in the polls. Maybe Graham can get a big teary hug from Mr. Bonehead (J. Boehner).

      • Exile1981

        The rino’s have every right to be scared as Trump is changing the narrative and forcing them to answer questions they don’t want to answer. Even if he does nothing but force more people to start looking at the facts that the rino’s the dems and the media are hiding then he has done a great service.

        • Linda1000

          That’s why I’m cheering for him. If you read comments from Americans on other sites, they are thoroughly fed up with the current Republicans in control of both the Senate and Congress but still not doing anything to stop Ozero who seems to be destroying the country.
          Trump doesn’t care about the media and makes no bones about disliking them so they are all wetting their pants now.

          • Do you see him merely as a bringer-upper of the immigration issue, or as an actual presidential candidate?

          • Linda1000

            I actually think he could be a decent enough President but I don’t know where he stands on all the issues, except what he has said about immigration. Hey, he isn’t hiding his birth certificate or academic credentials. He’s a successful self-made multi-billionaire and he’s smart enough to appoint very qualified, competent people if he was elected. His businesses would not have been successful if he wasn’t a competent leader. He might ruffle the feathers of the “ultra cultured sophisticates” in the EU cabal tho but who cares. I think Trump would have told the Ayatollahs to play by America’s terms or there was no deal.

          • Xavier

            I’m not entirely sure about Trump. But I will admit to being somewhat skeptical about the leadership abilities of an actor who had made a movie called Bedtime for Bonzo too.

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            Trump is the only one to bring that issue up, and so that is why he is in the forefront.
            Call it courage, call it vision, call it clownishness.
            Why cant ANY of the other candidates even articulate that same thought?
            What are they then?
            “Pragmatists” (yes, I’m making fun of Ace).
            Oh joy.

          • Exile1981

            I’m concerned that while he is bringing up issues that if he made it to office he would roll over and play along like everyone else we sent to Washington.
            The repubs caved which tells me they either sold us out or someone is black mailing them into going along.

          • Linda1000

            Well, he can’t do much worse than the last six years have been for the country and maybe he could reverse some the asinine executive orders that have that big “O” on them.
            Look, it’s not like he really needs the job of POTUS but I think he’s just as fed up as many others with the status quo in Washington. Trump is proud to be American and wants to fix things in the country which he might just be able to do. at least he’s a fighter who doesn’t back down

    • Clausewitz

      Yes indeed, how dare the peon’s ever believe that they can “question” the political elite of the US. They’re just supposed to grab their ankles, breath deeply, and accept what their betters have in store.

  • Everyone Else

    Donald Trump is not a toxic clown.

  • Look what's happening to the world @SenJohnMcCain Call us wacko birds now… Oh but you side w/them #WakeUpAmerica— Katt❤️Country (@TrucksHorsesDog) July 20, 2015

  • Look what's happening to the world @SenJohnMcCain Call us wacko birds now… Oh but you side w/them #WakeUpAmerica

  • doowleb

    John McCain is indeed a war hero. That doesn’t excuse him from his actions as a US Senator. He’s done more damage to the USA as a Senator than the Viet Cong could have ever done in their wildest dreams. This RINO is evil and needs to be put in the dustbin of history by the voters of Arizona. Trump may not be elegant, but I much prefer candor over the constant lies from people like McCain.

  • Millie_Woods

    I’m not a Trump fan but it’s nice to see a Republican that doesn’t wilt as soon as the heat’s turned up. The difference between the Republicans and Democrats is that The Donald isn’t a serious contender while a douche bag like Hillary is.

  • andycanuck

    Gee. CBS pretending to give a sh1t about Republicans. I’m truly touched.

  • I don’t know why anyone would sing Trump’s praises. He strikes me as a buffoon.

    We’ve had enough of that in the White House. We don’t need more of it.

    • Linda1000

      America needs a leader willing to fight for America instead of selling out to all its enemies like Iran. Trump is a fighter and supports the military big time so his messages are connecting with people.
      Trump to Graham:
      “You’re fired.” 🙂

      • Sorry but Trump is a big-mouth and little else.

        • Linda1000

          Sure he’s a big mouth and good at it because he’s been in the trenches a long time. Not too many people can take on Manhattan and be successful. He was a millionaire developer in his 30s and spent a lot of time with city and state politicians to get his projects completed so I think he can handle himself in Washington. He’s pretty candid about his personal background also. Is he totally honest and pure as snow, doubt it but name me another ideal candidate in this race. Interesting reading here on Trump.

