Watch Jane Fonda stumble when asked how she got to anti-oilsands protest — then lie about living in a solar powered house

  • andycanuck

    I’m sure Al Gore has a ton of (tax-subsidized) energy-efficient crap in his main house mansion too but he still uses 20 times the average amount of electricity as a Tennessee single-family dwelling. @ssholes.

  • roccolore

    Hanoi Jane praises Communism while living the capitalist lifestyle.

  • truthdareisay

    Ezra nailed it! Not a surprise! I wish there were many more Ezras in the USA who can follow Al Gore and his merry yes men (women) when he gives his speeches and ask the appropriate questions

  • Frances

    And all her homes have solar-powered air conditioning, of course.

  • simus1

    These multiple mega homes in different states are a well known tax dodge of the uber rich. Oprah was very much into it when she was directly pulling down the big bucks. As long as they can keep their yearly “stay in residence” below a certain threshold in certain states with big state income tax bites, no such tax is due for collection.

  • She and others like her have always been hypocrites.

    Nothing new here.

  • DMB

    I think I just found out how she got to the anti-oil sands protest. LOL!

  • Clausewitz

    Just three words. “what a cunt”.

  • Everyone Else

    Solar power is nonsense. In order to have power at night and cloudy days you have to store the solar power in batteries or inefficient grid detours.. Solar panels require other expensive and polluting technologies. If all the real costs of installing a solar system were included, including environmental destruction in China or wherever the materials are mined and manufactured, it would never recover in its lifetime the costs spent for construction and maintenance. Compared to hydro power available in Ontario, Quebec & points East, solar power is a Monster.

    • simus1

      Much like the climate scare, the salt scare, the sugar scare, the plastic bag scares, and the polution scares, reality or real costs does not enter the equation as far as the left is concerned. All they want are “causes” that the young, the stupid and the ignorant will clutch next to their hearts and demand that “something be done”. There are always lots of rent seekers about perfectly willing to throw something together in exchange for a generous helping when “new forms of tax revenue” are being divvied up (wasted) to solve a newly found non problem.

  • Alain

    I guess we need to understand that over-the-hill Hanoi Jane, like all her fellow travellers, has never been exposed to a real investigative reporter asking real questions and was therefore totally unprepared.

  • Gary

    We have Olivia Chow who has spend decades gorging at the public trough while claiming that she cares about the poor and want income equity.
    Right Olivia , you and Jack trying to live on that salaries for 2 MP’s that jet back and forth to Toronto and then use the CBC and STAR to do a photo-op of you on a bicycle as part of saving the planet.

    Toronto has endless Street festivals and Charity fund raiser for bikes and walking that shuts down major street and causes massive pollution problems from traffic jams.
    Jane wants to mitigate the guilt she feels for being filthy rich and using more energy than I would in 10 life times, so she joins these charades and learns all the phrases to look oh so informed and caring.

    Wake-up Jane , you’re an useful idiot and have been one since Vietnam because the Communists had squads that entered S.Vietnam for a border attack to go to catholic schools and execute the teacher in front of the kids because they believed in a god, then to make sure they didn’t mock communism they took sharpened pencils and bashed them into the ears of several kids as an examples to not listen to anti-communism propaganda by the South.

    Nice one Jane , today ISIS and iran are murdering gays but you are too stupid to know what OPEC oil is that gets imported to california to cool your homes . You attack Canada’s oil sands that were caused by nature and being clean-up for use to the natives and animals, but you’re silent on homophobic islamic nation that produce oil plus they flog women and many force them into those beeKeeper suits in 40 degree weather.

    CUPE’s Sid Ryan loved to take about Supporting canada and the jobs here, but if you go to his home or a CAW members home it is filled with slave-labour products made outside of canada .
    Don’t ask me to put a CAW car in my garage when the same CAW members fills their homes with imported electronic and appliances and cheap prices from box stores staffed by under paid teens.