Swedish “Far-Right” Plans Gay Pride Parade Through Muslim Areas; Leftists and Gay Rights Groups Decry the Parade as Racist


Update: Allahu Akbar! Pride Järva, Rinkeby

No, this is not satire.  On July 29, a gay pride parade is scheduled in Sweden.  But, you see, this is no ordinary gay pride parade.  This gay pride parade was created by Jan Sjunnesson, former editor-in-chief for the Samtiden newspaper in Sweden, which is owned by the nationalist Sweden Democrats party (for our Canadian readers, think of the Sweden Democrats as being kind of like the Conservatives which means that they’re considered “extreme far-right” in Sweden). The parade is scheduled to go through Tensta and Husby – two areas where Muslim immigrants are more than 75% of the population.

On the event’s Facebook page, the organizers state that there will be public “kissing” and “singing”.

Sweden Parade

The Facebook page is absolutely filled with angry comments from leftists, attacking the “xenophobic right-wing nationalists” for organizing a gay pride parade through Muslim areas. Since Islam holds that gays should be executed, something like this is obviously an attack on Muslims and should therefore be outlawed. At least, that’s what Swedish leftists – and, indeed, Swedish gays – are saying.

Leftists are organizing a counter-demonstration against this gay pride parade. Yes, really.

From Fria Tider:

Plans to organize a Pride Parade between Tensta and Husby in northern Stockholm has leftists up in arms, who are now planning a counter-demonstration.

To place an LGBT parade to the suburbs dominated by immigrants from the Middle East, however, is an expression of pure racism, according to critics.

Noah North and Emelie Mårtensson, who themselves live in the Järva area, has decided to organize a counter-demonstration against the “Järva Pride”. They argue that the parade “pits two oppressed groups against each other.”

From SVT:

He now writes itself into a pattern that we have seen from other countries, to make racist points. It is in this context that one must see this, says Ulrika Westerlund, chairman of RFSL.

RFSL, for those who don’t know, is a taxpayer-funded gay rights group (one of the oldest gay rights groups in the world, established in 1950), and they have publicly attacked this gay pride parade through Muslim areas as a display of racism and white privilege.

Many leftists are also calling for the parade to be legally banned, and for the people who organized it to be arrested for “hate speech” against Muslims.

Gay pride parades in Europe generally don’t go anywhere near Muslim areas, for obvious reasons.  In Nørrebro, Copenhagen (where only 30% of the population are Muslim, as opposed to the more than 75% in the Swedish areas), gay pride parades learned the hard way not to tread within Islamic strongholds. Formerly, there was a large gay pride parade that went through Nørrebrogade (the main high street of the area). Gays would take stones to the head every year from Muslims, so they re-routed. If gays are attacked in an area that’s only 30% Muslim, just imagine what will happen in an area that’s over 75% Muslim. There is a 100% chance that the gays marching through Tensta and Husby will be attacked, maybe even fatally – and, when they’re attacked, feminists and gay rights activists will be siding with the Muslims who are attacking them.

So, there you have it, folks.  When it comes to the Oppression Olympics, Muslims will always rank higher than gays.  You might be stoned, raped, beaten, and beheaded – but at least you won’t be racist.

  • LYR

    Left-wingers are proving more and more how inconsistent they are.

    • Everyday.

    • I get it. Gay rights are not universal. They do not apply in Muslim areas.

      Is that what the leftists are saying?

      So then the next questions are; Where else are gay rights not included? If Muslims can create “non-gay areas”, can Christians? If not, why not?

      • Nonhumans

        Why look to the libtards for any sort of guidance? Their consistent bad decisions and development and enforcement of cultural marxism is the reason that white countries are being flooded and destroyed with 3rd world savages. They are also the main force of many other forms of war on white people, even though most of the terminally libtarded are themselves white.

        No, the libtards deserve nothing from us!! Least of all our time to hear another backwards idea/demand. The only thing I’ll ever ask of a libtard is how to get my head as far up my ass as possible, if that need ever arises. They’re the experts when it comes to craniorectal inversion.

      • Anna Tree

        Gay rights are universal when it is to bash Christians or the Russians but islam is more universal obviously.
        The goal is to destroy white countries, so any means is used but sometimes one will be preferred because more destructive in the short or long run.
        Gays seem to be glad to be used and thrown in the bin to please the muslims…

        • Daniel Factor

          Ha ha you are a the stereotype of every right wing twit.

      • favill

        Christians should have started sawing off Leftists heads when they first started to poke up in the universities. *sarc* (just in case there are SJWs who are like Sheldon)

        • Kram

          I should know but what is SJW?

          • Brown

            It’s stands for social justice warrior and usually used to mock the more extreme idiots of the movement.

      • Liberal9

        As for your question, BobSmith, do Christians want to create non-gay areas? Surely you’re not suggesting two wrongs would make a right. However, no one is calling for a non-gay Muslim area. That would be like having an area where no one is allowed to be five foot nine. The entire purpose of this organized event though, seems to be an attempt to create conflict. It’s just deliberately trying hard to do that. It’s the only time the right-wing will support gay people’s right to be open, or I would love to be proven wrong on this last point.

        • 66angus99

          So, it’s OK for gays to go trolling Christian businesses demanding service from them and deliberately trying hard to create conflict?Why don’t gays pull that kind of crap with Muslim businesses?

          • Liberal9

            Yes, it’s Ok, because that is a business that is delivering a product or service to the general public. It’s not a church service. I guess you answered my implied question with your characterization of what you see as “trolling”, which certainly is not. You don’t support equal rights for gay people. It’s wrong for Muslims to discriminate in this way too. No one said it wasn’t. It’s a diversion fallacy to say not to focus on Christian discrimination because Muslims may or may not be doing it too.

          • Ritamalik

            So, Christian-owned businesses are obliged to provide services to everyone and on every occasion whether they want it or not, but PUBLIC streets are somehow not public anymore if Muslims start to live in them? Do they somehow own the area and decide what the laws and rules of conducts should be on those public streets (as opposed to the law of the land which is supposed to be enforced everywhere?!!) And you compare parading on a PUBLIC street as equivalent of gays marching into a church service?! So a Muslim neighbourhood is the equivalent of a mosque, even though the public streets should belong to no particular religion?

            From all that you and people like you are saying I conclude that you all but seceded that territory to the Muslim immigrant and it is not under Swedish law anymore which would allow gays to parade in any public street that they want and whoever doesn’t like it is a bigot and homophobe! Now in this particular Muslim-owned street, gays parading is a provocation and a declaration of war! Tell me why this is not bad news?

          • Anders Jackson

            All business that offer public services, like selling cookies, petrol, hamburgers etc have to sell to anyone, as long as it isn’t against the laws.
            If someone don’t want to do that, they shouldn’t have made their services publicly available in the first place.
            And yes, that applies to anyone, atheists, christians, muslims, any religion or political belifs system or race.

          • bob

            It amazes me that you can rationalize a privately owned business as a public service, but not public land… Nobody is saying the parade should be allowed into the homes of muslims (or anyone). Walking through a public space in an area where residents happen to be muslim does not change anything about their right to be in that public space.

            The comparison to Christian intolerance is apt. If it’s wrong for Christian people to prevent a gay pride parade (which it is), then the same is true for every other religion.

          • Liberal9

            I was simply responding to someone who alluded to those business services available to the general public. I wasn’t arguing people don’t have a right to use public space. They certainly do have a right to be in a public space, whether the majority are Christian, Muslim, or how ever they happen to identify.

          • Here, read the whole thing. It’s not very long.


            “Regular listeners to the podcast know that I go off on public accommodation laws from time to time. I think they cover way too much. Under the English common law, which is where the notion originates, public accommodations were common carriers and inns and pubs. The reason common carriers, inns, and pubs were required to be open to any with the ability to pay is literally because it was matter of life and death. You have to let people have access to food and water, shelter, and travel. But that was it. It wasn’t every business.”

          • Liberal9

            Yes, well, the right to discriminate always has a negative affect on members of the minority group and not on the majority. It may not be literally a matter of life and death, but it still causes harm to certain classes of society. The link in fact, called it abhorrent to discriminate in such ways. However, it objected to the government providing the remedy. Government isn’t always wrong and business isn’t always right. Business isn’t always wrong and government isn’t always right.

          • Gabriel Malor (the author: he’s a lawyer, by the way, and gay) said: “Discrimination on the basis of race, religion, national origin, sex, and sexual orientation is abhorrent. But so is using the government to force groups or businesses to associate with individuals that they would rather not.” (Emphasis mine.)

            You appear to be unable to grasp that legal precedent matters. I wonder what your notion of the law is.

            This is an almost literally meaningless couple of sentences: “the right to discriminate always has a negative affect on members of the minority group and not on the majority. It may not be literally a matter of life and death, but it still causes harm to certain classes of society.”

            It causes harm to a bakery to discriminate against gays, though, doesn’t it? Is having a business destroyed not “harm”?

            Seriously, it’s an honest question: should a black-owned printer’s shop be forced to print out pro White Power leaflets? If not, what’s the logic? ‘I like one group but not the other’ is not a legal argument. What if the neighbourhood is predominantly black? You have no vague minority = good, majority = bad routine in that case.

          • Liberal9

            A simple appeal to an authority is not a logical argument. The lawyer was giving his opinion in what you emphasised. The lawyer isn’t infallible.
            History has shown us the minority is harmed when discrimination is allowed. If the bakery is caused harm by discriminating, the owner’s have chosen an action which brings harm to them by harming others. It would cause them no harm to provide a product or service in accordance with their chosen vocation. Are they being discriminated against for their discrimination? It’s like saying those who are intolerant of intolerance are themselves being intolerant. It’s simply a circular fallacy which begs the question. No one can be in the wrong, if you don’t first set a moral standard in terms of tolerance or discrimination.
            With your black people having to work for white power, your arguing an extreme situation which would never happen. White power wouldn’t pay for the services of black people. This extreme nonsensical scenario is just a diversion like your other comment.
            All the points of the anti-gay extreme right wing are predictable and illogical. This is why you’re losing the debates, and being pushed to the margins, including among right-wing conservatives.

