Jordan questions family of Chattanooga shooter

Jordanian officials are questioning relatives of the shooter in last week’s killing of five U.S. servicemen in Tennessee at a military recruiting office and a Navy-Marine operations center, a Jordanian official said Tuesday.

Meanwhile, authorities in Qatar say Kuwait-born Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, who killed four Marines and one sailor in the Chattanooga attack, transited through the Gulf nation on his way back from a 2014 visit to Jordan but never set foot outside the airport.

  • Hard Little Machine

    According to the UN’s own rules this guy was one of their saintly ‘palestinian refugees’. His father was and therefore he was too. The law says it doesn’t matter the person’s circumstances, birth country, status, citizenship or anything else.

    We need to dump his corpse on the front door of whichever tool runs UNRWA. On fire, smothered in whisky and pork.

    • I’m in;)

    • Pork smothered with whiskey?


      One way to wound the UN is to withdraw from it. A big nation would leave gaping financial hole.

      • Hard Little Machine

        the US will never do that.

        • What are we waiting for? It’s not like the UN is beneficial for us.

          • Hard Little Machine

            It allows us to believe were all liberal and tolerant

          • Tolerant of human misery, yes.

  • Ottawa Eyes

    Well, I am glad somebody is questioning them!

  • This has nothing to do with Islam and the man was a lone wolf with mental illness.

    Honestly. Does everyone think the Jordanians would buy that?