Fanning the flames of hatred

They come from Syria, Eritrea or Kosovo: refugees who leave their war-torn home countries, often with nothing but the clothes on their backs, hoping to find a safer life in Germany. Up to June this year alone, 179,037 people applied for asylum in Germany.

  • Deport them all (or almost all) before it is too late! They will bite the hand that feeds (and clothes and shelters) them without a second thought. Islam is no friend of the West.

  • Until the twentieth century “Give me your tired, your poor” worked pretty well. But back then, refugees came to America and The West wanting to be part of it- wanting to be free and contribute their efforts. It still may be true for some of them. Now, the majority of them come with either the totalitarian Islamist creed and/or the intentional ignorance and sloth (inspired by social welfare justice movements) so engrained in them that all they bring is a deep desire to perpetuate the conditions that made their homelands unlivable shitholes to begin with. Open borders and unlimited social “justice” will not just doom western countries. It will anesthetize any incentive and lure away any decent people from those breeding grounds of cultural depravity so that they will never be reformed. The west has officially become so open minded that its brains have fallen out.

  • Allan

    They are not seen as refugees, but as invaders who want to change German society to look more like the shitholes they came from. Don’t blame the Germans one bit.

  • mobuyus

    Refuge was originally meant for women and children men were expected to stay and fight in their countries to pave a peaceful return to a peaceful country for their loved ones. It was never supposed to be permanent.

  • k1962

    They all want to go to Germany. It’s weird. I wonder if karma is at work.