          • Disqus ate my longish response. I’ll just make these points again: you don’t understand what the word “logic” means. You seem to think it means “sensible”. It’s a word with a specific meaning and you should look it up.

            You don’t understand what the Petitio Principii or “begging the question” fallacy is. http://philosophy.lander.edu/logic/circular.html

            You don’t understand what “appeal to authority” means. At no point did I say “this is obviously true because Gabe Malor says so”.

            You don’t seem to understand what a circular fallacy is, or at least, you aren’t able to articulate how I’m supposed to have committed one. I think what happened is that you typed variants of the word “intolerant” three times in a sentence and it made you think of a circle.

            Now, as for this special category you’ve got for things you’ve decided are based on hate. Tell me, are gays seeking out Christians to ruin financially as punishment for their religious beliefs not motivated by hatred? Of course they are: vicious bigotry, intolerance and hate, along with a sociopathic willingness to ruin other people’s lives, people who are no threat to them in any way.

            Are all people who oppose gay “marriage” motivated by hatred of gays? I oppose it and I don’t hate gays. I’m not religious either.

            “With your black people having to work for white power, you’re arguing an extreme situation which would never happen. White power wouldn’t pay for the services of black people”

            Of course it would never happen. Why, that would be just like a gay couple going through the phone book looking for the one bakery in town that doesn’t want to cater their “wedding” in order to try to book their services. Never happen.

            You’ve been told by your lefty professors (who you should sue, by the way) and The Daily Show that blacks and gays are oppressed, so therefore they are little pets and need special laws. You don’t understand that that’s tyranny. Special laws for special groups.

            Jump through this little hoop for me: should a white owned business have to cater to the Nation of Islam? How about a Jewish white-owned business? Look up what Farrakhan has said about whites, Jews. Oh, and gays. And don’t say “it wouldn’t happen”. Answer the f*cking question and let me see if you are capable of any consistency.

          • Liberal9

            I don’t think you understand or are able to apply logical fallacies. I didn’t literally word for word, follow the examples you looked up, but I applied the idea.
            So who is the injured party is the question. The religious can’t logically show how they are being harmed in the practice of their religion, because providing a product or service in the marketplace is not a religious act. Are they going to start questioning people if they’ve been divorced and decide upon that whether they should get a hamburger? The divorced person eating a hamburger doesn’t impinge on their religion. They will serve a hamburger to everyone else.
            This has nothing to do with the Daily Show. Statistically it makes sense that minorities would suffer, majorities not. The majority could function without the minority market.
            I’m not going to go off on another diversion discussing what specific people have said. Rights aren’t based on extreme scenarios that would likely never happen. A gay person wanting a generally available to the public, product or service, is not extreme.

          • “Are they going to start questioning people if they’ve been divorced and decide upon that whether they should get a hamburger?”

            Yes, if they want to. This is why the 1964 Civil Rights Act was so nice in theory and so profoundly toxic and anti-constitutional in practice. It is not for you to peer into someone’s conscience and decide whether they’re allowed to exercise it.

          • Liberal9

            Again, the point is that producing and serving a hamburger in the marketplace is not a religious function, so it can’t be justified on the grounds of religious rights.

          • Refusing to usher Jews into the gas chambers is not a religious function, so it can’t be justified on the grounds of religious rights.

          • CJ

            Nope. That sounds like a persecution complex. Christians are not being sought out for ruin by anyone. They may be religious, within reason, as is their right. They can’t claim anything as religious and use it to trump the rights of groups such as gay people, who are equally protected. There must be a deterrent or penalty against anyone violating another’s rights. One may happen to be religious, but one is not penalized because of religion.
            In the last paragraph, as I’ve written before, there’s a lack of evidence for some of those groups you cite of being legally protected when they are not specifically recognized a race or religion. Having a hatred for whites or Jews or gays or being against their rights, doesn’t make one a protected group akin to race or religion in the delivery of goods and services from others who are protected under the law.

          • “It would cause them no harm to provide a product or service in accordance with their chosen vocation.”

            It would force them to violate their conscience. This does not cease to constitute harm just because your favorite pundits have told you that their beliefs aren’t cool.

            “Are they being discriminated against for their discrimination? It’s like saying those who are intolerant of intolerance are themselves being intolerant.”

            They (the Christian bakers) aren’t being “discriminated against”, they are being forced by the State to violate their religious beliefs or be driven out of business. A $135,000 fine isn’t “discrimination”. http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2015/07/03/christian-bakers-fined-135000-for-refusing-to-make-wedding-cake-for-lesbians.html

            You blather on about fallacies and logic, but your thought processes are so sloppy as to be virtually impossible to follow. In future I will run your remarks through Google Translate into Kazakh, and then Welsh, and then back again and see if that helps.

          • Liberal9

            It’s not violating anything except their desire to discriminate. They are there to provide a product or service in a marketplace. It doesn’t involve a religious function. You can’t logically explain how it supposedly does, because you’re not being logical.

          • CJ

            Religion is protected like race and sexual orientation. It would never be violated. They are being forced to abide by the laws of doing business.

          • Oh, and how do you know White Power groups are “solely based on hate”? They’re certainly not my cup of tea, but I’m sure that if you dug up that old Democrat klansmen Senator Robert C Byrd he’d insist that he’d never had anything but love for his own people and the good of the nation at heart.

            Is Christianity also “solely based on hate” too?

            You just want special laws to favour your own special little groups. If you were living in Germany in the ’30s you’d be cheering on legislation driving Jews out of business and the Civil Service etc. After all, that’s what all the people who repeated the things they thought made them sound smart and fashionable were doing at the time.

          • Liberal9

            I’m not sure where to begin addressing the diversions and hyperbole you present.
            Why aren’t White Power groups your cup of tea–maybe because their reason for being is hate? If the Senator in question had the good of the people at heart by being a Klansman, he was wrong if his people also represented those who were not white. That was just a diversionary strawman of your own making.
            No, Christianity isn’t simply about hate, although individual Christians can act in a way that is hateful, as can anyone else. Maybe you are trying to make the point that discrimination in the marketplace is a function of Christianity, but I would disagree as I wrote in my other reply. To give them or other religious groups such a right to discriminate would be what’s giving “special laws to favour our own special group” to use your words, without a logical justification.

          • Are Big Gay activists who try to drive Christians out of business operating out of hate?

          • Liberal9

            The only thing they are attempting to do is stand up for their rights to be treated fairly and equally. They shouldn’t be put in the position of having to “act up”, whether they happened to be “big” or small.

          • CJ

            “Are Big Gay activists who try to drive Christians out of business operating out of hate?”

            What a loaded question. They are not being persecuted by anyone for having to obey the law and they are responsible for their going out of business.

          • Give me a specific example of my using “hyperbole”. Give me a specific example of my using “diversions”.

            You need stop using this kind of language. And all these attempts to reference “fallacies” you clearly couldn’t define: just cut it out. I know you’re trying to sound intelligent, and that’s not altogether bad. If you’re young I don’t mind a little pretentiousness. At least it indicates that you might have aspirations. But you must understand that everyone can see perfectly well that you simply don’t understand what these fancy-schmantzy words mean. Now you can learn what they mean, if you take the time; you can look them up; you can read about them. If you are at all bright you’ll probably retain some of it. But right now you clearly don’t know what the hell you’re babbling about, and that’s a bore. Not worth engaging.

            Stop trying to sound smart and actually try to say something smart.

          • Liberal9

            An example is where you said if you were in Nazi Germany during the ’30s–blah, blah, blah. Also your suggestion that I simply see minorities as oppressed because I’ve been watching The Daily Show. That’s an exaggeration of what I’d be doing and my position. What certain individuals have said and their various disparate affiliations is besides the point. I will continue to address fallacies where I can find these. Your condescending attitude is unwarranted. You haven’t given a reasonable argument yet, and have shown a lack of complete understanding of common fallacies and their many possible applications. I can’t see how else to put it. That’s the issue. Where is the logical argument supporting discrimination against gay people in the delivery of products or services otherwise available to the general public?

          • CJ

            Such cases against the rights of gay or black people never win in court. Therefore there must be a legal argument to protect gay or black people and none for those you mention.
            The harm to the business results from its not agreeing to operate under the rules of doing business.

    • Alain

      When have they ever been otherwise?

    • Bataviawillem

      The hypocrisy is breathtaking.
      Gay is good, BUT not in muslim area’s, it is the “but” word again that is the kicker.

      • Carlos Moya

        Gay is as good as not-gay, but if a known homophobe is trying to drive gays into muslims it’s pretty safe to think he’s trying to bother both gays and muslims.

        • Karlenko

          So you admit that:

          1) Muslims can not be expected to live in a diverse, pluralist
          society with gays expressing themselves in the ways preferred by the gay lobby.

          2) Muslims already functionally control segments of Swedish territory. They have, through force of demographics, already secured independent Muslim territory in the land formerly known as Sweden. The “normal” ultra-leftist Swedish societal norms do not and should not apply there (because riots).

          Of course, #2 must be concealed from the mainstream Swedish people, so there should never be gay pride parades in Muslim areas. That would only draw attention to #2, which is presumably the intention of the parade organizers.

          • Carlos Moya

            I state that, according to the article, other groups have had Pride parades through some neighborhoods where the muslim population was relatively high and have suffered a hostile response. And that Swedish people have said, according to the article, that gathering evidence about whether these other two neighborhoods with a high population of muslims will display the same response is not worth risking human lives.
            I also state that, according to the article, the organizers of this parade are known to be highly bigoted xenophobes, and that their intent is quite likely to be both homophobic and racist.

