Dave Chappelle vs the new intolerance

In his own words, Dave Chappelle is the Bigfoot of comedy; a rarely seen legend whose long absence from the stage has only secured his status. The stand-up, actor and writer, who found global success in the mid-2000s for his Comedy Central hit Chappelle’s Show, walked away from a $50million deal for a third season in 2006, after fame and showbiz politics began to weigh heavy on his shoulders. For the past nine years, he’s been a borderline recluse – living on a farm in Ohio, raising his children and doing the odd, unannounced stand-up gig in mobbed comedy clubs.

Now, he’s making his comeback. Touring across America and, this past week, doing a sold-out seven-night run at the Hammersmith Apollo in London, it’s as if he was never gone. And yet, he has returned to a circuit that is not what it was.

  • DMB
    • Can’t argue that.

      • infedel

        Yes, yes you can — he is an idiot along with the white shoed harpo

  • Speaksvolumes

    He’s a Mohammedan.

  • infedel

    He is, and always has been, an idiot. How much of your profits have you redistributed to the blacks — none, thought so.

    • Have you ever bothered to watch him?

      • infedel

        Yeah, in California — he really hates whites

        • That’s cryptic. Do you mean you’ve watched him performing, live, in Cali, ranting about whites, or something?

          I get people are sick of being politically correct. I do. But does that mean that a knee-jerk counter-response is the only way to go? Does every conservative have to play into the left’s most thoughtless stereotypes, by playing into the lefties’ notions of what conservatives’ thoughtless stereotypes are supposed to be?

          Very few “comedians” are actually funny. Chappelle is, or was, brilliant. He’s definitely not an “idiot”.

          I’ve never gotten the sense that he hates whites. But, frankly, if he does, I don’t really care much. The only litmus test for a comedian is “is he funny?” Ultimately that’s subjective, of course. But as EBD at Small Dead Animals said long ago, he’d always thought “de gustibus non est disputandum” (“there is no arguing taste”) seemed perfectly reasonable until someone tried to convince him that Zeppo was the really talented Marx Brother.

          • infedel

            Wow my dear– I have loved you for years — but no this negroid thing and politically correct thing is not constitutional. I want real comedy. You special snowflakes need to grow up.

          • “Special snowflake”: did you think that up all by yourself?

            If you’re a kneejerk racist then count me out. If that’s who you assume I am because I moderate here then one of us has the wrong idea of what this blog is.

          • infedel

            Knock it off. I grew up in Detroit. Want to talk racism — I taught in all black schools and they do not want to learn — special snowflakes. Plus our beautiful city is in ruins.

          • So Chappelle isn’t funny because Detroit’s a shithole?

          • infedel

            ok–you got me there

          • As a matter of fact, I don’t want to “talk racism”. I’m sick of hearing about it. It’s already All Race All The Time. If you just hate all black people, well, knock yourself out. I really get tired of it.

          • infedel

            Me too.

          • infedel

            You should really see what is happening in Florida.

          • infedel

            blacks,like muslims .cannot assimilate

          • infedel

            Sorry — I went off on a rant because I had blacks sitting on my car the night before and leaving bottles of liquor on it while they were yelling “mf nigga this mf nigga that”.; and I did not want to call police (for community ‘cohesion’ and did not want to go out to confront it because of physical illness) but the next morning as I was cleaning up the neighbors came out and when I complained they called me a white cunt. If I hated black people I would not have accepted leadership positions in their schools to help turn them around — which I did turn them around for the better and got lots of hugs from the kids and parents and teachers; and many of the black teachers and staff and I still meet for get togethers. My family helped blacks during the ’67 riots in Detroit and yet my son who went to Wayne State was beat-up so many times and dissed by his black “professors”. What I am tired of is being called a racist for slavery, something that is not happening in USA, and the white race is the only race that outlawed it; but is still going on in africa and the ME — and something white Europeans suffered from with invading moslems. Yes my rant was out of line; please accept my apologies.

          • No worries. That sounds like a horrible situation, my sympathies.

          • El Martyachi

            Mambaluv.. it’s a thing.

      • infedel

        he is a talentless ass

        • To channel Sacha Baron Cohen, “is it ’cause ‘e’s black?”

          • infedel

            blacks are rather stupid–low IQ and cannot wear their pants — heck I taught in inner city schools

  • Hard Little Machine

    so many famous comics have stopped playing colleges because colleges are minefields of intolerance

  • eMan14

    I’m too tired to watch a complete video of Chappelle, but I get the sense he’d be funnier in person.
    Comedy is very subjective. Drew Cary mystified me. I hated his stand up comedy, but liked his show. Ellen DeGeneres.. liked her stand up but hated her in sitcoms.
    Danny Bhoy is hilarious… but that’s just me.
    Is there anyone since Red Skelton that can do a comedy routine without profanity?