When All Have the Bomb

Let there be a nuclear explosion in downtown New York, and the city starts to wither away. Without a functioning Manhattan, jobs will evaporate, and the survivors will drift away. A similar terrorist bombing in Los Angeles would be more a temporary inconvenience than a fatal wound. Why? Well, what locals call LA is big. Overlay a map of LA on a map of Connecticut, and the two turn out to be about the same size. It is important to realize that LA’s economic activity is mostly in its suburbs. It is a redundantly connected constellation of much smaller cities. A fission bomb explosion will disrupt little of what actually goes on in LA.

  • Exile1981

    It’s Christmas at Ground Zero….

  • dance…dancetotheradio
  • Xavier

    Terrorism is not about destruction, it is about creating an environment of fear. To do this, you must know your enemy as well as you know yourself: that is why we are losing the war on terrorism.

    A dirty bomb that released invisible radiation that would last years, detonated in a Gulf port to take advantage of the prevailing wind patterns, would sow long term fear and create economic havoc over large swaths of the country – and a dirty bomb is a magnitude easier to build than a fully developed nuclear weapon.

  • Reader