          • How do you feel about his abuse of eminent domain?


            Not that I care, really. Trump is obviously not a candidate. Again, what kind of people pretend to take him seriously? That’s what I wonder about.

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            What kind of people take him seriously?
            Seemingly almost everyone you associate with on this board.

            Now, unless you think everyone here is a flaming assclown anyways, then maybe you have either not either given him a fair hearing, or you don’t correctly weigh the value of his platform as we do.
            Yep, he’s no Thatcher, but so what?

            On this front, almost all of us are single issue voters, and right now, Trump is the only one seriously addressing that issue.

          • Okay. We’ll see how it plays out. I just find this depressing.

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            You shouldn’t.
            You really shouldn’t find this depressing at all.

            We want someone, anyone, to do this one simple thing, and he has stepped forward and said “yes I will”.
            That is the absolute end of most of our thought processes.
            Get rid of the illegals, and keep new ones from entering.
            If he does anything else positive, then that’s a bonus.

            Beyond that, because of the strong prevailing desire to curtail illegal immigration, most of us don’t care if he once ate a baby. Yes, it’s that big of a deal to us, so please don’t discount that desire.

            You sound like one of my sisters critizing the hot blonde with the big chest because she doesn’t comport herself in the right way, or lacks certain markers of manners and upbringing.
            We could care less about such things.
            We want the hot blonde with the big chest because we want her for just that one thing.
            Same deal with Trump, and you are telling us that he’s no good because he’s a clown.
            Fine, he’s a clown, but so far he seems to be the only clown that will do that ONE THING we want done.

          • This is foolish. Pay attention. I.Get. It. The GOP establishment sucks. We need someone who isn’t part of the establishment. Someone who’s willing to stand up for the stuff that we’re supposed to be standing up for before our civilization implodes, assuming it’s not too late. Even if s/he isn’t quite as cool as your sister the ’80s-movie snotty cheerleader with the big boobs or whatever. I get it.

            Everyone gets it.

            You don’t have to keep explaining it. We’re all on the same page here.

            I’m done. There’s nothing more to be said. If you think Trump’s going to be running for President, and you want to vote for him, go for it.

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            No Mamba, I don’t think you get it at all.
            I wished you did get it.
            By definition, if you “got it”, you wouldn’t be so perplexed as to why anybody likes him.

          • What I mean is that I “get” the narrative. You know. “Boo the RINIOs!” “Yay the anti-establishment hero guy!” I agree with this narrative. I just think it’s a lazy, silly narrative to apply here.

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            And that’s just the thing that you overanalyzing “pragmatists” don’t get.
            If it was an establishment that I liked, I’d be totally onboard with the establishment.
            Now that accusation is the ‘silly and lazy’ part here.

          • I don’t get how you thought that that’s my position. I’m saying that nobody likes the establishment. I’m also saying that just because Trump is positioning himself as anti-establishment, that’s not a good enough reason to like him.

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            Anti-establishment credentials are only good if you dislike the establishment.
            I never thought of him as anti-establishment guy. He’s totally outside the establishment.
            I’m just not looking at Trump and saying: “Hey, he’s anti establishment kind of guy, I think I’ll like him.”
            That is what it sounded like you meant.

          • I’m thoroughly confused at this point. I think I’ll just stay off the Trump stuff from here on out.

            He’ll be out of this in two months tops anyway.

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            We will see.
            In any event, I’m happy too see your magnanimous capitulation to reason.

          • I am the soul of magnanimity.

          • El Martyachi

            Back when I was in that barbershop quartet in Skokie running a hacknslash MUD in one of the hackier corners of the net, I kept an alter ego character named Shirley for when I wanted to interact with players without the baggage of host-player dynamic. –As an aside.. that technically makes me a reformed cyber tranny?! –Plus, I got to say stuff like “Surely you jest!” before annihilating unsuspecting players with overpowered illegal weapons.

            Not sure where I was going with this. It’s been one of those days.

          • I thought it was beautiful.

          • El Martyachi
          • G

            After reading this board all the way down I have to say this comment is the one that i relate to most.

            “…unless you think everyone here is a flaming assclown anyways,…”

            Basically that nails it. Trump has a lot of characteristics that I DON’T like but if I were an American I would be saying “considering the alternatives he will have to do”. This would force other candidates to step up their game and deal seriously about issues Americans care about or get beaten out.

