Government to take firmer stance on Muslims who fail to denounce jihadis

The Government is set to take a firmer stance against Muslims who fail to oppose Islamist extremism.

In a speech to be delivered to an audience of Muslim men and women in Birmingham, David Cameron is expected to announce that only those in the Muslim community willing to take a stand against jihadist violence will be supported and those who “walk up to the border of illegality” will be denounced.

A Downing Street source told The Independent on Sunday: “There are people in the Muslim community who walk up to the border of illegality with the aim of radicalising others – they are the equivalent of David Irving denying the Holocaust.

“There are Muslims who say they are not advocating violence,” said the source, but who still deny the Holocaust, question Israel’s right to exist, and whether men and women and Jews and Muslims should mix.

  • ontario john

    And how is the leftist controlled media in Canada approaching the crisis of islam? Well, here are the stories in the Sunday Star. Wynne has found another new and innovative way to spend tax dollars. She has financed a committee of whiny indians to form their own laws regarding selling illegal smokes. Yes according to Wynne Canadian laws are not good enough. Whiny indians must not be bothered because selling smokes to white people I guess is a sacred traditional indian custom. And Harper is evil, York University instructor with fat paycheck and living in downtown Toronto wants oilsands and use of fossil fuels phased out, Harper is evil, major story on the plight of poor muslims invading Europe, Harper is evil, and Harper is picking on poor Justin. What a bully.

  • chayisun

    Now THAT should do it! Shame the muslims who won’t oppose violent “extremism” and I assume reward the one’s who do oppose violent “extremism.” Unfortunately, there are very few who actually oppose violence. Where are THEY when violence occurs? Where are THEY when rapes, murders, beheadings, car bombings occur?
    Why, let’s see, they are huddled in their local terrorist cells…Called mosques….Listening to their imam praise the violence.

    Hears an idea. The muslims who do NOT oppose violent “extremism” should have their welfare payments stopped, housing allowance rescinded and finally deport them as terrorists,

    The one’s who actually DO oppose violent “extremism” should be rewarded by continuation of their welfare payments etc…..That should cost the government about Twenty five bucks.

    Should enforce this idea in Canada too. Of course the idea of THAT happening is like hell freezing over.

  • Brett_McS

    Somehow I get the feeling that this drive against extremist views will be applied to everyone but Muslims.

  • roccolore

    If that is true, then why are those who criticise radical Islam maligned? I guess I shouldn’t have to remind anyone of what happened to Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer.

  • sanwin

    That’ll really show them…

    • Solo712

      Right! Whatever you do, do not grab the a**holes and send them away with a one-way ticket out of the country. Why you can’t do that? Because that is the only thing that is guaranteed to work.