Tyrants and Snowflakes

At a time when government and institutional overreach has never seemed more extreme, tyrants at the helm are using every means at their disposal to stifle free speech. Elsewhere — on alternative media and in universities, in particular — speech is being censored, ostensibly to protect the tender sensibilities of snowflakes — those infantile sad sacks who need protection from normal debate and such thoughts as have not before penetrated the bubbles they inhabit.

  • Alain

    This is only effective and works because the majority of people continue to roll over and accept it. One of the Democrat candidates happen to state that all lives matter and was immediately attacked for his statement. He immediately back down and withdrew his comment. How disgusting and cowardly the majority of people have become.

    • Yup, that’s why Trump is still going he refused to apologize.

  • Shebel

    It really is amazing how schooling indoctrinates the kids. . It really is scary. My kids are older now–but-they sure do think different from me. My boys pretty much agree with me but won’t be politically incorrect. My Girls married , I am not sure what the fuck you should call them, EXtremely far to the LEFT. We have had fights. .
    I honestly don’t understand– the way they think. But–They agree with me on most things.
    They don’t understand the way I think.
    BUT—I do know that we agree on just about everything.
    We just all word it all differently.

    There is not that much separation between what we all believe—

    The Politician that can harvest this fact— will WIN.