            Being a canadian and a social conservative I’m pretty familiar with being name called by other conservatives just for picking a position and sticking to it. So far Trump has impressed me more than any of the others. Calling him names or calling me names by association isn’t going to change that. That trick doesn’t work anymore.

          • Linda1000

            I think Trump did make a fairly generous offer (Coking case?) For that property way back. Anyway, the family finally sold the property for about a third of the price in 2014.

          • So?

          • Linda1000

            If that’s the worse thing Trump ever did and likely not, then I’m okay with his business tactics. I think it was the Atlantic City officials /counselors who pushed the case to court and the courts finally ruled in Coking’s favor.

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            I don’t care if he ate a baby and then raped a goat.
            Remember, I’m a single issue voter.

          • Yes, just like Romney was and, for some reason, Obama still got in.

            If you settle for a big-mouthed celebrity to fill the ballot, you might not like it when (or if) he gets in.

          • Alain

            Sorry but Romney allowed an aggressive female reporter to beat him into silence over a major issue at the time. He was weak from the start, which was why I totally disagreed with Ann Coulter’s support of him. The big problem with those who claim to represent the Right is that they allow the Left to decide the discussion (topics, etc.) therefore putting the Right immediately on the defensive instead of the offensive. Trump is one who does not allow them to run the game.

          • The aggressive female reporter is a symptom of a greater illness. It certainly didn’t help Romney.

          • Linda1000

            Can’t compare Romney to Trump other than both are successful businessmen. Actually, it seems there was a lot of fraud in the last election and Romney probably did win. The old boy Rinos in Washington would really like

          • He is second-place candidate who stirs up feelings in an electorate who are frustrated on one issue. Let’s see where he goes without it.

          • Linda1000

            It’s really early days and I don’t know which states are crucial for any candidate to win the nomination. Bottom line is that I don’t want another Democrat president after Obama so I want someone tough to go against Clinton. I’m not a fan of Jeb Bush, Rubio so far. I like Walker and Cruz. I don’t follow the internal party politics that closely so don’t know how the candidates gain the most money, support and influence to win the nomination.

          • I don’t think another Democrat will get in. Whoever gets elected will have to clean up Obama’s many messes which might ruin the future chances of Republicans later on.

          • Linda1000

            Whoa, I’m not thinking beyond 2020. Hopefully, the Republicans will get two terms if they win in 2016. Agree about reversing some of Obama’s changes if they can be fixed.

          • Who knows what will happen after 2016. At best, America will be a functioning economy but it will never be as it was. That empire is over.

    • barryjr

      Oh yeah they can get somebody like Bush III, Graham or Christie. Wait why choose a fraud just elect an “honest” progressive liar like Hitlary. No difference between the establishment GOP choices and Hitlary or Sanders.

      • You’re positing a dichotomy between “this pile of sh*t” and “this pile of sh*t over here”.

        • Drunk_by_Noon

          So, where exactly is this mythical perfect candidate?
          Just whom might that be?

          • Then vote for him. But you won’t get to, because he won’t make it that far. He’ll get bored first. The Media will begin focusing on someone else, good or bad, and then, eh, not enough narcissistic supply.

            He’s a clown.

            How desperate are we, exactly?

            Eh, I’ve said what I have to say about this.

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            If he’s still in the race by the time of my state’s primary, I will vote for him.
            If he is not, and no one steps up to carry the anti-illegal immigration mantle, then I’m going to not vote for any Republican come November.
            You want pragmatism (yes, I’m mocking Ace again)?
            How does Hillary 2016 sound?
            Because Cloward–Piven works both ways.

      • That’s why Cruz is a safe choice.

        I don’t think Hillary Clinton has a chance.

        • Drunk_by_Noon

          When you say Cruz is a “safe choice” what exactly do you mean?

          • A wolverine (or The Wolverine), a supporter of his state, of oil, against the Cuban regime.

            Shall I go on?

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            So far, safe has been ineffective.
            Instead of someone who knows all of the Marquess of Queensberry rules, I now want someone who knows how to build a pipe bomb.

          • Cruz might know how to do a lot of things.

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            Does he? Does he really?
            Although he might be the least objectionable GOP hopeful, he had a C+ grade (recently upgraded to a B) from Numbers USA.

