Tunisia terror victims call in lawyers over resort security

Victims of the Tunisian terror attack are considering legal action against the tour operators and hotel owners at the resort where 30 British tourists were massacred.

Nine survivors have instructed lawyers to begin investigations into the atrocity amid concern over the lack of security in Sousse.

  • ed

    hey jack do you fancy tunisia for a holiday ? not realy marj didn`t they bring 25 tourists home in body bags a couple of months ago ? yes but they got riddled with bullets in that museam not the beach . we will be safe, not all muslims are terrorists jack , how about el-at in israel marj ? no jack there nasty jewish people ! let`s give are money to those lovely muslims ,ok marj book tunisia we will be safe the foreign office website says so

  • Hard Little Machine

    Why bother? Sue who? Islam? These aren’t even crimes under Islam? British courts tend to agree in the sense of ‘how could they even know this was a bad thing to do?’

  • BillyHW

    Um, maybe these fools shouldn’t go to a muslim country for a vacation? They should be campaigning back home for women to lose the vote so we can finally start shipping these demon-worshippers back to the deserts from which they came.

  • k1962

    Good luck with that. I’m sure there is something in the small print about them not being responsible for the results of terrorist attacks.

  • G

    Oh yes, call the lawyers. Because we all know there’s no problem that lawyers can’t fix.

    Why can’t the terrorists bomb a lawyer’s convention? Crash a plane into a courthouse?

    Why can’t school shooters shoot up a law school?
    Hell, they would be doing a community service and still be getting their terrorist rocks off.

    I mean for Pete’s sake, muzzies say they hate gays so much but there’s a zillion gay pride parades prancing around with middle aged fags exposing themselves to captive kids and the muzzies don’t do a thing. But some fitness buffs have marathon in Boston and they bomb it. …..WTF???