            And if, to you, having a functional welfare state is “ultra-leftist” and therefore bad, then I don’t think I want to have you anywhere near politics.

          • Bataviawillem

            You must have read a divergent article because I did not see the words “highly bigoted xenophobes” or more lightly, you just make stuff up as you go along.

          • Fran800

            I lived in Denmark once and the same situation applied.
            But, Bataviawillem, when the state controls rental apartments and you have to go on waiting lists, that IS a functioning welfare state.

          • Bataviawillem

            I am glad I don’t live in a welfare state.

          • Kram

            Risking lives by going into an area occupied by the religion of peace??

          • Carlos Moya


          • Anders Jackson

            As a Swede, no, I don’t recognize the situation in Sweden described in the article and by Sverigedemokraterna. Which is at best doesn’t see good at immigration and refugees. And if you look a bit closer have some homeofobic and islamofobic members in parliament and in the board.

          • Anders Jackson

            Of course it should be gay parades in many areas. But that a homofobic party like Sverigedemokraterna (SD) organizes something like that, then the Gay commuinty smell something bad for all parts. All Gays, from left to right. So that is why nobody went with them.
            Yes, a Gay Parade in that area would be ok. But not from SD.

          • Bataviawillem

            There’s the BUT word again.
            BUT stands for Hypocrisy.

          • Anders Jackson

            Of cource you think that, as you claimed that the state has control over who rent apartments. As a matter of facts, the states doesn’t and never had that.

          • Anders Jackson

            No, it doesn’t. You have to look up “Hypocrisy” to read up its definition and while you are on that, read up on what the word “but” is.
            You obviously doesn’t use them in the right way.

          • Bataviawillem

            Read between the lines, everybody that makes a statement and uses the word BUT is making an hypocritical statement.
            A statement is a statement if there is a but in it, it is a butt covering statement.

          • Anders Jackson

            Reading between the lines, you don’t know a shit about Sweden and the politics of any party, and certainly not Sverigedemokraterna (SD).
            SD is a homophobic party with homophobics in the leading positions and homophobic statements in their official documents. They have parliament members that are outspoken homophobians, with approval from the party top. Their web “magazine” have homophobic articles on regular basis, where the comment are filled with homophobic statements which are not removed.

            When the old law about forced castration when doing sex correction was up in the parliament, and the forced castration was going to be removed, then only party that wanted to keep that was SD.

            That party want to arrange a Pride parade, and you and others here expect GLBT community to forget about that and walk with SD and their “Pride parade”?

            Would you walk a 4:th July parade within a muslim area? Walking with communists that told you that they wanted you dead or castrated? And had the power to do that?
            Well I wouldn’t and I guess you wouldn’t either.

          • You’re a very tortured individual.

          • Anders Jackson

            So, nothing relevant to comment, except from that simple and sad post? You might as well not post at all.

          • El Martyachi

            Do you know if the Sverigedemokraterna has any Canadian chapters? Asking for a friend.

          • Anders Jackson

            No, why would they? They are a Swedish extreme nationalistic homophobic party. The kind that A B Breivik from Norway likes.

          • El Martyachi

            Well, Canada could really use more extreme nationalistic homophobia right about now. Shockingly, not everyone is fully invested in socialist homosexual theocracy.

          • El Martyachi

            And why do idiots always use superfluous -ic suffixes? In your case I’ll write it off as an ESL thing, but, it’s a thing. Idiotistic.

          • Anders Jackson

            You are an moron. English isn’t my first language. men svenska är det. Så om du föredrar att jag skriver på det så inte mig emot. Så jag undrar vem som är tappad bakom en vagn, egentligen.

          • El Martyachi
          • Anders Jackson

            Well when one start with a lie one loses the credibility. And this ranting man did that. He forgot to mentioning that Canada is the major kidnapping country in the world (explained in BBC article).

            Sweden is the country with most REPORTED rapes, which isn’t the same as ACTUAL rapes, and rapes put into courts. Studies shows that Sweden has about the same ACTUAL rapes levels as the rest of Europe, sad to say.
            Read these to get a better explanation

            But basically the UN report he is referencing to is a collection statistics of REPORTED rapes in countries.
            The thing is that the REPORT ITSELF say you CAN’T do these comparing this man does. Because that isn’t what the report is supposed be used as.
            See BBC for why by the same way of using statistics Australia and Canada is the number on kidnapping capitals of the world.

            And of course, some countries doesn’t even report rapes, so they doesn’t even get there. And other where women could be charged for being raped doesn’t get many REPORTS.

            In Sweden we WANT to have women REPORTING rapes. We want the unreported rapes be as few as possible. We have laws that makes some sexual harassment counts as rape. And each intercourse by force against the others will is counted as rape. So gang rapes isn’t counted as one, as in many countries. There are even countries where you cant be raped within a marriage.

            The IKEA murder was ONE, and that was an rare event. In Sweden the number of murders have gone down from over 100 a year to under 90. Event though the refugees and immigrants are not lowering. There was also a military that reported some dark men threatened him with knife after the IKEA murder, and that turned out to be a fake assault report by the man.

            And no, you can’t take the flight to Sweden and apply for asylum. The airline companies will not allow that, as they will need to transport the person back if asylum is denied. Yes, about 50% of all asylums are denied.

            No, we don’t accept 14% of Europeans asylum.

            Rapes has been increased as the laws has been been much stricter. And no, the same as in UK.

            And no, there are NO bans on selling knifes in IKEA. That are IKEAs own decision.

            And no, Sverigedemokraterna is not the the largest party, that was from a bad inquiring about votes.

            Yes, there are not much right in that video.

          • El Martyachi

            Well, we’ll see what shakes out at the polling stations 😉

          • Anders Jackson

            Well, that is what counts, doesn’t it. But later proper statistics has shown that SD has been increasing, but still is third party.

        • Bataviawillem

          You are just making up that Jan Sjunnesson is a homophobe, you don’t know dick about that man.

          • Anders Jackson

            At leas Jan Sjunnesson isn’t a Homosexual, as he haven’t written anything jet.

      • TerrorSquad

        I think you misunderstand what’s going on here. The left are allied with the terrorists in the goal of destroying the west.

        • Anders Jackson

          No, what is happening is that a homwophobic and xenophobic party tries to insult both gay and muslim communities by trying to make them both get upset.
          It didn’t work as SD planned.

    • Phil K

      They are controlled by islamist leash wearing middle class corrupt gays and lesbians hypocrisy off the scale is their MANTRA

    • Michael

      Actually, I don’t think they are inconsistent. They have a relentless craving for power and control. The homosexuals and Muslims are simply tools they are using to that end. For now, the primary target of the far Left is Christianity. They have decided that Christianity is the most immediate obstacle to overcome in their quest for power and are using homosexuals and Muslims (two groups who also hate Christianity) to tear down Christianity. The truth is that the far Left has no use for Islam and Islam has no use for the Left, yet “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. As much as the Left and Islam hate each other, they hate Christianity more.

      • Zaron

        But what in the actual hell are they using this power for? What on earth is their end goal? Surely they have some kind of plan with all this?

        • wayne

          Yes, A NWO with them as masters and our kids as their playthings

        • ErikWhite

          The goal of the left remains the same as since its birth: destroy nations, ethnic homogeneity, replace the family with the State, and after the total collapse of society, build the international proletariat where everyone who obeys the ideology will leave in peace and harmony. A bit like the muslim caliphate but without a god.

          • Fran800

            Good summary.

        • TerrorSquad

          Destruction of western capitalist society. It’s ALWAYS been the goal. Not sure what the plan would be if their terrorist allies win instead.

        • Fran800

          The triumph of the Will.

      • Carlos Moya

        Projection much?

    • Sentry

      They’re perfectly consistent: attack traditional European institutions and support anyone that aids in their destruction.

      • kyleyoder

        actually, gay pride parades are an American institution, all the more for the Left to debase it with Islamophilia.

      • Fran800

        Actually it sounds like the EU

    • Viking History Buff

      They are simply anti-White. End of Story! Everything else is just window dressing. Every social justice cause is just another vehicle to destroy European (White) civilization. As we can easy see, anti-White will trump social justice every single time. Rape epidemic of women by non-White immigrants = non issue, immigrants joining ISIS = so what?. Actually standing by their own principles of so-called tolerance when it might offend Muslims = not going to happen! Islam is considered a non-White religion in the PC anti-White world, therefore it trumps social justice. They say they are anti-racist, what they are is anti-White. Anti-racist is just a code-word for anti-White.

    • Patrick Clarke

      “Inconsistent”. What a pleasant way of saying “fucking retarded”.

    • freedomOfChange

      Left-wingers loves exceptions to the rules. It is probably why no one will ever understand what they want. There is always another exception.

    • 66angus99

      Inconsistent? In a normal and sane world alot of them would get committed.

    • urallfagets

      I love how all you cocksuckers always pretend your shit doesn’t stink. When neocons do an ideological purge, you’re just getting rid of everyone who’s not a true believer in the cause. When SJWs do the exact same thing, look at how inconsistent they are!

      Libtards, conservatards, you’re all the same. Anyone can manipulate you halfwits just by pretending to be on the other side. For example, this entire article. Why else do you think conservatives are giving a rat’s ass about gay rights here? Because Sweden’s idea of “conservative” is actually pretty liberal because the entire nation is as far left as you can get?

      …Oh wait, that’s exactly it. Guess the liberals aren’t the ones getting played here, huh?

      • Michael De Santa

        Implying I am a conservative

    • tjp77

      Inconsistent isn’t quite the right word. Morally bankrupt is more like it.

  • Linda1000

    What a bunch of lefty homophobes in Sweden!
    Meanwhile, in Glasgow, Pride has gender squabbles (via Weasel Zippers). Lol

    • Moon Metropolis

      All cultures are equal, but some cultures are more equal than others.