            True, Cruz is better than everyone else (than Trump), and was my first choice before I became aware of the writings and teachings of “the Donald”, but he’s not exactly what I would call good.
            Besides, he has a Spanish language area of his website (which Trump does not) for his candidacy.
            That one thing alone tells me he is not really serious.

          • Trump or Cruz is not serious?

            I think Cruz has the necessary mettle for the presidency.

            And he might be Wolverine. I can’t be sure.

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            Cruz. I don’t think he’s serious about illegal immigration.
            He talks tough, but is still a proponent of H1B Visas (TFWs) and until he was interested in running, didn’t talk much about the illegal problem.
            He’s still my second choice; I don’t hate him.

          • I don’t like the idea of temporary foreign workers unless there is some sort of incredibly specialised work that guy from X country can do. Hire citizens or don’t bother.

            I think Cruz is serious about immigration. His approach is a little more pragmatic but does not equal amnesty.

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            It might not equal amnesty, but he’s far from a rock ribbed assimilationist too. He even has a Spanish language site. I thought everyone had to have a good grasp of English in order to vote.
            That tells me Cruz is not really serious, if he is using the Spanish language (a foreign language to America) to court votes.
            I doubt his sincerity.

          • Guess what. They do that here in Canada. If I had my way, everyone would have to take an IQ test to vote, drive a car and own property. This would include knowing one or both of the official languages. The US does not have such laws and that is a problem.

            Yes, Cruz is appealing for votes but, no, he is not a political multiculturalist.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      He used to strike me as a buffoon, but he doesn’t anymore.
      We have a corrupted selection system and he seems to be the least corrupted of the lot.
      If everyone else were not corrupted, then why is no one picking up on the anti illegal immigration vibe?
      I’m sure they know it, they just can’t say anything.

      • Just because he says a few things doesn’t make him statesman material.

        I’m just not seeing it.

        • Drunk_by_Noon

          What is “statesman material”?
          I’m not trying to be obtuse, but they also said the same things about Ronald Regan.
          Now maybe Donald Trump is no Reagan, but even Reagan wasn’t “a Reagan” until well into his term.

          What I feel is Donald Trump’s greatest strength is that he’s not a politician.
          He can say these things because he has no long-term political “relationships” to conserve and he owes no group of political contributors, like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, or worse.

          Why doesn’t John Kerry tell Iran to screw off?
          He’s a statesman and a politician, and they don’t do such things.
          He’s also a flaming idiot, and working for an idiot, but that’s beside the point.

          Right now we need someone from outside of the system, because by the time you come up through the system, they very process that makes you “viable” and propels you through the system also taints you.

          Look at Bobby Jindal.
          Everyone had high hopes when he came onto the scene. He said all the right things, the conservatives loved him, and yet still presides over one of the most corrupt states of the Union.
          In short, he didn’t do his job.

          • Just because Donald Trump isn’t Obama or John Kerry or John McCain doesn’t make him presidential material. Nor does saying the odd naughty thing make him a statesman. While immigration is an important issue, it is not the only one. I would worry more about what Iran is going to do because that will be more bloody.

            As usual, Mark Steyn says it best:

            “Forty years ago, John McCain was a war hero. Since then he’s mostly been
            an asshole. The problem is you can’t out-asshole Donald Trump.”


          • glasnost

            You didn’t answer Drunk’s underlying question:

            What is “statesman material”?

          • Not a loudmouth who struts about on a reality TV show.

          • glasnost

            You still haven’t answered the question.

          • What? Being a reality TV host is a good quality for a world leader?

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            So that’s a disqualifier?

          • For a serious candidate, yes.

            I know Reagan was an actor but he also some political experience and was a no-nonsense character in a cool sort of way, something I don’t see in Trump.

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            It’s a different time.
            Regan couldn’t get the nomination of his own party today, let along get elected governor of California.
            I think any “Regans” that were left have been hunted into extinction by not only their own party, but by popular culture itself.

          • I think that is part of the problem. We have lowered our standards and now we are getting the cream of the crap. They were be no RINOs if one expected quality.

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            I don’t know how exactly we got here. I think we ended up this way for many reasons.

            However, here we are, and these are our choices.
            To me, they all look alike, except for the one that says he will boot the illegals.
            That ONE THING ALONE is why I would vote for him.
            Just that one thing.

          • I think that problem is a global one. In Canada, you have one weasel over another.

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            That may very well be.

