US and Cuba restore diplomatic ties after 50-plus years of frozen relations

After months of intense diplomatic negotiations and political attacks, the US and Cuba quietly restored ties first thing Monday morning, repairing more than a half-century of frozen relations.

  • Hard Little Machine

    So no more athletes will escape to America. They’d have to be sent back. That will suck for major league baseball. In fact I eagerly await Obama to cave on Cuban requests to return people who’ve already fled Cuba.

    • Exile1981

      Oh good at least Obama is consistent in his caving and sucking up to dictators at the expense of democracy.

  • bob e

    this makes no difference at all. mebbe a good place for marco rubio
    to become el presidente .. but they will end up giving them bogus loans .

  • Gary

    So can we expect Obama to demand that Cuba allow Pizza after a gay wedding.
    Oh wait , gays are jailed or beat up but Obama still embracing this Communistic nation .