      • AmicusC

        if only we had known orwell was writing instruction manuals

        • Jabberwokk

          The Muslim subjugation(or the subjugation that exists within Islam rather) is Orwellian.

          The European collapse is entirely Huxley’s brave new world..

          • twerk7

            Please read BNW first before even mentioning it. The novel doesn’t contain any “collapse” even more so nothing close to the imagined European collapse caused by a few million savages.

          • Jabberwokk

            Well to respond to your….Oh Cat Vines! I love those!! Is that Tour de France Coverage frontpage at the telegraph? 50 cent is Bankrupt? Wow who knew? what an idiot!! Chatawatta shooting was done by some Islam guy? well im not sure what to make up i….WHOA!!! DONALD TRUMP!

          • Fran800

            I have read BNW several times. I would characterize it as a description of what happens AFTER the collapse.
            After the revolution (i.e. chaos leading to collapse), totalitarian control sets in.
            The collapse happening in Europe as well as the rest of the Western world is not imagined and is only partly caused by “a few million savages.” Pretty much everything advocated by the SJW’s is part of the collapsing part.
            And that would include “gender fluidity.”

          • twerk7

            tableciu muilo

            I do not think any collapse is imperative to attain the order Brave New World is set in. A gradual development towards Order (control) and Safety (surveilance), combined with the power that is brought in by the technological advancements gets you into the imagined dystopia. Knowing that it’s a piece of fiction, thus exagerated, we are not that far from what Huxley wrote down.

            As for SJWs, the post-capitalism communists, they only relate to the book in totalitarian regime aspect. There’s nothing SJWish in molding embryos into a specific caste. You could say this rhymes with modern feminists and their twisted take on gender, shouting patriarchy to subjugate males, but again the book treats gender uniformly.

          • twerk7

            I do not think any collapse is imperative to attain the order Brave New World is set in. A gradual development towards Order (control) and Safety (surveilance), combined with the power that is brought in by the technological advancements gets you into the imagined dystopia. Knowing that it’s a piece of fiction, thus exagerated, we are not that far from what Huxley wrote down.

            As for SJWs, the post-capitalism communists, they only relate to the book in totalitarian regime aspect. There’s nothing SJWish in molding embryos into a specific caste. You could say this rhymes with modern feminists and their twisted take on gender, shouting patriarchy to subjugate males, but again the book treats gender uniformly.

      • Linda1000

        Then, what about the other mantra of “coexist”? The dictators of the EU cabal says everyone and everything belongs in Europe.

        • Keith

          As long as it is ISLAMIC of course.

    • Douglas Gray

      Pride Glasgow doesn’t, Free Pride Glasgow a splinter group has but only as performers, not as attendees. Don’t lie and exaggerate please.

      • Linda1000

        My comment above was my attempt at sarcasm and I should have indicated that with the “/sarc” tag after the second sentence. Most of us on this blog know that Sweden is one of the most socially liberated of all countries in Europe. I honestly know nothing about the various pride groups in Sweden. In fact the only online newspaper I know of from Sweden is the gossip source called the “Local” because it is in English.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Moon Metro, you magnificent bastard, this is the exact perfect story.

    • Moon Metropolis

      Thanks! Please spread the story, as it has so far gotten no coverage outside of Sweden.

      • Dance99Vv

        Now it has, On our Forum in Holland. Fok.nl

      • RocketDodger

        And on a UK Military Forum as well.

  • Allan

    “Leftism” is a filthy disease that needs to be eradicated. The stupidity of these leftists is beyond belief. “Since Islam holds that gays should be executed, something like this is obviously an attack on Muslims” is a statement so full of irony and stupidity that even Stalin is sitting up in his grave and taking notice.

    • Sun

      Brown people triumph gay people in the hierarchy of victims that the Left feels need to be protected, cuddled, and championed. Racism triumphs gay rights.

      • White Taxpayer

        My favourite example is in America where blacks and browns slaughter and assault their own people at astonishing rates but the left hasn’t a care in the world for the real victims. It is the criminals that are coddled and protected. “Oh, poor Tyreese. Society made him pull the trigger on De’Quan. Please be lenient, judge.”

  • AmicusC

    this is exactly how I expected the left to act when these collided. lol. so now deport the invaders and find someway to deport the sympathizers.

  • AmicusC

    also I know that Everything is racist but seriously how is this racist. being in a cult of a pedophile prophet isn’t a race.
    my brain it hurts so much sometimes.

    • Achmed

      If I knew you were in Ontario I would complain to the Ontario Human Rights Commission about your posting. Your fine would probably be in the tens of thousands for your insulting post!

      • AmicusC

        you mean factual post right. fornicating a 9y/o falls well into the pedophile category.

      • Chad

        your “prophet” had sex with a 9 year old, and spread islam by the sword, killing all those opposed. I would file a counter human rights complaint on yourself for intolerant homophobia and racism

      • conservativecanadian1

        The Ontario Human Rights Commission, along with ALL the Human Rights commissions across Canada, do not represent Canadian values but are used as a club to beat those who don’t conform to the progressive PC way of thinking.

      • John Smith

        Truth is now insulting and actionable?

      • 3GSimpleton

        Hah! That’s hilarious! What a stupid post!

        It is hard to believe how incredibly stupid you are.
        Stupid as a stone that the other stones make fun of.
        So stupid that you have traveled far beyond stupid as we know it and into a new dimension of stupid.
        Stupid cubed.
        Trans-stupid stupid.
        Stupid collapsed to a singularity where even the stupons have collapsed into stuponium.
        Stupid so dense that no intelligence can escape.
        Singularity stupid.
        Blazing hot summer day on Mercury stupid.
        You emit more stupid in one minute than our entire galaxy emits in a year.
        Quasar stupid.
        It cannot be possible that anything in our universe can really be this stupid.
        This is a primordial fragment from the original big stupid bang.
        A pure extract of stupid with absolute stupid purity.
        Stupid beyond the laws of nature.

        Big Thanks to Guy for saving me effort in insulting Achmed the Stupid…


  • Achmed

    The event will be racist and Islamophobic. The gays know better than to come into our communities.

    • Kevin Carter

      Stone tossing Muslims probably should be deported for their violent homophobic views on gays.

    • Chad

      you are an intolerant and facist stain on society. You invaded a country known to support gay rights and now complain? Go back to your desert

      • DEMOLITION12

        fascist? you fucking idiot…

        • Tanajno

          no, you

    • Reddo

      Well, if they expect you to act like uncivilized brutes, it’d be so very easy to prove them wrong and make a mockery out of their attempt. All it’d take is mudslimes to act like decent human beings! Oh … right.

    • The Face Man

      Islamophobic = a phobia of an ideology, an irrational one at that.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        All the victims of Islamic terror and murder disagree.

        • Chemist

          i think he meant that the ideology is irrational and that “islamophobia” therefore is a reasonable stance.

      • John Smith

        Seems pretty rational when you compare the number of terrorist acts committed by Jews, Mormons or Jehovah’s Witnesses to those committed by Muslims around the world.

        • Sunwheel Knight

          Jews have committed more mass murder than any other group in history, ever. 150m or more, mostly whites killed under jewish communism historically. Today, jewish Marxism and all the other anti white madness of the left is a vehicle for white genocide.

          • Arnold Simon Benn Thomsen

            Go home stormfag.

            Read history.

    • John Smith

      Mudslimes should know better than to come into mine. You will be fed to pigs.

  • Jabberwokk

    So in other words violence triumphs once again.

    Sooner or later other worldviews are gonna get the message that no one will take you seriously until you threaten there lives with the intent to follow through with your threats. I can’t wait till the “first-nations” or green peace figure it out. They won’t be lowering banners on the Calgary tower anymore, they will just blow it up and claim responsibility on twitter.

    coincidentally I wonder what the outcome would have been had it been 70% Evangelicals, Quakers, or Buddhists.

    • Reddo

      That only works if you have racism as a shield.

      If white people do the same, they just send in the army to kill/capture everyone and there goes the movement.

      Of course, it has reached the point that if a racial minority rapes a teenage girl to death, the police doing anything other than asking him to come to jail politely is “police brutality”.

      The “r” card is very similar to the “Get out of Jail Free” card.

      • Jabberwokk

        I think Violence works regardless.

        Violence isn’t a problem because it isn’t effective.

        Violence is a problem because it’s entirely effective.

        otherwise it wouldn’t be a problem.

        That said I agree with your “get out jail free card” assessment. Rape? You mean Cultural exchange right?

  • Petey

    We are insane. Truly insane.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Words cannot express how necessary this parade is.

    • And they should get the mayor of Seattle to be the on the head float.

      He is gay and just announced a program to help Muslims secure Sharia compliant “loans” for housing.

  • Exile1981

    The left is only upset because someone set up a situation where 2 of their pet groups would fight it out.

    • Alain


  • Gary

    Another news story home run by Blazing Cat Fur.

  • Let the fireworks begin!

  • pdxnag

    So everyone agrees that Muslims have as much self-control as your pet python. It will wrap its head around either your hand (or your child) or the live rat you toss at it with equal glee. Expecting, or hopelessly demanding, civil behavior from the Muslims is wholly out of the question.

    • Exile1981

      Actually I expect the python will only attack if provoked or hungry; the muslim will kill for fun and prophet.

  • moraywatson

    There is a large swath of Western citizenry that prefer to live as dhimmis rather than discriminate against their oppressors. It is Stockholm syndrome on a mass scale, spawned by our socialist education systems.

  • RebelliousTreecko

    Lulzy. This should happen more often.

  • Sun

    Wow. Far leftist want to preserve the narrative that all minority groups are [and should be] united against the evil white male and his oppression? And this is undermining that? Thus pissing them off?

    In other news, the Earth revolves around the Sun.

  • roccolore

    Liberal fascists are funny, claiming to be champions of gays, yet defending the Muslims who would kill them.

  • MarkRobert

    The Controllers maintain control by means of compartmentalization of governmental agencies, banking interest and various accredited and unaccredited institutions’.