            It sure seems that way, but if there were a marginal candidate that promised the same for Canada, wouldn’t you support him too?
            We are not running purity tests here, but if Justin Trudeau woke up tomorrow, and said:
            “My GOD, I didn’t realize that Islam was such a pugnacious influence in Canada and I will do everything I can to see to it that no more Muslims enter Canada, and I will encourage all of the ones here to leave”,

            wouldn’t you support him too?
            I know I would, if I believed him.

          • Once one is a Trudeau, one is always going to be a slimy, classless buffoon.

            Attacking the beneficial child tax credits, he has promised to give his credit to a charity that helps pregnant women in need (so says the article). Do I believe him? Nope. Just like his overtures to the Muslims, he’s trolling for votes. Not buying it.

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            We have been worrying about Iran for almost the last 40-years, and what has changed?
            What we really care about, what has made so many of us single issue voters is illegal immigration.
            Is he presidential?
            I don’t know. So what if he isn’t.
            Neither was Andrew Jackson.
            What made Andrew Jackson an effective President is that he was so far outside the system that he actually represented the will of the people.
            So what if he duels?
            Also not Presidential, but on the balance he’s much more good than bad, if he will only do that one thing we want done, that we have been screaming to have done for the last 40-years, which is get rid of the illegals.

          • Obama has pushed up the Armageddon schedule.

            I wouldn’t compare Trump to Andrew Jackson or Reagan or anyone else. That is part of the problem. He is a showman, not a statesman. Whatever financial acumen he might possess won’t make up for what he doesn’t.

            We can’t just settle for X candidate because he is not Y candidate. That is a recipe for failure.

          • Alain

            God save us all from professional politicians, because that is a plague both in the US and Canada.

  • I’m not defending anybody. Not Miss Graham. Certainly not the appalling McCain. I just would like a little positive feedback re. my observation that Trump is an utter buffoon.

    This phone number thing isn’t “petty”. No. It’s shitty. Graham says something mean about him so Trump decides to ruin his his secretary’s day by trolling him on live TV. Hey, don’t mess with The Donald! Gosh that’s statesmanlike.

    I don’t care about Trump. But if defending him as, what? – Manly? Tough? A badass? A straight shooter? A rugged salt-of-the-Earth type? An International Man Of Mystery? The ultimate fantasy of every red-blooded woman? A used car salesman you wouldn’t cross the street to avoid? – if this is what we’re reduced to then the hell with it. I mean really. I realize there are no good candidates out there, but if we’re this screwed could we not just admit that we’re screwed, rather than pretend that a rodeo clown is going to save us?

    Sometimes it’s nice just to get some confirmation that other people are on the same planet as you are.

    • NO worries. He’s not my ideal however I give him credit for getting immigration front and center.

      • jayme

        He is like Ford says it as it is but even Rob i don’t think would go as far as Trump has.

    • Clink9

      Obama clearly hates or is embarrassed by America. Their town needs an enema and Donny is the man with the hose.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      But he’s not a buffoon.

    • barryjr

      He’s got people talking about real issues, that’s what scares the GOP establishment they are afraid of issues. The problem everybody has with Trump is that he says the emperor has no clothes and the GOP is embarrassed to be caught running around naked.

    • Elephant in the Thread

      Trump isn’t ideal. Would be much better to have someone with his enthusiasm, with his bravado to face the media and politicians but have a more refined mouth to brain filter. However, no candidate has appeared to take on this role. The right are tired of watching their representatives roll over in the face of PC, in the face of special interest groups ignoring the interests of the silent majority. In most case he wouldn’t get any serious press but like a good business man he’s found an opening in the market and is exploiting the crap out of it. If the Rhino’s had seen this opening and beat him to the punch it wouldn’t have happened. He’s a result of the left’s relentless push brow beat us with their agenda and the do nothing republicans who just watch it happen from the fear of a little public shaming if they cross the red line of the special interest groups.

      • Yes, he’s saying things that people want to hear. That’s fine. He doesn’t believe or care about any of it, he’s just a narcissist, but whatevs. Yes, the GOP establishment sucks. We all understand that.

        Ted Cruz is my current tentative hope. But I like him, so I assume he’ll screw up soon. Also, wasn’t he born in Canada, therefore ineligible?

        • glasnost

          You’ve probably noticed that Ted Cruz (my favourite too) is about the only republican who hasn’t joined the bash-Trump hissy-fit.

