America, Stop Allowing the Steamrolling

The gay population is only 2%. Rush said despite their 2% number, they are succeeding in everything they want. He said the majority is just sitting idly by letting it happen. Rush asked his audience of millions, why? “Why is there no uprising against it…why is there no uprising in support of these businesses being shut down?”


CDC Report, 2013 – Gays are at best 2% of the Population.

CDC Report Gays Are 2% Of The Population

  • Chatillon

    Hi BCF.

    Instead of using the link you’ve provided for the 2% statistic, I recommend a link to the CDC report itself, published in 2013: (although I did enjoy the reference to the Armenians also constituting 2% of the population but with much less attention-seeking, lol)

    In the abstract one can read the results of the study: Only 1.6% of the respondents self-identify as gay, with an additional 0.7% self-identifying as bisexual.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The gays rule the media from their embedded positions.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Eventually everyone overreaches.

  • Tom Forsythe

    How is it that there hasn’t been a revolution? Even when non-leftist (not even necessarily conservative) laws are passed, either the courts overturn them or the states and cities refuse to enforce them. The rule of law has become a one-way street, where it only works in liberals’ favour.

  • Everyone Else