New Charlie Hebdo editor “wants the fame, status and money” but not the risk

Terrible, bitter, disappointing news out of Paris today: Charlie Hebdo’s new editor says they will no longer publish any Mohammed cartoons.

  • roccolore

    Charlie betrayed freedom.

    • guest444555

      A good conservative is a dead one. May your loved ones die an gonizing death from cancer.

      • roccolore

        A good liberal is a dead one, especially one who defends terrorism.

        • guest444555

          Conservatives need to be deported to iraq to be beheaded by ISIS.

          • roccolore

            Democrats should be deported because they’re ISIS supporters.

          • guest444555

            eradicate racist right wing scum

          • Doug Kursk

            Fuck you, you leftist asshole.

            You support terrorists: go die.

          • guest444555

            You conservative racist scum should go die.

          • We know where you live now.

          • Doug Kursk

            Hey Jon! How are things going in your Sharia compliant, gun free zone?

          • roccolore

            Racist liberal scum support the Charlie Hebdo attacks.

          • guest444555

            chris kyle is a DEAD COWARD

          • Doug Kursk

            …plenty more live ones available to take care of your buddies, Moe.

          • roccolore

            Racist Democrats = Scum who defend ISIS. And what race is Islam, haji>

      • How are things in Virginia? “Jon Wilson” at IP

        • roccolore

          Liberals can dish it out, but they can’t take it.

  • Jabberwokk

    Mission Accomplished!

  • Achmed

    You should be taken to the Ontario Human Rights Commission for that cartoon!

    That said, I am glad Charlie Hebdo learned their lesson. If it wasn’t for their Islamophobia, our community loved their Jesus, priest and rabbi cartoons, and now they will have our business back.

    • Doug Kursk

      Certainly! Blasphemy is ok only when it is committed against the unbelievers!

  • Ghost Tiger

    And now the haji’s are probably dancing in the streets of the no-go zones that the French press insist don’t exist. France has always been filled with collaborators who sleep with the enemy. May they burn to a crisp before they beg the rest of the world to come in and rescue them… again.

  • Hebdo’s intellectual muzzling is a perfect example of how Islam smothers a society.

    Muslims presently represent only 10% of the French population.

    But because of the presence of an even smaller minority of Muslim jihadist, free speech in France has been effectively snuffed out.

    Wait till Muslims represent 20%, 30%, 40% and more of the population. France as we know it will be replace first by Beirut and later by Baghdad.

    It is only numbers.

    Read how it works at:

    • moraywatson

      And it will continue to work until infidels love life more than muslims love death.

  • Doug Kursk

    Terrorism works!

  • John

    I never expected a different outcome. Even within hours of the shootings no MSM outlets were willing to show the cartoons. Like Douglas Murray said in the days following the tragedy; the media should have made it their duty to show the offending drawings as often as possible.

    None of them did, so all those people died in vain. They had no support where it counted

    Islamic sharia tenets concerning ‘prophet’ are now the ultimate bounderies of our freedom of speech.

    Those bounderies will shrink in increments until complete conformity with the shackles of sharia is achieved.

  • gainny

    There is still Jesus and Mo, at jesusand