Gonna Need More Popcorn: 5 Gaza car blasts targeting Hamas blamed on ISIS supporters

Five near-simultaneous explosions in Gaza on Sunday targeted members of the armed branch of Hamas.

There was no claim of responsibility, but speculation immediately centred on supporters of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil), who have been battling with Hamas and other Islamic groups in the small coastal strip.

Hamas recently launched a fierce crackdown on alleged Isil supporters, and witnesses said a freshly painted Islamic State group flag was seen at the site of the explosions.

  • Jason

    They don’t play well with others, do they?

  • ntt1

    will we be getting some form of UN sanctioned programme showing star jihadis ,their statistics and personal barbarity ratings? you just can’t tell the players without a programme

  • wallyj180

    What the heck, why isn’t anyone blaming the evil jooooos ?

    • ISIS is the Joos!

      • wallyj180

        Thanks, my faith has been restored.

  • simus1

    Without doubt the more faint heated extended family members being called up to participate in this latest Gaza gang vs gang popularity contest will be claiming refugee status at some convenient Canadian Embassy before too long. Shiny Pony’s crowd and the NDP wackadoodles will be outdoing each other in raising hell over the “terrible unexplained delays” put in place by hater Harper to prevent the quick admission of these fine new Canadians.

    • No doubt we will be asked to be overwhelmed at their pitiful fate.

  • Jay Currie

    One of those rare chances to root for both sides.

    More seriously, now would be an excellent moment for Egypt and Israel to go into Gaza and clean house. All the weapons, all the tunnels – both from Sinai and into Israel – all the militants: very much a shoot first ask questions later operation.

  • marty_p
    • Alain

      That didn’t take long.

  • Barrington Minge

    I can see no real problem with mooslims killing mooslims. In fact this trend is to be commended….