Chattanooga jihadi’s parents divorced after his father decided to take a second wife

Chattanooga Muslim Killer and Family

Not in Kuwait or anything. In Tennessee. And apparently he used to beat and rape his slave wife in front of the kids as well. So vibrant it’s spinning.

  • Frances

    Did the divorce actually go through? I thought I read something where the wife withdrew the petition. No matter what, though, that was not a good family to grow up in.

    • Clausewitz

      America’s version of the Khadrs.

      • Frances

        Except I always figured Momma Khadr ruled the roost which is why the dad took off for Af’stan.

  • chayisun

    Another example of a typical happy muslim family. By golly if they made this into a TV programme they could call it Little mosque in the Tennessee Hills!

  • bob e

    ha ha ha .. just lookin’ at this pic i can feel the vibrancy ..