    Money is one of the many tools which the controllers’ have built into their system to subjugate humanity.

    The Main Stream Media news agencies are continually selling us the Government.

    Institutionalize religions are continually selling us the Government.

    ‘Which begs the question, why are these agencies and institutions working so hard to sell us something that is already established, why are they selling us Government???’

    The answer is:

    1. Government is the hammer which the controllers’ wield.

    2. Institutionalize religions are the controllers’ tools of division.

    3. Main Stream Media was established to induce or reinforce behavior favorable to Governmental objectives.

  • ChupaMe

    I hope they go to a bakery along the route and order a custom cake.

  • Rafael Eduardo Peña-Rios Riber
  • Maggat

    That’ll take some balls—-or whatever.

  • josh

    good troll

  • 3Storms

    Their hypocricy stinks. They think nothing of going after and picking on Christians. They think nothing of defiling things Christians hold as sacred.

    Yet they think that through name-calling and smearing people as bigots they can bully peope into not offending Islam and bully people into not calling out their double-standard hypocricy.

  • Barking dog

    I hope they go thru with this and swedish media has to finally say something about muslims being aggressive, violent and racist as fuck.

    • Keith

      No hope the MSM will blame the organisors of the gay pride march.

  • conservativecanadian1

    1) The Canadian conservatives are not “extreme far-right” . If that were so, then we wouldn’t have legal gay marriage or abortion without conditions.

    2) I find it ironic that those on the left are calling for the gay pride parade to be outlawed. It seems the left has been made to choose between their two pet projects and the gays lost. How does that make you feel, citizens of the gay community?

  • Joe Dokes

    If they don’t have the “gay pride” to march anywhere, whatever the risk, they must not be truly proud. Only getting “loud and proud” in an areas that will largely ignore them if it doesn’t already accept them, is hardly bold.

  • Thanks for spreading the word !

  • SWEDEN YES. Nice to see that shitlording is alive and well in the most cucked country on the planet.

  • Dennis

    i´m going to join this parade so this is going to be interesting 🙂

    • Wow send us pics!

      • Dennis

        yepp 🙂

    • Keith

      Don’t forget to go prepared with crash helmet and body armour

      • Dennis

        hahaha I will not forget it I promise 😉

        • Drunk_by_Noon

          And a camer to take pics of the counter demonstrates signs, and their violence.

          • Dennis

            Yes there will be many cam’s in the parade..so we can prove the violence from the leftis..

    • Sun

      Aaaaaaaah. Me post was deleted along with another one. 🙁

      • Dennis

        🙁 sorry to hear that…

    • I’m sorry you live in Sweden.

      • Dennis

        haha not me..this is a fight we gone win..no doubt about it..even if it gone take some time to do it..

  • Tracksuit Al

    Thanks for this.

    I have an LGB family member living in Sweden and studying, of all things, immigration and the rise of “neo-nationalist” parties!

  • Wulf2000

    It is Saturday Night Live in living color coming from Sweden and where the Twilight Zone has become a reality.

  • Dildo Daggers

    “Leftists are organizing a counter-demonstration against this gay pride parade.”
    What the hell does this even mean? Are they gonna have college kids holding signs saying “GAYS NOT WELCOME” and “ALLAH HATES FAGS”. And considering they like to incite violence, I can foresee leftists assaulting gays for kissing and the police will arrest gays for being gay while ultra-conservative homophobic Muslims were nearby. If homosexuals want to show their support then welcome aboard.

    • Reddo

      Probably just fly some “racism is bad okay” signs, which the muslims will pick up and hit them with it while under the effects of unbridled rage from seeing homosexuals who are not closeted like they are.

      Which would be good. I’m guessing that after staging protests in favor of mudslimes and getting hit in the head over it, they’d notice that there’s no point in defending the behavior of savages.

  • Benji Dodds

    Since when is a religion a race now?

    • Reddo

      Mudslimes all come from the desert and tend to have a lot of the same racial traits – mostly because religion is spread the most through reproduction, meaning that new muslims will usually share the same race as the muslims that brought them on the world. While some people convert to other religions when they’re adults, it doesn’t happen nearly often enough to make a change in the composition of the followers. The vast majority of new followers come from new people being sprout into existence (and this is also the reason why mudslimes are becoming bigger and bigger – they do it like rabbits, while followers of other religions reproduce at a saner rate).

  • This is just too funny!

  • Hedvig Skirgård

    Did you read the official statement from RFSL at all?


  • Mohammad Smith.

    Except Muslim is not a race. To be a Muslim is to be a follower of the religion of Islam, which is no more than an ideology. Not a race.

  • everycat

    Just goes to show what a terrible & ridiculous idea religion is. Get rid of all religions and the world will be a happier, healthier and more peaceful place.

    • worf359

      Praise Science

  • arrotoxieta

    75% Muslim areas?
    Bye bye Sweden.

  • Its sweden. They should walk where they want. The whole point of the parade is to walk where they want…. it is about freedom.

  • c4p0ne

    Another in and endless stream of distraction for both moronic left & right non-thinkers, dragging them away from the real problems that face Muslims, Gays, straight people, and indeed, the rest of humanity: The sociopaths/psychopaths in positions of extraordinary power & wealth who actually furnish the environments through which such events are engineered. Engineered to have us at each other’s throats while the ruling class clink wine-glasses with each other at their creation.

  • DrCaligari

    As a gay Canadian social democrat, I think this is a terrific idea! More power to them!

  • fartel engelbert

    It’s no coincidence that the Stockholm Syndrome was first discovered in Sweden.

    • Leon Wolfeson

      It’s no coincidence that you are a religious bigot. That you also hate scientific research, well…

      • fartel engelbert

        I am a scientist you prat. And an atheist. So wrong on both counts.

        • Leon Wolfeson

          I’m going with your prior post, not your revisionism.

  • Kiteman

    Umm… people, you do know that you can’t be “racist” towards a group you can join or leave at will?

    At the very worst, this march can be considered a political move to irritate extremist muslims enough that they expose the true nature of their religious motivations.

    Most likely, it’s a bit of a wind-up to gain some column inches, and, in that, it has been extremely successful – personally, had never heard of Jan Sjunnesson or his party until five minutes ago when I saw the fuss on Twitter.

  • Aletheianoesis

    This is not socialism, because real socialism do not give any priviliges to any religion and mark religions as a race. Socialism or communism is traditional the left side in politics. But this “leftist” are not socialistic, this is political correctness and it comes from Protestant ideas, a kind of bigotry and dictatorship of political opinions. These socalled leftist are influenced from Islamismus and spread ideas from islamists. So they try to prevent any criticism on Islam and islamic behaviour, out law it with this labels of islamophobia or racism. Very smart strategy (but of curse a strategical of islamism). The Sauds superrich clan spent billions for spreading islam special Wahabism. You should follow the money nothing else will buy opinion.

    • Jabberwokk

      So it’s the church’s fault.

      All roads lead to blame the Christians eh?

      I sure hope i’m reading this wrong.

  • Chris Randall

    “Islam holds that gays should be executed, something like this is
    obviously an attack on Muslims and should therefore be outlawed.”
    Shouldn’t this read, “Islam holds that gays should be executed, Muslims should therefore be outlawed.”

  • which is owned by the nationalist Sweden Democrats party

    That party is not nationalistic at all: they do not subscribe to any nationalism for Swedes or Sweden. They did, but it was way back in the 90s.
    The only nationalism which the Sweden Democrats seem to subscribe to is radical Zionism. Many leading SD-members are Zionists and one of the members, a Jew, even received the “Herzl Award”: http://www.eaec-se.org/articles/Johansen/pic/ted_ekeroth.jpg

    They are just a smokescreen to muster up votes from disillusioned Swedes who are fed up and tired of the so-called cultural enrichment (read: murder, rapes and violence). So it goes.

  • Correction: They are not “far right”. That is what their opponents would like us to believe.

  • Living in Sweden

    This is not really the whole story. The -primary- reason why the LGBT activists are protesting against the pride-march is not because The Sweden Democrats put it in a muslim area, but because they don’t want the march itself to be arranged by The Sweden Democrats or people who are somewhat connected to the Sweden Democrats, because they see the party and the people there as racist. So even if the same people would arrange a pride parade in, for example, Södermalm, which is a typical swedish area with many leftists living in it and so on, they would still see it as wrong, because they would think it’s arranged by racists.

    Here’s the article about it from Metro Sweden in swedish: http://www.metro.se/nyheter/hbtq-aktivister-protesterar-mot-sd-profilens-pridetag-de-hetsar-mot-invandrare/EVHogt!PJwCm6IuceWC6/

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      In America, they call that a double standard, and inconsistent and arbitrary standards are a hallmark of an contradictory (illogical) belief system.
      I’d say this story got it right.
      Where are they wrong?

    • Josef K.

      I’m a non PK swede and I’d say that the people that the organizers want to provoke are not the muslims, but the left, and they have succeeded. The hippocracy is out in the open. The left considers it provoking to immigrants to let a gay pride march go through their area.

      • Desmond Baker

        Det heter PC på engelska. Correct med C, inte K som i svenska.

        • Josef K.

          Tackar. Det visste jag förvisso men ibland kan den egna korrekturläsningen missa…

  • rhcrest

    Racism? What race is Islam exactly?

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      If stupid and violent could be a race…

  • Uranus

    So basically all a homophobe needs to do to be accepted by progressive is claim Allah is the one and only god and a pedophile marauder is his prophet. God damn, who knew it would be that easy :O

  • andywade

    You’ve kind of got a point. But you’re also kind of a twat. You don’t know Right-wing trolling when you see it? I’m against Islamism myself, but you’ve got to do it right, assimilate people, do what you can to help gay Muslims, have compulsory sex education, that sort of thing. Not just charge through town with a load of skinheads starting trouble.

