Anders Breivik enrolled in Poli Sci course at University of Oslo

The 39-year-old right-wing extremist will carry out the course in political science in the confines of his cell.

Rector Ole Petter Ottersen said that all inmates in Norwegian prisons are entitled to higher education in Norway if they meet the admission requirements.

The institution’s acceptance comes after his application was rejected two years ago, because his qualifications were deemed insufficient.

“He then didn’t meet the admission requirements. Now his grades live up to what is expected,” university spokeswoman Marina Tofting said.

I really can’t think of a single reason they didn’t just hang him. Now all this pratting around.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    The Norwegians are so enlightened that they don’t execute their mass murderers.
    Only those loud and crass Americans with their muscle cars and their loud rock and roll music do such dreadful things anymore.

  • David Murrell

    Remember Karla Homolka, media star? While in the women’s clink, in Kingston, the much-loved human rightist took courses from the Queen’s University distance course program. I think she earned a degree from the highly-respected university.

    • Millie_Woods

      “highly-respected university”

      There’s an oxymoron for the new age,

      • David Murrell

        …forgot to say !!!!

  • Mal

    “I really can’t think of a single reason they didn’t just hang him. Now all this pratting around.”
    I don’t know, Mamba; a poli-sci course from U. of O. sounds pretty much like torture to me. I’m surprised the UN isn’t getting involved.

  • Hard Little Machine

    For all his screaming, he’ll do his 14-21 years, get out and get elected to the Norwegian Parliament eventually. Probably convert to Prislam somewhere along the way.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    He can probably teach his professors a few things about political science.

  • Petr

    They deserve him. He is showing exactly what is wrong with the system in Norway.
    He is not the crazy here, the Norwegians are.