The Glazov Gang-Choudary, Ibrahim and Hodge Battle it Out Over ISIS and Islam

  • k1992

    Who is the bigger threat, Choudary or the loud-mouthed moron of a convert, Hodge? I suppose I agree with Ibrahim that it is Hodge since he is sugar-coating and dissembling, deliberately or not, whereas the disgusting Choudary is being open about the filth that it is Islam. But they both represent a threat. They want to force something on society and on me personally that I want no part of; therefore, they are both the enemy.

    • David Murrell

      Agreed. There was lot’s of heat, but little or no light, in this “debate”. The problem is that the two Muslims knew a lot about their religion, which is no knowledge whatsoever. It is like having two Scientologists on a panel speaking about Scientology, or two expert astrologists on a panel on astrology. For all three beliefs, there is virtually no knowledge content whatsoever, so “true believers” add no knowledge to this discussion at hand.

  • Petey

    Why is the ratio 4:1, women to men, of western converts to this vicious ideology? What the hell is wrong with these women?

    I understand that they (women) are pursued more determinedly by muslims since they are the bigger prizes (than male converts) and the majority of muslim immigrants are male (coming from their polygamous cultures, where women are therefore hard to come by). So women are converting for “love”, I’m guessing, not primarily because they are won over by the ideology itself. Obviously too, many must be fed (initially at least) a sanitized (and false) version of Islam which is less unappealing than the real one, considerably so.

    Anything else? I’m basically grasping at straws here, but they convert to a religion in which they are clearly second class and subservient as a conscious or unconscious backlash against feminist ideals gone awry? That is definitely grasping at straws – I just don’t get it: women suffer most under Islam and they are the ones seemingly most drawn to it in the West. Crazy.

    • Icebow

      Subconscious1950s housewife nostalgia?