    BTW, European Right-wingers are NOT the same as North American “conservatives”. They’re more like the KKK.

    • They are not right-wingers (despite the claim) and there were no skinheads in their parade.

      • andywade

        “The Sweden Democrats or Swedish Democrats… are a far-right,[11][12][19][20][21][22] right-wing populist,[4][8] and anti-immigration[23][24][25][26] political party in Sweden that was founded in 1988.[27] The party describes itself as social conservative with a nationalist foundation”


        • No they are not far right. That is what their opponents like you to believe. Do not trust wikipedia. They themselves will tell you that they are in “the middle” or that they don’t want to be positioned on any scale at all. I’m a member of the said party.

          “The party describes itself as social conservative with a nationalist foundation”

          That is correct. Not far right.

          • andywade

            “Nationalist” means far right. I’m not stupid.
            Also, “social conservative” means anti-gay. Seems the Swedish LGBT crew aren’t stupid either 😉

          • “Nationalist” means far right.”

            No it doesn’t. It basically means that you’re proud of your country, enjoy your countries traditions, values, etc.

          • andywade

            That’s what *you* think.

            It’s possible to be proud of your country and enjoy its traditions without taking every opportunity to bash immigrants and minorities. Yet your party takes glee in doing just this, and setting up conflict between immigrants and the gay community.

            You’re either very naive, or very cynical. Which is it?

          • I’ve studied the party’s own website, and I have the leaders as friends on FB. I know their views. The current leader used to vote for the socialdemocrats (left), so he might lean more to the left.

            They don’t “bash” immigrants. That is what their opponents what you to believe.

          • andywade

            Ah, so you only believe what they have to say about themselves, but not what anyone else has to say. If you think wikipedia’s innacurate, why not correct the inaccuracy and raise it on the discussion page? It is open to editing, although you may have to register if it has been defaced a lot.

            As for immigrant-bashing, the march is a blatant piss-taking provocation, using gay people to have a go. If you’re really interested in gay rights and not just bashing immigrants, why isn’t your party supporting compulsory sex education and support for gay Muslims? These are people who often have to go on the run because of their sexuality but I bet your party won’t touch ’em.

            BTW, Mussolini was a leftie before he became a Fascist, so were a lot of them in fact. So it don’t mean shit who your Fuhrer used to be.

          • What would you prefer? People asking your opponents about your views, or people asking YOU about your views?

            I am able to check for myself how the party members have voted in the parliament so far.

            Correcting certain stuff on wikipedia is extremely hard. The opponents can easily change back what you have edited.

            The parade is another topic (whether it’s a good idea to have the parade in areas where gays normally viewed as second class citizens). I was merely addressing the oft mentioned “right right” claim.

          • dman


            First year: 85% of the time they voted with the Right.
            Second year: 88% of the time they voted with the Right.
            Third year: 86% of the time they voted with the Right.

            Them standing in the centre? That’s what they want you to believe.

          • Voted with the right about what? There are issues to vote about which isn’t even left/right.
            Try again.

          • dman

            So you would say that it’s just a coincidence that the super centre party (which is what you would have people believe) voted with the Right on a clear majority of the occasions given? Where there’s smoke…

          • Should the Swedish Democrats rather LIE and suggest they are to the very right when the truth is that they are not? There are LOADS of issues to vote about which have nothing to do with left/right, and then you must vote for the best option. Then there are certain things which are left/right issues, such as higher taxes and lower taxes. You seldom get to vote about it, but the Swedish Democrats once helped the left by voting for higher taxes. A party to the far right would NEVER do that.

          • dman

            No, I believe, however, that they would obfuscate the truth to appeal to a wider audience (“the best of two worlds in our party!”) which is arguably what they have done. Populist parties often do this to “steal” voters from other parties. Another thing is SD’s almost complete and utter disregard for discussing the unions.

            Nepotism and a horrifying cult of personality around Jimmie Åkesson aside, Järva Pride isn’t a thing that should be handled by people not interested in the core issue (HBTQ rights).

            Because you can’t seriously claim that you believe that Mats Dagerlind changed his mind in a week, now wrapped in a Pride flag?

          • “that they would obfuscate the truth to appeal to a wider audience”

            Good idea to think the worse about people, and even greater to ascribe views to people they don’t have.

            Is this the way that we would like to be treated ourselves?

          • Josef K.

            They voted with the ruling majority, just as they do now…

          • Josef K.

            Dagens arena is a leftist blog. Of course they fail to mention that after the election in 2014, SD have mainly gone with the new social democrat government.

          • Sun

            Your “intersectionality” narrative is going to be shoved so far up your ass you’re going to wish you had Mussolini.

          • Josef K.

            Why do you assume that immigrants will be offended by gays? That sounds a bit racist to me…

          • Sun

            And your party bashed Europeans/Swedes and makes excuses for anyone and defend any group that looks different than you (due to xenophilia). I hope they shed light (I love how a moron like you thinks the SD has the magical powers to meretriciously set up this). And make people more awre of the hypocrisy you shitheads wear around your neck. Why don’t you have a gay pride in Africa or the Middle East then?

            Bottom line, you’re a twit that wants to have your white knight power fantasy of defending all the minorities who you see as being oppress by the evil white male/people, and you’re the white people who will save them. When someone suggest you have a pride parade in a heavily Muslim/Arab area, you lose your shit. You want to know why? Because you’re a coward and know that the house of cards will come crashing down. 🙂 So what if the right is using it to their advantage. They should loser. They’re proving how stupid you are. And if you go with the counter demonstration, you’ll be the JOKE of the fucking world, the IRONY will be glorious. I seriously hope you have the counter demonstration. 🙂

          • Josef K.

            The Sweden democrats are for assimilation of immigrants and an overall reduction in immigration. That is their agenda.
            WHY do you assume that immigrants will be provoked by gays? That sounds like pretty racist reasoning.
            How are immigrants going to become assimilated if they are not exposed to the values of their new country?

          • beyond partisan

            Nationalist does not mean far right. Many socialists (leftists) are nationalists – thus the Nazis and Bernie Sanders (yes, Sanders ia s socialist who is also a nationalist).

          • Josef K.

            Mahatma Ghandi was a nationalist…

          • Sun

            Fucking moron doesn’t get the different between Nazism and Nationalism. You do know all nation-states were born out of Nationalism right? I mean it really don’t bother me if you call everything far-right.

          • Josef K.

            Well, I’ll be sure to let Dali Lama know your views of his nationalistic struggle for Tibet the next time I meet him.
            Ghandi was also a right wing extremist? He did sport that skinhead look, so you might have a point…

    • Sun

      Good. Right wing trolling is needed you apologist little fuckhole. Don’t care if they’re Nazi skinheads. I’m pretty tired of Left wing hypocrisy and their little narrative about evil white people and all minorities united together. Take your shit somewhere else retard.

    • Josef K.

      The Sweden democrats of today ARE conservatives. There were some skinheads associated with SD in the early 90’s, but for over 15 years the party has been serious.
      The Sweden democrats are all for assimilating immigrants. You do not seem to understand the 1984-like reasoning in mainstream Sweden. It is considered racist to demand assimilation from immigrants!

  • Aletheianoesis

    This is not socialism, because real socialism do not give any priviliges to any religion and mark religions as a race. Socialism or communism is traditional the left side in politics. But this “leftist” are not socialistic, this is political correctness and it comes from Protestant ideas, a kind of bigotry and dictatorship of political opinions. These socalled leftist are influenced from Islamismus and spread ideas from islamists. So they try to prevent any criticism on Islam and islamic behaviour, out law it with this labels of islamophobia or racism. Very smart strategy (but of curse a strategical of islamism). The Sauds superrich clan spent billions for spreading islam special Wahabism. You should follow the money nothing else will buy opinion.

  • Urlika

    Sverigedemokraterna (Swedish Democrates) are fucking racists.This party has roots in nazi groups, like BSS- Bevara Sverige Svensk (Sweden for Swedes). They will do everything, use every provocation to incite folk to hate immigrants. (On the other hand, it’s Sweden own fault- they admit too many immigrants…).

    • Dictatortot

      Question: if the neighborhoods react in the way you seem to believe they will, then what’s not to hate?

    • Sun

      And the racist made a point. That you can’t address. So a pathetic idiot like you are going to hold a counter protest to combat racism. Proving their points about your shitty hypocrisy.

    • Josef K.

      There are some racists in SD, but the party’s politics is far from racist. You can look up on Canada’s immigration politics. It is almost more strict than what SD wants for Sweden. Stuff like a point system for work immigrants comes from Canada.
      I hated SD until 2010. Then I read up on their current politics and discovered that SD of today isn’t anything like SD in the 90’s.

  • dman

    No. Leftists in Sweden actually argue that the boss of Jan Sjunnesson, Mats Dagerlind has (for a long time) written some appaling shit on Twitter, likening homosexuality to inter-species sex and incest. Avpixlat, the webpage that they now both work for have headlines attacking people not for their religion, but rather their ethnicity. They don’t write anything of interest about white people, the only white people they write about are politicians, feminists and people who speak out against the Sweden Democrats. A couple of days ago a Sweden Democrat politician with a nazi son who got arrested for having over 550 kilos of dynamite. Not mentioned on their webpage. For obvious reasons. This is nothing but pinkwashing.

    Hate religion as much as you want, but if you veil it thinly over your hatred of people from the Middle East/North Africa, people will call you out on your shit.

    • Sun

      Well loser, why don’t white trash like you move to Africa or the Middle East hm?

      Fine, they’re racist and using it to highlight double standards you pathetic morons like you. Of course you’ll mitigate all criticism. Even if they are, YOU ARE PROVING THEM RIGHT! You retard. Brown people triumph gay people am I right dman?

    • Josef K.

      Don’t sweat it. The hypocricy of the left has been laid wide open. They brought it on themselves.
      The left is AFRAID to deal with intolerance coming from non-whites.

