No, the Chattanooga Shooter Really Does Appear to Be a Jihadist

As is their wont in cases where Muslims kill Americans, investigators hastened to point out that overseas stays in a region rife with Islamic radicalism are not necessarily suggestive of terror ties . . . even if the traveler, on his stateside return, promptly shoots up military installations while the Islamic State and al-Qaeda urge Muslims to shoot up military installations.

  • What liars are Obama’s minions. No pride, no love of country, no pity or respect for the victims of Islamic terror. Just liars, liars.

    • David Murrell

      President Obama stated that this crazed fellow was a “lone-worl terrorist”, and Obama’s term was verified by repeated use of the term on CNN News .

  • dagawker

    Are you one Gazillion% sure?

  • kkruger71

    Nothing short of a signed, certified, notarized, security chip containing membership card will allow them to call a ISIS terrorist an ISIS terrorist, and even then they will excuse it away.
    Meanwhile, have a single visit 8 years to a marginally questionable political website in your browser history is enough for them to proclaim you are a violent right-wing extremist that hates minorities, and are part of a vast network that needs to be taken out by any means necessary.

  • Hard Little Machine

    They’re trying to spin it as ‘depression’ now because, you know millions of Americans are running around with 5 guns and detailed plans to kill dozens of men and women, every single day…..

  • Maggat

    Those pants sure are a nice fit!