    • john s

      I respectfully submit that terming him a buffoon suggests that we and the other candidates are somehow more urbane or civilized. The truth is that the other candidates are mostly slimy opportunists, and that the civility and sophistication we claim (or desire) is just a way to justify doing whining and doing nothing. Taking the high road never works, ever. Whining about the other guy being mean, or looking down ones nose at the ‘antics’ of ‘buffoons’ is a mask of superiority based on nothing at all.
      The folks on this blog talk a lot about fighting this and fighting that. People who actually fight look and act more like Donald Trump and yes, B Obama. That being said, I have serious reservations about trump being president, but Americans sure as hell need someone out there saying what folks are actually thinking.

      • glasnost

        After eight years of Obama I’d have no reservations at all about Trump being nominated if I thought he could win the election.

      • Trump’s chances of being President are roughly 0.00000%. I just wish people would stop acting like he’s a badass. He’s a clown. If we need a clown to hawk our positions, then for God’s sake let’s focus on that structural defect, rather than try to pretend that the clown is not a clown.

        • glasnost

          “Bread and circuses…”

          Perhaps a clown is exactly what’s needed to get through to the American people. They seem to respond enthusiastically to an evil puppet.

    • Everyone Else


      1. I suggest you read TRUMP’S SPEECH where he announces for president. Here’s a brief description (link at bottom of post). He said, “We are going to make our country great again” and also announced that he would be the “greatest jobs president that God ever created.” His 45-minute presidential campaign announcement speech, the longest of the major party candidates to date, included a pledge to restore the “American dream” . . . “bigger and better and stronger than ever before.” In the speech, Trump also pledged he would fund Social Security, not cut it, renegotiate U.S. trade agreements, oppose federal Common Core education standards, and complete the Mexican border fence and make Mexico pay for it.

      2. Here are TRUMP’S POLICIES (link at bottom of post). Trump has stated that he is a “conservative Republican.”

      Trump is pro-life, but respects the opposition. He supports traditional marriage and believes same-sex marriage should be decided by the states. Trump supports theSecond Amendment and is opposed to gun control.

      In his campaign, Trump has made American jobs a priority. He supports pro-growth policies and reduced taxation on U.S. workers and business with reduced regulation to increase economic growth and create opportunity.

      Trump has proposed a 1-5-10-15 income tax plan in order to simplify the tax code, where incomes of up to $30,000 would pay 1%, incomes of $30,000 to $100,000 would pay 5%, incomes of $100,000 to $1 million would pay 10%, incomes of $1 million and up would pay 15%. Further, his plan would eliminate the inheritance tax, eliminate the corporate tax, lower the capital gains tax, and instead apply a 20% import tariff and a 15% tax on outsourcing to foreign countries.

      Trump favors stronger trade negotiations with nations such as China, with a more level playing field on trade, to restore American jobs applying tariffs when necessary. Trump favors a free market energy policy and opposes ‘cap and tax’ also known as ‘cap and trade’. Trump supports improving America’s infrastructure.

      Trump favors school choice and local control for primary and secondary schools. He opposes federally mandated Common Core standards for primary and secondary schools.

      Trump has stated his intention to provide presidential leadership with strong diplomacy to restore “respect” for the United States around the world and he supports a strong national defense.

      In an interview with NBC News in Charlottesville, Virginia, on July 14, 2015, Trump called the newly-announced nuclear deal with Iran “terrible”, saying that the president negotiated the agreement “from desperation.” He added, “I don’t understand the president. He dealt from desperation, and he shouldn’t have been desperate.” He further stated, “First of all, we’re giving them billions of dollars in this deal, which we shouldn’t have given them. We should have kept the money,” in reference to the sanctions relief for Iran under the deal, which was negotiated by Iran and six world powers led by the United States. “Second of all, we have four prisoners over there. We should have said ‘Let the prisoners out.’ They shouldn’t be over there.” Trump also said that any deal should stipulate that inspectors have 24-hour-a-day access immediately to all nuclear sites.

      Trump favors replacing the Affordable Care Act (commonly referred to as Obamacare) with a free market plan and competition to lower costs. He supports funding Social Security, not cutting it, by restoring a stronger U.S. economy to pay for it. In May 2015, Trump pledged to “take care of people” if elected president.

