The West’s War Against Jihadi Terrorism Is Just Beginning

“…Rather than cautionary vigilance in the face of danger, today’s Western leaders are choosing willful blindness and appeasement. They speak of the Islamic State as if it were a cult and as if it promoted a “perverse ideology.” They therefore cannot understand its attraction for so many young Muslims. They do not grasp how it establishes for young Muslims a return to the original Islam and to what Muslims consider the “words of God” dictated to Muhammad. They also do not understand the nostalgia for the caliphate, ever present in the Sunni world, since the departure of the last Caliph, orchestrated by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk in 1924.

In a public opinion survey conducted in 2006, in Egypt, Pakistan, Morocco and Indonesia, two thirds of the respondents supported ​​”uniting all Muslim countries in a new caliphate.”

  • DMB
    • How is it possible for liberals to see global warming over a 150 million year span and not be able to see Islamic jihad over a 1,400 year span?

  • glasnost

    “He is not in New York yet”

    No, but by proxy he is in Chattanooga.

  • Islam is a contagious, toxic, social pathology. It uses religious promises of heavenly rewards to entice countless young men to commit violence in the name of Islam.

    The societal structure of how Islam is constructed creates a form of social camouflage, making it difficult for non-Muslims to see the long term effect of the Islamic social blueprint.

    But as Islam’s social blueprint slowly spreads within a non-Muslim society, the non-Muslim society slowly dies in a sea of blood caused by low grade form of warfare Muslims call jihad.

    The non-Muslim world wakes up to this reality or get ready for unpleasant change.

    One needs to only look at Afghanistan and Pakistan to see the long term effect of Islam on a society.

    Before the advent of Islam, Afghanistan and Pakistan were peaceful Hindu/Buddhist portions of a greater India. Today they are hell holes where dysfunction is the rule.

  • Linda1000

    Iran wants to be top dog in the ummah and rule the world though, as Ahmadinnerjacket used to constantly remind us. Now with their new $150 billion starter fund for jihad they might just take over the sunni caliphate.

    • Truth

      200 Shia’s will never conquer and rule 900-1 Billion Sunni’s, especially when the Shia’s don’t have the same ferocity and fighting spirit as the Sunni’s.

      The Shia’s are the Europeans of the Muslims in comparison to the Sunni’s who are like the Africans.

      • Truth

        200 Million*

      • k1962

        I don’t like either of them, but it does seem like it’s the Sunni’s who are blowing up Shiite mosques and neighbourhoods and not the other way around…….yet.

      • Linda1000

        Well I don’t know about that – ever seen Saudi guys in their white dresses (thobes) fighting? That is, when the’re not shooting their sawed-off Uzzis into the sky at weddings not aware that bullets hit electrical poles or fall down again from the sky? 🙂

        Well I don’t know about that – ever seen Saudi guys in their white dresses (thobes) fighting? That is, when the’re not shooting their sawed-off Uzzis into the sky at weddings not aware that bullets hit electrical poles or fall down again from the sky? 🙂

        • ntt1

          that is about the gayest thing I have ever seen , it is apparent the opening dance moves (before the bitch slapping set in) is heavily influenced by the body movements while abusing livestock. its a soft perfumed culture that will be consumed by a monster of its own making; wahabist islam.

  • Truth

    Here, I’ll spoil it for you: The West loses.

    Result: Islam conquers all Western Civilization and each Western Country becomes another region where Islam rules. Europeans are extinct.

    Our (European) men are by and large, weak, cowardly, scared of death, fighting, blood, imprisonment.

    Their (Saracen) men are by and large, strong, ‘brave’ and not afraid of death, blood, fighting or imprisonment.

    Our (European) women are by and large, harlots, traitorous, barren. They spend more time attacking their own men and breeding with non-Europeans than anything else.

    Their (Saracen) women are by and large, pious and morally sound, extremely loyal, extremely fertile. They spend most of their time giving birth to Saracen children and taking care of the Saracen men and their homes.

    • Well that’s a bit grim;)

      • Truth

        Such is what we face. Complete annihilation.

      • Justin St.Denis

        Oh, we heard this depressing mantra from this source before. Pursue at your own risk. Sartre’s existentialism goes well as a light topping.

    • Oh just move to Syria and hook up with some virtuous Muslimas and get detonated, would you? I’m so sick of this weird, endlessly repetitive trolling of yours.

      • ntt1

        muslims embrace death ,”truth” embraces defeat

        • Probably a troll. If not, a psychotic.

          • Justin St.Denis

            Certainly in need of a good stiff drink

      • Justin St.Denis

        It must be a troll. The lines are virtually identical.

  • k1962

    They aren’t like us. We would never be attracted to such a violent, hideous group like Isis. So, we need to recognize that they don’t think like us or have the same values as us and because they are supremacists they will not adopt our Western values and norms. Therefore, we don’t need or want them as immigrants and need to change the rules ASAP

  • Alain

    I strongly disagree that it is just beginning. It has not even begun. Otherwise there would be an end to all Muslim immigration and those already in the country who insist on imposing their vile cult including sharia would long ago have been deported.