  • SweetDoug

    2 + 2 = 4


    2 + 2 = 5

    but 2 + 2 = 4 ≠ 5

    unless 2 + 2 ≠ 4

    But sometimes 2 + 2 = 4 and sometimes 2 + 2 = 5

    Kind of like some animals are just more equal than others?


    In all seriousness, this illustrates just how far the crazy has gone in our society. We have completed the bifurcation of our society with protected groups that rank above each other depending upon their perceived socio-political status.

    Orwell’s nightmare is truly upon us.

  • larry davis

    The children are the losers and the prize of the gay movement. Children are being pressured to participate in gay relationships. Sadly enough the gay children are the boots of the ground for the gay agenda. No where can the children feel safe . Fifteen year old gays will be hitting on 12 year olds. We all need to discuss the negative affects on our children caused by gay marriage. I hope I’m wrong but I doubt it.

  • Steve Lloyd

    Thick twat’s, the left. Signing their own death warrants in a future Europe. Not gay myself, but support these marchers for having the ball’s to expose the hypocrisy and double standards. It’s going to leave the authorities in a bit of a quandary though isn’t it? You can’t help but smile.

  • Control freaks are always control freaks. Whether they are Nazis, puritans or progressives. Its never enough. They hate individuality. They are the Borg from Star Trek. Hive mind psychopathy.

  • whats up

    Finally west awaken
    In India we called left liberals as “sick”ulars which controls our hypocrite media


    Offensive to Muslims but ok for Christians?

  • Vivienne Havalant

    Brave LGBT community, I would believe they are prepared and this will also be a blow to the stoopid left and Sweden will have deal with Islam in radical terms i.e. kick’em out.

  • Jay See

    This whole situation is just bizarre. Western civilization actively imports and cultivates it’s own enemies within it’s own borders. No civilization has ever survived the menace of internal enemies.

  • This is some of the best news I’ve read for quite a while. The Left is in complete denial about how their love of Islam and Muslims is in direct conflict with their other loves such as Muslims and Islam. Sort of like loving a beach body but also loving beer and chocolate. Sooner or later this is going to blow up. Better that it happens earlier rather than later. What are they going to do with their precise transgenders when Muslims get to 40% and have Sharia law in Sweden (or US)?

    • Nonhumans

      They’ll need to take cover before they get sharia law here. My Beretta is allergic to Islam.

    • Sun

      “The Left is in complete denial about how their love of Islam and Muslims is in direct conflict with their other loves such as Muslims and Islam.”

      LOL wut? I think you need to edit there. 🙂

  • Mike

    This wonderfully Ironic. The Left wing Sociopaths don’t know what to do. Please Sweden remember your Viking past and not your silly Socialist present or your Muslim future.

  • jswft

    Sweden is pathetic

  • Grace Ironwood


    These arre the LGBT who are “brave” not those coming out to the applause and adoration of Hollywood.

  • Chris Brown

    Has Jan Sjunnesson organised any other gay pride marches anywhere else, or expressed support for LBGT people at other times? If not, the march is not about Gay Pride, it’s about provoking Muslims (so they can be condemned for their reaction) by hijacking the Gay Pride symbolism and message.
    Best result? Everyone ignores it, but that’s probably asking for too much common sense and emotional control.

    • Josef K.

      Nope. It’s about exposing the hypocrisy of the left and in that they have succeeded. The left is terrified of confronting intolerace among immigrants and they have abandoned immigrant gays in the suburbs because of their fear of appearing racist when critizicing immigrant intolerance…

  • mal jones

    GOOD luck with that march each time someone try’s to march in England the police take them to court it then becomes a fortune in cost’s and lawyers fee’s to maybe get it through, still Britain First keeps trying

  • irishbrother

    The Swedish Government are traitors and should be targeted as such by Patriots

  • James Lovelace

    We’ve been here before.

    In 2011, East London was declared a Gay Free Zone by muslims. The muslims were seen on CCTV leaving East London Mosque. They plastered stickers across the area, marking their success in forcing gay people to leave.

    For days, the BBC did not report the story. The first time the BBC reported the story was to say that “locals” (implying: muslims) were removing the stickers. Turns out, it was dirty kafirs removing the stickers, and receiving threats of violence from muslims for doing so.

    A gay man from East London who had left EDL because he thought street protests were too pushy, decided he now had to organise a Gay Pride event in East London. Luminaries such as Peter Tatchell jumped to join, as did some famous gay/leftwing Hollywood stars who live in East London (think: Lord of the Rings).

    Then that gay man’s trade union released the information that he was the founder of EDL’s LGBT Division. And the trade union released his name & address to the gay muslim group, who put it on their website (these details were only removed when police told them, that in the event of his murder, they would be considered accomplices).

    The leftwing Hollywood stars ran away, as did Peter Tatchell. The East London Gay Pride March died. The gay muslims said they would organise such events. They never happened. East London was a gay free zone.

    I lived in East London for 30 years. I saw first the white English population flee the advance of islam. Then the gays were forced out, following threats and actual violence. I left this year. 20 years ago, my small street had (to my knowledge) 5 gay households. By 2007, all the others had left.

  • Krystal Winzer

    “It’s okay if they hate us and want to kill us! As long as they aren’t white!” So sick of this reverse racism crap against whites only. I thought this crap only happened in the U.S but it seems there are pussies in all countries and liberal whites who enjoy being picked on for their non existent “White Privilege.” I’m not racist but why is it only white countries who have to be diverse? Why do white countries have to cater to EVERYONE but other countries do not? Because racism against whites apparently doesn’t exist.

  • Thanks, Jews, for all this enrichment.

  • “The prince of this world cometh, and in me he hath not any thing”

    “Adulterers, know you not that the friendship of this world is the enemy of God? Whosoever therefore will be a friend of this world, becometh an enemy of God.”

    “Woe to you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites; because you go round about the sea and the land to make one proselyte; and when he is made, you make him the child of hell twofold more than yourselves.”

    In the case of “Pride Järva” Sweden, we see The Klke promoting queerness to rile up the talmudic Muz horde, whom The Klke imported, and then The Klke sits back and faps as the “shiksas” and “shegetses” go at each other.


  • ShoeEventHorizon

    A real history lesson about the wonderful multicultural effect in England.

    The SS Empire Windrush: The Origins of Multicultural Britain

  • Atriokke

    I have to say, because left is associated with human rights in US, I didn’t quite understand what was going on. Until it finally clicked and then, as someone commented, “the hypocrisy is breathtaking”.

    If gay rights groups were only able to march/exist were they didn’t offend, they would never have gay rights. If anything, the muslim LGBT population need this more than anyone…

  • LieutenantCharlie

    A Gays Rights Parade through the Muslim areas is to say the least, a really Brave Display by these Guys and Gals.
    They will have my prayers.

  • kyleyoder

    The Left Wing is comprised of mentally ill freakazoids. Individuals rights for all, but not for them. That’s about how consistent they are.

  • dubium

    There is nothing inconsistent with the “left.” They are against white people. That is very consistent in everything they do. The red thread. They aim for global domination and the genocide of all white people. They have however made a very good job of making it look like they are inconsistent, and also making it very unclear and complicated to point out who “they” really are and what their ultimate goal is precisely. But it is there. Make no mistake.

    • Sun

      I think you’re taking inconsistent out of context. It has to do with their little pet minorities. They’ll bash anyone who is European (white) for being homophobic but when it comes to Arabs (brown people) then they become really silent. I agree with you save the “genocide” part.


    The rise and fall of the Swedish empire

  • starfighter441

    The mind just boggles…

  • Desmond Baker
  • Desmond Baker
  • Desmond Baker

    Here in Sweden we have something we call coexistance, you know, liksom ba, öööö:


    • Love It!

      • Desmond Baker

        Go ahead and use it as you wish 🙂

    • Cornelius Van Huff


  • Simon R

    The actual complaints are about using a gay march as a platform for anti-gay views and racist views

    Here are the ”pathetic leftists” mentionedhttp://textuploader.com/addw6

    • Sun

      Good. The racist and islamophobes were right. And Leftist are mitigating to discuss the motives behind those doing the parade rather than what the parade highlights which they want to brush under the rug.

      • Simon R

        ”The racist and islamophobes were right.”

        Nah their view was ”THE LEFT DON’T WANT A GAy PARADE IN A MUSLIM NAIGHBOURHOOD, SEE THAT” as if it was a general thing, which there’s no support of at all (except right-wing straw mans other right-wingers agree with). The critics point to the fact it’s hosted by people with anti-gay rights and anti-muslim affiliations (I call the latter xenophobia but some call it racist, semantics aside that’s what they’re referring to). The main organizer Jan Sjunnesson is a relentless xenophobic pundit, of course it will effect the character of the event.

        • Josef K.

          So you are saying that the regular Pride festival in Stockholm will make a stop in these suburbs?
          Sjunnesson built a rhetorical trap and the moronic left walked right into it…

          • Simon R

            An anti-racist gay pride march in has been announced in the same suburbs for several days, i.e not a demonstration against Sjunnesson but a pride event.


            Use a translator, over 500 people have expressed interest to come.

            So tell me how ”the moronic left walked into a rhetorical trap” when they both take distance from the xenophobic pride parade, *and* organize their own in the same area.

            Go on don’t puss out now.

          • Josef K.

            I am Swedish and I know that the event is to take place on Järvafältet (the Järva field), which is a safe distance away from the different suburbs in the Järva area.

            The counter demonstration should of course be arranged IN the surbubs. I think that the reaction from the locals will not be that big.
            If the left had kept quiet and let the march go on as planned, and not much protest from the locals would have come about, then the left could have said “We told you so!”.

            Instead the left now act as if they expect the locals to object to anything that has to do with gay rights.
            I think that shows prejudiced thinking from the left.