      Trump has made U.S. border security a priority. During his announcement speech he stated in part, “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems…. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.” On July 6, 2015, Trump issued a written statement to clarify his position on illegal immigration which drew a reaction from critics. It read in part:

      “The Mexican Government is forcing their most unwanted people into the United States. They are, in many cases, criminals, drug dealers, rapists, etc. This was evident just this week when, as an example, a young woman in San Francisco was viciously killed by a 5 time deported Mexican with a long criminal record, who was forced back into the United States because they didn’t want him in Mexico. This is merely one of thousands of similar incidents throughout the United States. In other words, the worst elements in Mexico are being pushed into the United States by the Mexican government. The largest suppliers of heroin, cocaine and other illicit drugs are Mexican cartels that arrange to have Mexican immigrants trying to cross the borders and smuggle in the drugs. The Border Patrol knows this. Likewise, tremendous infectious disease is pouring across the border. The United States has become a dumping ground for Mexico and, in fact, for many other parts of the world. On the other hand, many fabulous people come in from Mexico and our country is better for it. But these people are here legally, and are severely hurt by those coming in illegally. I am proud to say that I know many hard working Mexicans—many of them are working for and with me…and, just like our country, my organization is better for it.”,_2016

      • TLDR

        • Everyone Else

          If you don’t care enough to read Trump’s policies why pose as a pundit.

          • Yeah. ‘Cause I gotta read every essay you post.

            I have a tonne of things I’m putting off reading. For example, I’ve never read Middlemarch. I know, right?!?

            You post an essay in a comments section – not a link, mind you, but a huge extract – well, yes, people don’t read it.

            If you don’t know how to comment then why the hell do you pose as a commenter?

          • Think of it this way: if someone you weren’t remotely interested in put an essay-length comment into the comments section of a blog, would you read it? Of course you wouldn’t.

            And neither would anyone else.

            It’s called empathy.

            That’s why there are links.

          • glasnost

            “I would just like a little positive feedback re. my observation that Trump is an utter buffoon.”

            “Rather than just assuming that they’ll go along with whatever you’ve decided to lay on them.”

            “…someone you weren’t remotely interested in..”

            Sorry, no links; just short quotes.

          • I was commenting on the posting of an essay, rather than a link, or a few links, in the comments section of a blog. I highly disapprove of this sort of thing, as a moderator, and as a human. I have for years. I pisses me off. It’s inconsiderate, both to the blog owner and to the reader.

            Now those things you cut-‘n-pasted from stuff I typed above: they’re comments.

            Obviously, every sentence written in a comment in the comments section of a blog does not need a citation.

            re. Qutoe #1: I think Trump is a buffoon. I’m telling you what my opinion is. Why the f****ing f**k would I need a link for that?

            re. Qutoe #2: can’t be bothered to retrieve it.

            re. Quote #3: Do I honestly need a link to postulate a hypothetical in which I describe a garrulous and boring poster?

            Exactly what should I be linking to, there, Mr. Linksalot?

          • glasnost

            I obviously failed to explain my point using direct quotations of you which has very little to do with links. I’ll try again:

            “I would just like a little positive feedback re. my observation that Trump is an utter buffoon.”

            You clearly crave agreement with your contention that Trump is a buffoon.

            “Rather than just assuming that they’ll go along with whatever you’ve decided to lay on them.”

            You purport that you’re against blind adherence.

            “…someone you weren’t remotely interested in..”

            You choose to ignore someone who disagrees with you.

            I usually respect your contributions here but I think you might be a little emotional on this one.

          • Certainly you failed to explain your point, inasfar as you made no attempt to, you know, explain your point. Whatever it is (doesn’t exist).

            A)Don’t tell me what I “crave”.

            B)You don’t know how to use the verb “purport” (pro-tip: if you’re aiming to be snotty, try not to sound like an illiterate middle-schooler trying to sound snotty).

            C)And don’t give me this look-at-me-being-passive aggressive “emotional” routine. Are you for real? What crappy ’70s flick am I trapped in? You know who should be less emotional? Your mother.

          • glasnost

            “… try not to sound like an illiterate middle-schooler trying to sound snotty…”

            Good advice. BTW, I didn’t know “inasfar” was actually a word.

          • glasnost


            And now you also know.

            For some reason you have become a bitter blogger.

          • Not bitter, irritated. One doesn’t purport that. One purports to. How on Earth you think that that verb, the definition of which you have so helpfully linked, makes any sense here:

            “You purport that you’re against blind adherence.”

