An ill-wind in Ontario

Environmentalists often talk about people whose lives are ruined by man-made global warming.

But they never mention the lives that are devastated by misguided climate change policy.

There is no better example than the debilitating human health impacts of the hundreds of thousands of industrial wind turbines (IWTs) that are being erected around the world to supposedly mitigate climate change.

  • Cheryl

    I still would like to know why Wynne is not living next door to one of these wind turbines and she still is not riding a bike to work. How can she promote climate change and not do these 2 important things? She is all talk and no action. Shame on Wynne!

  • Reader

    Do you notice how they like to tailor the language and so many of us fall in line.

    Bitumen becomes evil “Tar Sands” and industrial-scale wind turbine arrays become a lovely sounding green “Wind Farm”.

    Remember the basis for these generators are rare-earth magnets using neodynium that comes from China using some of the most toxic processes around, causing huge toxic waste zones.

    But hey, if they want to call the bird-slicer-dicers, wind farms, most of us fall in line and use their language.

    • JoKeR
    • Gary

      Also, the Carbon Footprint to build and erect one of these is far greater than the Carbon footprints they want to reduce .
      If anything , they make it worse because the other downside is that these farms are often miles away from the end-user and lose 30% of the power just by the loss to push the electricity through all the wires.
      In some cases right in California , there are 30 Turbines per 100 that just provide the power to push the electricity from the other 70 .

      You’ll never see Wynne’s buddies in gay village get these Turbines near their condos , the homofascists want all the benefits of the power for their Latte’s and gay pride parties with show tunes all night, but don’t you dare expect them to join the str8 people that have to put up with the monsters.