Ontario’s shrinking manufacturing sector — 300,000 jobs lost in 15 years

TORONTO – It’s a perfect rust storm.

Auto makers, retailers and manufacturers have united recently in their cry for help.

Statistics Canada has released figures showing the province’s slump in manufacturing was continuing.

This province saw a 1.1% decrease in sales in May, the fourth decline for the province in 2015 — and only a slice of a 33% decline since 2000.

  • Icebow

    The triumph of socialism is attained through an infinite succession of hurdles and pitfalls, which are never negotiated.

    • Wynne is doing Steven Harper a big election favour.

      • barryjr

        Unfortunately it won’t make any difference. Canadian voters generally are idiots that will vote however their unions, churches, or the CBC tell them to vote. The only hope for Canada is if the left vote splits because if they ever get it all together behind one party we’re screwed.

  • DMB

    To Wynne it doesn’t matter to her or her party since they don’t care. The only thing she cares about is propping up the public sector, appeasing unions (especially public sector) and gay sex. She has declared war against the private sector and in the end it won’t be the voters who defeat her but the bond rating agencies. Unless of coarse she is some kind of Manchurian candidate deliberately making Ontario financially insolvent to the benefit of small number of hedge funds out to take control of the governments assets.

    • Waffle

      I think you are hitting the nail on the head. The only thing that makes sense out of a situation that makes no sense at all. My theory is that foreign interests (Chinese, perhaps) are waiting in the wings to scoop up assets at less than bargain-basement prices.

      • DMB

        The skydome (Rogers Centre) was built with taxpayers money for $300 million and eventually sold for $25 million. Hydo One is being partially sold off (60%) to private interest with no real competitor in the market available. There is plenty more ripoffs for the taxpayers coming up.

        • Clausewitz

          Actually the final price tag was $640 million, which makes the final sale price even more obscene.

          • DMB


  • ontario john

    Now lets be fair. Wynne is doing some things to promote jobs. In the Sunday Star it states that Wynne is spending money on a whiny indian commission to enact new laws in order for illegal smokes to be sold to white people. Just think of all those young indians working in smoke shacks. And on CTV Barrie news last night was the heart warming account of our official wood carver to the Pan Scam games. Yes she has encouraged employment of wood carvers in Ontario.

    • Official wood carvers? Typical liberal. Promote diversity at the expense of reality.

      Doesn’t she think they are smart enough to be brain surgeons?

    • Wood Carver?

      • ontario john

        A wood carver in Gravenhurst was busy making statues of wood for each location. Would like to know who gets them at the end of the games.

    • mauser 98

      official wood carver?…and no lesbian poet laureate ?

  • The Korean experiment.

    North Korea – total government control of the economy.

    South Korea – distributed control of the economy.

    And the winner is?

    Obviously South Korea.

    Ask a liberal about this. They will have an excuse.

    • simus1

      It gets really interesting when you factor in that pre WW2 NK was the most industrially advanced and educated part of the country where the Japanese saw much more potential for good return on investment from their colony. SK then was deemed to be the home of stubborn anti Japanese country bumpkin farmers who would never amount to anything much more useful than conscripted pick and shovel construction battalions in assorted Japanese conquered tropical jungle hellholes.

  • Cheryl

    Can we as the people of Ontario not get this government out? You see other countries take the sitting government down and yet we seem to do nothing. Our province is so screwed.

    • ontario john

      Except the idiots in this province according to polls, would vote NDP.

      • Cheryl

        There is not one responsible person in government who we can vote for. I have always voted conservative but I would like to vote not any of the above.

    • Waffle

      Revolution Now!! Storm the Pink Palace!

  • Jeff Jeff

    This weekend the liberal high cabal were all at the pan am self righteous games suckling on shrimp and sushi at the expense of the non unionized private citizen. These pigs are eating at the expense of my taxes. Wynee and her liberal thieves all had free box seats. Disgusting.