            I don’t know.

            In fact, I’m wildly in favour of blind adherence. I think that adhering to things blindly is one of the highest of human aspirations. Although what that might have to do with my statement “Think of it this way: if someone you weren’t remotely interested in put an essay-length comment into the comments section of a blog, would you read it? Of course you wouldn’t.

            And neither would anyone else.

            It’s called empathy. You know, imagining how other people think and feel. Rather than just assuming that they’ll go along with whatever you’ve decided to lay on them.

            I couldn’t possibly guess.

          • Everyone Else

            I appreciate your work as a moderator and I’m sorry I said something insulting. Neither of us have editors to help us sound smarter and nicer if we type and post too quickly.

            Meanwhile, my comment isn’t an essay. It contains 2 points that are cut and pasted from (1) Time Magazine and (2) Wikipedia.

            The Trump conversation has been hijacked by the MSM who want to talk immigration since they hope it’s a “gotcha”. I want to show other policies since we are having a heated debate about Trump.

            I can’t link without first pasting since the linked sources are too long.

          • glasnost

            OK, You win. You’ve silenced a dissenter.

          • Oh, I have not. What drama.

          • glasnost

            Well you have for the purpose of this conversation.

            In your smug mind what justifies this:

            “… try not to sound like an illiterate middle-schooler trying to sound snotty …And don’t give me this look-at-me-being-passive aggressive “emotional” routine. Are you for real? What crappy ’70s flick am I trapped in? You know who should be less emotional? Your mother.”
            Because I disagreed with you re Trump?
            Perhaps we should instead be focused your mother?

          • What justifies it? Telling me what I “clearly crave”? How about “I usually respect your contributions here but I think you might be a little emotional on this one”.

            Could that possibly be more patronizing? I assume you’re a man, and possibly, since you said you were familiar with my “contributions”, you know I’m female. The “simmer down, little lady” routine isn’t quite the approach to take if you don’t want someone to get annoyed.

            I’m not at all offended. I just think it’s silly. The “your mother” thing was intended to be read in that vein. As in “oooh, okay, let’s pretend we’re talking tough, in that case”. Arch, you know. Camp. Probably didn’t come across. No doubt we don’t understand each other very well. No offense intended. Apologies for any taken.

          • glasnost

            I believe I do understand you. If someone disagrees you attack their grammar or usage or anything else you can. Yes, you crave validation of your views, most people do, but people like you are prepared to crap on those around them that don’t fall in line, you’ve clearly demonstrated that in this thread.
            “No offense intended”, “Apologies”, what horse puckey. People like you are never contrite, instead only arrogant. (did I use the adjectives correctly).
            As a commenter on this blog you were interesting; as a moderator you’ve become useless. You have nothing to offer but your own narrow views, and you attack those commenters that beg to differ.

  • Remember folks, we love spirited discussion. I applaud Black Mamba and the others for raising a divisive issue. Whatever your views on Trump we are on the same side.

    • Drunk_by_Noon


    • glastnost

      On the same side, except if one disagrees with Mamba.

      • Mamba does good work as moderator, there is no enmity here Glastnost not to you or her.

        • glasnost

          I’m a supporter-of you and by extension Mamba. Which is why I’m put out by this thread. While you say there’s no enmity here, you can see that simple dissent with the moderator resulted in escalation (by the moderator) to insults and …enmity.
          I’ll accept some responsibility for the unpleasantness but I don’t see that the moderator is willing to accept any.

          • I did my best to explain myself and I also offered a qualified apology. I really don’t think I can add anything.

          • glasnost

            And I’m still a supporter.

  • barryjr

    Trump isn’t perfect but at least he isn’t Democrat lite. He’s abrasive, argumentative and doesn’t care what you think of him. He doesn’t play by the “rules” because he isn’t a career politician which is a quality that would even get support for a murderer in an election. People are tired of glad handing lying little pansies that will suck up to anybody just to get their vote which is all the mainstream GOP candidates are. McCain did his service in Vietnam but he hasn’t done anything since then except cost the GOP the 2008 election. Lindsay Graham and Bush III have done nothing but accept and assist in the implementation of laws that conservative GOP candidates oppose. Boner and Bitch McConnell have cone nothing since getting their majorities except cave and do whatever Obama or Reid tell them to do. You may say that Trump has only come out with one stand but that is one more than the other 15 (and still counting) candidates have come out with combined.