Is Saudi Arabia outlawing rainbows for being gay?

A school in Saudi Arabia has been fined and one of its administrators jailed after a rainbow was painted on it.

Enforcers of the country’s strict Sharia code announced the measure on Twitter, claiming the rainbow was a “symbol of homosexuality.”

  • dagawker

    Duh,this is the reason muslims prefer desert climates,don’tcha know? Less rain,less rainbows. Mo-ham-head wrote it somewhere?

  • mobuyus

    Saudi Arabia is one of the gayest countries in the world. Islam after all is the gayest death cult going nowadays. One would think there would be rainbows all across this desert shithole.

  • Dana Garcia

    Bad sky, bad!

    Mohammed disapprove beauty!

  • Hard Little Machine

    No Mo’ Water, the Fire Next Time.

  • andycanuck

    Well, they have co-opted that Christian symbol just like they have the word “gay”.

  • Linda1000

    So what will the Saudis do when Allah makes rainbows over the Arabian/Persian Gulf waters.

  • G

    Is Saudi Arabia Outlawing Rainbows For Being Gay?

    Who cares?