Iran Can No Longer Be Contained

The more honest defenders of the president’s Iran diplomacy know there are loopholes in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action big enough to drive a car bomb through. So they are calling for some pretty vigorous enforcement.

Dennis Ross, who worked for the Obama administration, concedes the agreement will leave Iran as a nuclear threshold state, and “the gap between threshold and weapons status is small and will not take long to bridge.” His solution? Deterrence. “Iran must have no doubts that if we see it moving toward a weapon that would trigger the use of force. Declaring that is a must even now. Proving that every transgression will produce a price will demonstrate that we mean what we say.” To bolster deterrence, he even suggests giving Israel B-52 bombers, even though the Israeli Air Force has not asked for these long-range bombers and does not want them.

  • chuck_2012

    how long before they target Israel with an atomic bomb? I wonder what the current administration of the US will do? Am I wrong in thinking this Iran “deal” will benefit the iranians only? And why does obama have it in for israel?

    • It is clearly obvious, and you said it, Obama has it in for Israel.

      Why? Easy. Obama is a Muslim.

      The only question. How much proof do you need? There is plenty.

  • Brett_McS

    I’m sure Israel could give a home to those unwanted A10s, though.

  • DMB

    Mother, should I trust the government – Pink Floyd

    This definitly applies with the Obama administration involving the deal they made with Iran.

  • Iran can be contained. Unfortunately is has to be with a massive use of force.

    The Israelis have the power. They only need a reasonable provocation to use it.

    The fine line between reasonable and unreasonable, is getting closer by the day.

    Anyway you look at it, there will be a war.

    And this war will be Obama’s legacy.

    Expect the Iranian mullahs to use a scorched earth approach. The ME oil flow will be out of commission for a significant period of time. And the world economy will take a big hit.

    This won’t wait till the next election. Thank a liberal for the change.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      The Israel Defense Ministry is normally tight-lipped, but a defense contractor executive let slip a few months ago that instead of being armed with Hellfire missiles, the latest model of large drones will be carrying electronic gear that can jam an enemy’s systems.

      Also, an unnamed defense official predicted that within 20 years, two thirds of Israel’s air force will be drones.

      • ntt1

        are the B-52s the only platform for the deep penetrator and massive ordnance bombs? I can see drones being very useful but are they not limited by payload?

        • How about a swarm of drones. From multiple directions. All with sophisticated jammers. Each with a thousand pound bomb?

          Expect the unexpected.

      • Someone recently hit Sudan without being detected. Many believe the Israelis used sophisticated jamming technologies.

        The Israelis have consistently planned for the next war while others refight the last.

  • ntt1

    why would Israel need long distance bombers ? if that was the case it would not be so threatening to bolster Iran as Bambam and Lurch have done.
    what Iraell needs and should get is massive ordnance bombs and the new deep penetrators but i suspect they are probably already there , it would surprise me that israel would rely on such a fundamentally flakey ally as Obama’s America has become.