          • Simon R

            It’s in the suburbs, the march starts at Husby Centre (according to their own page https://www.facebook.com/events/874921879246066/875435409194713/ >first post).


            ^ Hardly ”at a safe distance”

            It’s *after* the march they go to Järvafältet.

          • Sun

            There isn’t a parade through the suburbs you insufferable liar. There’s a picnic at a park. There is no march afterward. They’re having a “counter parade” not directly where other Muslims who don’t like homosexuality will be immediately present. They even have their location meeting place on the facebook and a picture of it.

          • Simon R

            ^ Nice online emotional meltdown. Basically you can’t provide any evidence so you have to settle with pulling out stuff from thin air.

          • Josef K.

            …And what will they focus on with their march? Gay rights or anti racism? Knowing the left, which I once was a part of but lost interest in after they started focusing on intersectionality and lost focus on anti-globalism and anti-imperialism about 10-15 years ago, they will stick to their guns and deny any form of intolerance and oppression among minorities.
            I would be surprised if they even showed a rainbow flag.

            I was blocked from their Facebook page after questioning the validity of intersectionality, so I cannot see the Facebook link.

            Intersectionality is a truly twisted way of reasoning, a poison that is treatening to turn the left into a joke. According to intersectionality, there is no way to compare intolerance of “white” people and of minorities.
            To me, this is TRUE racism since it assumes that “non whites” are not able to follow the same rules as “whites”.

            Also intersectionality is a moronic theory imported from US academia. The situation in the immigrant country of USA cannot be compared to Europe, with its native populations that have lived there for hundreds if not thousands of years, and where only recently non-european immigration has started to take place. There is also no history of african slavery in Europe. This only has happened in North and South America (albeit be european settlers).

          • Sun

            Yeah. Hopefully now that it’s big news the Muslims/Arab community will have their own protest or at least know what’s going on because it is not national and international news thanks to the Left and their attempt to show that the Jarva movement was created by “xenophobes” or whatever.

        • Sun

          Really? Just how far is your head up your ass? It’s just a strawman? I don’t think it is. The Left loves the idea that every minority is united against the evil white male/people Christian, etc. Except when different pet minority group have various opinions about homosexuality as obviously shown. Leftist even ADMITTED they don’t want this movement going forward….why? Because there would be religious/ethnic tensions against gays and it would and I quote “pit minorities against each other.” So Leftist even admitted what it would. You proved the so called racist and xenophobes right even if their motivations for such parades not in good faith. It doesn’t matter what the people affiliations are. You just seem to be too stupid to grasp that. Leftist use that as a counter argument but it isn’t a counter argument. It’s an argument that proves the right. They were making a point. A point that shows the irony and hypocrisy of the Left. And further proven because Leftist will have an anti-racist rally in summery showing their hierarchy when it comes to minority groups. Your stupid crap that all of this is invented strawmans is in fact a strawman.

    • Oh please. The left is in bed with Islam.

      • Simon R

        ^ Ignoring what people are actually criticizing so it fits with your preconceived narrative

        • Josef K.

          There’s only one thing to do: arrange a small march in the actual suburbs and prove Sjunnesson wrong…

        • Damn you’re stupid.

    • Josef K.

      The main purpose is to show the hypocricy of the left. The left is terrified of confronting intolerance among the immigrant population.

      • Simon R

        That’s their purpose, but it’s not what causes upset.

        Don’t be another circlejerking idiot who can’t see the individual circumstances of a situation.

        • Josef K.

          By focusing on “fascists” arranging a pride march the left hopes to turn all focus away from the main question.

          • Sun

            PRECISELY! Simon is too stupid to grasp this (as I try to point below).

          • Josef K.

            I think he understands it but refuses to acknowledge it. It’s rather dishonesty than stupidity…

          • Sun


    • Sun

      Link doesn’t work. And I read most of their views. They’re STILL pathetic.

    • They are even more pathetic than first revealed.

      • Simon R

        ^ political opponents are pathetic and such.

  • pam wright

    And are we to avoid ”certain” neighborhoods when celebrating equality for all?

  • Linuxnyheter.se

    I haven’t participated in a gay pride parade myself, but what I hear and what I’ve seen it is about love and understanding. One look in the comment section of this article is enough to see that this parade has nothing to do with love. Time will tell..

  • TheOccasionalAtheist

    There is NOTHING racist about anti-islamic behaviour!
    The worship of yet another man-made “god” has NOTHING to do with race despite the majority of muslims being middle eastern.
    Please stop calling the anti-stupidity movement racist because we decry the anti-intellectual practice of worshiping yet another fake-ass, made up “god”. Enough already! It’s not racist to be an Atheist!

  • unkontrollableurge

    I can’t find anyone i want to side with on this story. I would like to see some butch toughs crack some moslems. I recall Weimar Germany had some pretty butch queers that ended-up running that country. Jorge Heider, Ernst Roehm, Larry Brinkin, get your chaps and whips boys, time to march!

  • Rphoff

    I think the authorities should produce a chart or list defining where every group (oppressed or not) is on the oppression /victim scale, in relation to each other, as a public service. A chart like I that would help avoid situations like this.

  • aelfheld

    Multiculturalism at its finest.

  • Tom Rennick

    The ultimate reason for pushing gay-acceptance and race-mixing acceptance is portrayed brilliantly in Ward Kendall’s novel, Hold Back This Day (amazon) – a book I highly recommend. After reading it you’ll have all the intellectual ammunition you need to deflect the lies of the Cultural Marxists.


  • Daniel Factor

    As usual you right wing prats miss the point entirely. This is not about gay pride but about far right extremists using gay pride to insight hate against Muslims.

  • Tatonka

    I am all for it,….hopefully the Muslims and the gays kill each other off.
    Peace at last

  • Smith and Wesson and Me

    “Opression Olympics” does Caitlyn Jenner get gold for the Decathlon, or just the Boobie Prize?

  • Mawichan Doodles

    I am literally laughting my ass off, no joke I am laighing out loud!

    Social Justice in the first world has become too ridiculous!

  • Okay, if we Conservatives have to “suck it up” and deal with gay this and gay that ALL around us (including the White House lit up in Rainbow Colors), then so should the Muslims. After all, it’s against the Left’s agenda to have ANYBODY disagree with gay.

  • trinielf

    Sweden is supposed to be a free, Western, democratic society for LGBT people and they should be able to march anywhere they like. While I would not court conflict just for conflict’s sake, perhaps the point SHOULD be made that tolerance is expected of ALL who reside in the country, including Muslims who must learn to co-exist peacefully even with those they find reprehensible. After all what did they come to Sweden, land of freedom for LGBT people for in the first place?

    It is sad some liberals believe that being liberal means protecting FEELINGS and not FREEDOMS. I am liberal and I believe that being liberal means protecting freedom and that the freedom of LGBT people to move about their OWN country supercedes the feelings of religious homophobes.

    You are not seeing true liberalism by those who are against this march. You are seeing cowardice and cloudiness of convictions. This often happens in places where people have enjoyed so much privilege and freedom they can afford to become complacent. I do not have the luxury of living in such a place. I am still fighting for BASIC LGBT rights where I live in the Caribbean. I could only DREAM to one day enjoy what LGBT people in Sweden enjoy so for me the fire burns very clear. You have to keep it burning. Never get complacent because those who are for misogyny, homophobia, religious fundamentalism never quit. They will press any advantage they have to send the whole world spiraling back into the dark ages.

  • <– liberal here. I don't think this march should be classified as "racist". Islam is a religion, not a race, isn't it? Am I missing something?

    Let the right-wingers march. Who cares? If the Muslims don't like it, they can have their own march through the gay area of town. I'm sure they will be welcomed.

  • Bob Wehadababyitsaboy

    Can’t we all agree it’s time to burn Sweden down and turn that land into something other than a running joke between intelligent people in the ENTIRE rest of the world?

  • Update: Allahu Akbar! Pride Järva, Rinkeby

    See the videos of the march here.


  • Chance Boudreaux

    That is Tier 1 trolling.

  • Anders Jackson

    Sverigedemokraterna (SD) has been made anti Gay statements from leading members of parliment, and the spokesman has defended them.
    The have said said that homosexuals are sick and that the big Gay pride parade in Stockholm should be banned. The second vice chairman in our riksdag, Björn Söder from SD, has said that homosexuals are an abomination.
    And when an new law about sexual change operations that removed the demad for sterilation, the only party against it was SD.

    So how much credibility does SD have in the homosexual community have, do you think? None, what so ever. So that is why about 20 persons went, and one SD male non muslim screamd “Allah Akhbar”, as he said himself on Twitter.

    Use Google translate on this, and you get what SD stands and thinks when it comes to homosexuals rights in Sweden.

    • Greboada

      If I´m not wrong, political career of Björn Söder in SD is finished. He has been left aside.

      • Anders Jackson

        Well, being the second vice chairman of our swedish parliament is not what I call finished. Especially when SD really fought for him to become that

        But we might have different thoughts about what is finishrd

  • Lars Anderson

    Sweden: no longer the envy of the western world, but at least it’s comedy gold.

  • JDW

    Muslim area? That’s interesting. Are there Christian and Jewish areas where Muslims are anot allowed to tread? How about a gay area? Does Sweden have its own version of West Hollywood? If so, are gays excluded for being homophobic (i.e., homocidal [yes, that is a play on words])?

  • Mathias Vilhelmsson

    Eh, SD are pretty much neo-nazis in nice clothes. Have a look at the racial biology they keep in their party program.

  • jimmyt

    Trannies for Trump !

  • DemiMOAR

    What the cuck?

  • Tripin S

    Oh how the times have changed.

  • Lord Lemur

    ahahahahaha don’t stop the immigration Sweden this is too funny. I love a progressive cat fight over who is more oppressed

  • Billy Belcaro

    It is not a hate crime to march public streets in a free society to support a cause which is legal, regardless if it’s thru an area with opposing views.

    Maybe I am missing something here… ?