Calgary: White Privileged Family Forced Out Of Public Housing After Death Threats By Oppressed Minorities

Public-housing officials have relocated a Caucasian family after they went public with allegations of racially charged bullying by their neighbours.

Internal documents suggest the stone-throwing and harassment by children running rampant had escalated at the Shaganappi Village complex after the family aired their complaints.

Blair France moved into the Calgary Housing Company complex with her husband and two children last November.

In April, she claimed her children were subject to racial taunts and punches from children who come from East African immigrant families, who form a significant presence among the complex’s roughly 900 residents.

When France had rocks thrown at her house in May, she wrote to the mayor and local media, and hosted an anti-bullying barbecue. The event made news nationwide.



Oh Please! More Multiculturalism and Immigration Mr. Government!

You bastards.  h/t E

  • Barbara

    Don’t have to go that far. How about a town house complex(not even housing) in Toronto where angry children gather and chant ‘ racist ‘outside a home because the father corrected a misbehaving child, which happened to be a visible minority. We moved to the ‘burbs’.

    • Oh Man did that happen to you? Cripes our government has turned on its own people.

      • Cheryl

        Why do Canadians born here stand for this. Really who are the stupid ones them or us?

        • lolwut?

          1) The media hides it , it’s not blacks causing the problems and commiting the crime, it’s “youths”, “young people” and “Juveniles”.

          2) You’ll lose your job and possibly your life if you speak out.

          • Linda1000

            And an HRC race card lawsuit that will bankrupt you.

          • David Murrell

            Disenfranchised youth is the proper term.

        • Us.

          After several generations of being called a racist for objecting to lunatic immigration policies and multiculturalism the US is cowed and soon to be outnumbered.

          • Maurixio Garcia Sanchez

            You are right,now the white generations are only interested in drugs and pets , not thinking having a real family.

          • nicheac

            I totally agree. I think that’s why everyone loves Trump; he tells it as it is. It’s refreshing to have an Openly asshole politician for once!! Lol. Gotta love him.

        • Maurixio Garcia Sanchez

          You have to ask Harper the leader who allows them to come over here.

        • Mainlander

          Canadians don’t like to complain. About anything. Wouldn’t want to be seen as impolite! This is how you lose a country. Most Canadians wouldn’t say sh*t if their mouth was full of it.

      • jayme

        There have been some real bad cases of how whites are treated in Ottawa in certain communites people complain to the city etc but they don’t care even mp/mpps could care less

  • Ottawa Eyes

    They have taken over whole TCHC buildings driving out most of the infidels.

    In private housing they do the same things, but don’t have the support of the public housing staff being privately owned housing. What they do in that case is rent an extra apartment in which they install lots of lighting on 24 hours a day to serve as around-the-clock mosque, which drives out the infidel tenants from that floor. In one case I knew of in aptly named Crescent Town they then started a second mosque in the same building on another floor to do the same. You can spot these units by driving by and seeing the very bright light, often cheap fluorescent lamps installed on the walls, after midnight.

    In TCHC it is government staff supporting this activity. In private housing as long as the rent is paid and the building is full, they put up with it possibly out of fear as it depresses their property value and rents.

    The police, municipal governments, bylaw inspectors and of course the politicians refuse to do a thing about these violations of residential property use bylaws, noise bylaws, fire bylaws, harassment laws and on and on.

    • lolwut?

      In Calgary it’s not just Muslims, it’s just Africans in general.

      The same thing is happening in Vancouver,

      Vancouver is being flooded with them and Jamaicans wanted in Ontario
      are coming to here to continue their bullshit because a lot of warrants
      are non-returnable. meaning Ontario won’t pay for their return trip.

      • Lucky you. In the US Blacks are being pushed out by Hispanics, I wonder if a comparable displacement is occurring here.

        • lolwut?

          Wars are brewing between the Hispanic drug dealers and the blacks
          in Vancouver, Basically right now it’s just the hispanics enforcing
          segregation, the blacks get the shit areas and the hispanics get the lucrative areas in the DTES.

          In Surrey, BC which is Vancouver’s version of Scarborough.the Somalians are going starting up a war with the established East Indian dealers.

          It will get ugly soon enough and the blacks will lose, the hispanics and East indians are organized, well funded, established with connections to the Angels and the blacks are just a bunch of disorganized losers
          who are their own worst enemy without any money because they blow it all on clothes and fancy shit… the usual self destructive behavior
          , poor business skills and impulsive behavior.

          • Mainlander

            And as recent as 10 years ago there were almost no blacks, Hispanics or Muslims in BC. Thanks Harper!

