Chattanooga attack: Gunman ‘sent war text’ before shooting

The night before a gunman killed five US service personnel in Tennessee, he sent a text message linking to a religious verse about “declaring war”, a report says.

Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez also spoke out against conflicts in the Middle East, according to the Reuters agency.

Police have said his motives are still being investigated.

Four US Marines were killed in the shooting. A sailor who was seriously injured died in hospital on Saturday.

  • “Police have said his motives are still being investigated.”

    And other PC BS.

    It was a Muslim doing jihad as proscribed by Islamic theology.

    • Gary

      The FBI has a defective Cray S-5 computer because it keeps spitting out a profile that each terrorist is a devout male muslim that reads the quran and goes to a mosque while praying 5 times a day.

      How racists, there must be some other link we just can’t see yet.

      They were all GOOD boys just like all the other kids.

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  • Gary

    I just read the latest News item where the family spoke up and sad that he was dealing with depression .
    Hmmm, that makes sense, everyone with depression goes out to praise allah and slaughter people.

  • ontario john

    The CBC has explained everything this morning. A statement from the family says he was depressed. Thankyou CBC for letting us know, because it is quite common when a person is depressed to become a muslim terrorist and kill members of the military.

  • It’s probably because of depression or global warming.

    Anything but Islamism.