Mounties Maintain Foreign Liaison Offices To Track Muslims With Canadian Passports

C-51’s new CSIS powers could ‘inadvertently jeopardize’ RCMP work abroad

The Mounties have liaison officers in Turkey, Kenya and Pakistan — among other places — pursuing criminal investigations of Canadians who have travelled to take part in terrorist activities in Afghanistan, Somalia and Syria, the internal notes point out.

“The RCMP, with significant relationships with international law enforcement agencies abroad, is concerned that CSIS threat-diminishment activities in a foreign country, if detected by the authorities, could inadvertently jeopardize existing relationships on particular investigations.”


The cost of Islam… Imagine that liaison offices in foreign climes to track murderous Muslims with Canadian passports.

More immigration and multiculturalism please Mr. Government!

  • BillyHW

    I too am glad this does not cost us anything.

    • Yea were lucky our government didn’t get any insane ideas on immigration.

  • Gary

    So far the RCMP’s best effort was their basket ball outreach with muslims youthe in radical mosque.