Like the Greeks Don’t Have Enough Problems: 28,260 Illegals Landed on Greek Islands in Just 20 Days

28,260 Illegals Have Landed on Greek Islands in Just 20 Days

  • Millie_Woods

    “Like The Greeks Don’t Have Enough Problems”

    Send them to Sweden. They don’t have enough problems yet.

    • BillyHW

      Yes, I don’t believe Sweden has reached its rape saturation point yet.

      • Millie_Woods

        South Africa is still leading in that important third-world statistic but the Swedes look like they have a plan to overtake them.

  • Martin B

    Kill two birds with one stone?

    1) Sell some Greek islands to the EU to help pay off the debt.
    2) Establish internment camps for “migrants” on those islands.
    3) Any “migrants” caught in European waters would be transported to these camps and kept there until they come to their senses and go back home.

    • Fran800

      Are you out of your mind?

      Solution should be — Send them back to Turkey.

      • Exile1981

        Actually the best solution is to torpedo the migrant boats. If you send them back to turkey et al they will just try another way to reach Europe. They will know that once you arrive your home free. If they torpedo the boats it will only take a few dozen before word gets around and even the dumbest ones realize it’s a bad idea and give it up.

  • BillyHW

    Europe is imploding.

  • simus1

    Some people are making a huge amount of money from this scam or it would not be allowed to continue.

  • Fran800

    Greece has a population of under 11 million — I mean 11 million Greeks. In the last few decades, but at an increasing rate, it has been inundated with these “migrants”, almost all Muslims, so that now the Muslim migrant population is at least 2 million. That is close to 20% of the indigenous population, a figure from which no non-Muslim country has ever been known to survive.

    The EU has done absolutely nothing to help the Greeks in this invasion. There is an EU border agency called Frontex — but it does nothing to stop the flow, nothing to protect the Greeks. They seem intent on protecting the invaders and ordering the bankrupt Greeks to buy stuff for them. I found one video clip in which a Pakistani invader said “We are the new Greek working class” — as if a country with 50% youth unemployment needed a new working class. When any Greeks have tried to save themselves, they have been accused of being Nazis. They are not even allowed to speak up against it.

  • Elephant in the Thread

    Turn every boat around and send them home. Europe will then see how quickly the illegal migrant issue stops. They will see more calm in their populations and will save a great deal of money. In fact, use some of that money to help the ones in need setting up camps in their own homelands. The solution is sooooo obvious that we have to assume the EU leaders have some greater motive in keeping the tide rolling in perhaps the lefty agenda of mixing the indigenous European people out of existence or the corporations insatiable greed for more consumers. I’m sure it a mixture but no matter how you look at it their identities are being sold out by special interest groups.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Send them all to Brussels.

    • mobuyus

      Or send em to the bottom of the sea where they would be more than welcomed in the sweet embrace of Davy Jone’s Locker.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    The Golden Dawn is coming…