      • Rosenmops

        Cripes. You rarely saw a black person in Vancouver even after the Asians took over.

        • lolwut?

          Yup, moved here in ’93, saw a grand total of 10 blacks in my first 10 years here and that was while I was doing work that involved driving almost ever square inch of the lower mainland.

          It’s one of the reasons I stayed, Asians have their issues but you
          aren’t looking over your shoulder paranoid some chinese guy is gonna rob you.

          I live in Gastown, Every night it’s blacks roaming around up to shit
          and the Somalians drunk and causing shit everywhere they go.

          • Rosenmops

            “I live in Gastown, Every night it’s blacks roaming around up to shit and the Somalians drunk and causing shit everywhere they go.”

            What a nightmare. Vancouver has been ruined.

          • lolwut?

            Black turn everything thing they touch to shit.

            They are animals, a failed race.

            It’s that simple.

          • Maurixio Garcia Sanchez

            I agree with you miss,every city across the world has a red zone town or streets,if you live just in front of it you will never see something creative.

          • Mainlander

            A long time ago.

          • Ho Hum

            Around blacks never relax

        • Maurixio Garcia Sanchez

          You are right miss.

      • Jay Currie

        I love the “non-returnable” warrants…Once in a while BC should just charter a plane, lock the crims up and ship’em to Toronto.

        • lolwut?

          They did for awhile, not the chartered plane thing
          but there was a couple of years I remember when
          they started scooping people up and shipping them back.

          That was only after a few high profile arrests so they did it until the heat from the public died down then it was back to business as usual.

          Legally it’s just about who pays the bill, not weather
          they can ship them out or not.

    • EarlyBird

      Well that explains my personal observations, I’m sure now I spotted one or two or these permanently fluorescent lit apartments in a cheap block downtown Montreal, but I could never have an explanation for why someone would keep the lights up 24hrs. It all make sense now!

      As for a BBQ against bullying, it’s absolutely a typical feminine response to an imminent threat (can’t be sexist if a woman says it!). It’s in the same fashion as the famous rape whistle the feminists came up with. Of course the results were predictable, they got death threats after, the stupid BBQ didn’t solve anything, it just escalated. You don’t reason with savages by inviting them at your table, you buy some guns and move out ASAP.

      I don’t blame the woman for being stuck in that ghetto but more her lack of judgment to deal with the 3rd world neighbors.

  • Ho Hum

    I would bet that the east African immigrants are Muslim’s from Somalia and I wouldn’t be surprised if similar harassment is taking place in Toronto public housing projects.

    Regent Park (which has the newest and nicest housing and amenities) is about 60% Muslim and climbing. Most residents are recently arrived refugees. There are so many Muslim’s in Regent Park that Toronto Community Housing has provided space (rent free!) for TWO separate Mosques inside their buildings!

    How did that happen? We have a ten year waiting list with 100,000 people waiting for affordable housing (including many deserving disabled and elderly Canadians) and yet we let these Muslim refugees jump to the head of the line? Of course we shouldn’t let them into the country in the first place.

    What bugs me is no one talks about this. No one asks how did our public housing projects get taken over by Muslim refugees? Not one politician in this country has the guts to speak out about this. They are all cowardly traitors.

    Makeshift Mosque inside Toronto Community Housing (complete with wudu stations) courtesy of the Toronto TAXPAYER!!×358.jpg

    • Where is that picture from? Is that Regent Park?

      • Ho Hum

        Yes! Check out this link. I stand corrected according to this article there are now THREE mosques on site!

      • Ho Hum
      • Ho Hum

        It should be noted that these three mosques are in older buildings that are slated to be torn down in a few years. Local Councillor Pam McConnell and MPP Glen Murray are feverishly trying to build a new Mosque and Islamic community centre (presumably with OUR tax dollars) as a replacement. You can read about it at the below link (even though this is an old article it might be good for you to do a feature story on it to wake people up to the fact that McConnell and Murray are planning a Mosque and Islamic center in what is essentially Cabbagetown!)

        Pam McConnell said “It is important that we have a proper mosque facility as we do many churches.”

        Glen Murray is openly gay and he should know that in a Muslim majority country he would be thrown off the roof of the tallest building.

        The Muslim organizers had this to say about the Islamic centre:

        “Anybody can come and do what they like, except activities against basic Islamic truths we cannot ignore. There’re going to be some guidelines or some procedure that everybody including Muslims will have to follow,” said Hussain.

        “Everybody else has their own centre. But the Islamic people do not have their own centre in this area,” he said.”

      • k1962

        It is so infuriating. And almost no one has the guts to say anything about it. Our politicians are weenies.

        • lolwut?

          Traitors more like.

    • Rosenmops

      This makes me sick to my stomach.

      • lolwut?

        They’re building them in the remote towns in the Yukon, NWT and Nunavut also.

        it’s not just the big cities.

      • Cheryl

        This is also makes me very sick to think that my 3 gorgeous white grandchildren don’t stand a chance in this country that their ancestors fought and died for. Shame on the inept politicians running this country.

    • Yo Mama

      If you are white in Canada, it “back of the bus” for you!

    • Mainlander

      And all the while we fool ourselves into believing that the Cons, Libs and dippers are not all cut from the same cloth. Bought and paid for by the Globalist banksters…

  • Martin B

    “East African immigrant families” is a euphemism for feral Somalis.

    • Can’t be!

      • Martin B

        “Public-housing officials have relocated a Caucasian family…”

        Instead of doing the right thing and relocating the Mohammedans to Mogadishu. Add Shaganappi Village to your list of no-go zones in Canadian cities.

        • In other words they rewarded the racists for a job well done.

  • Edubeat

    Yeah I read this story. These little immigrant hubs are popping up all throughout Peel Region. I guess you can’tescape the Moonies/Morons/Scientologists at all these days

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    I spent eight years of my childhood in public housing.
    In the early days it was nice enough.
    All the kids were roughly the same age, like five to ten years old.
    After a while when we all got to junior high things started to change.
    Drugs, Sex, Vandalism. Booze, Cigarettes.
    Maybe some of that is normal.
    But in The Development it was a little more concentrated than in the suburb that was just over the tracks.
    My parents got us out of there before high school.
    I still remember taking out the garbage.
    There were no dumpsters, just rows of garbage cans in plywood closets.
    God, they smelled in the summer.
    In recent years I have walked through there out of nostalgia.
    I can point to all the architectural design flourishes that used to be there that have vanished.
    The seventies were silly and optimistic design wise.

  • Elephant in the Thread

    Absolutely disgraceful that our government has imported people in such numbers that not only make us minorities in our traditional communities but have imported racism against it’s own people. Our politicians over the last generation are/have been traitors to Canadians and should be the ones facing human rights trials.

    • I think so.

    • Mainlander

      But Harper is a conservative!

      • Elephant in the Thread

        The left sells out our identity for insane ideological purposes. The right (Conservatives) sell us out to satisfy their corporate donor’s lust for cheap labour and additional consumers. As far as I’m concerned all the parties are traitors.

  • Rosenmops

    Canada desperately needs a Donald Trump.

    • Cheryl

      So true. Now how do we get one like him? There has got to be someone that will take back Canada for the Canadians born and raised here.

  • BillyHW

    Why can’t I just live in Canada surrounded by Canadians?

    • lolwut?

      You can, Go camping.

  • bargogx1

    So apparently the solution to the problem was appeasement. Seems to be a lot of that going around these days.

  • Jay Currie

    I have always wondered why Somalis have been welcomed in such numbers. I mean Somalia was, is and will always be a hell hole. You can make the argument that anyone unlucky enough to have been born there has a case for refugee status and with assorted warlords shooting the place up all the more so. But there are 10 million Somalians. And virtually none of them have any education, much less skills. So why do we want them?

    At some point the government has to get past the idea that Canada can handle endless “refugee” immigration from the hellholes of the Earth. We can’t and this story and hundreds like it just underscores that fact.

    As a number of the commenters at the original site suggested, a couple of warnings and the perps and their families should be put on a plane back to whichever hell hole they have crawled out of.

    • Somalia is a hell-hole because Somalians behave in ways that produce a hell-hole. The cause of the problem is the people – they are not victims, they are perpetrators. This means that wherever they go, they will turn those places into hell-holes. And the truth of this is made evident by articles like this one.

      And this principle is true of all immigrants. Syria and Iraq became war zones because Syrians and Iraqis are an argumentative, violent lot, who have no respect for their neighbors. And so on. You can’t change people by moving them elsewhere – only by changing their culture. Import savages and you will turn your country into one of savages.

  • simus1

    Aside from race, there is also the unease felt by the visible minority criminal element in public housing projects when extra white faces have to be “bad for business”.

  • I was a plumber for a company that had a contract with Calgary Housing and on the day the towers came down Muslims where watching a little TV in the basement celebrating the destruction…dressed in traditional war garb from the middle east…