US: Student Visas from Muslim Countries on the Rise, 127K Last Year

How many more potential Islamic terrorists like Mohammad Youssef Adbulazeer are living freely in this country? And to what extent is our political class going to continue their suicidal policies?

  • Observer

    I bet they have a disproportionate number of applications for studying Chemistry, Engineering, Computer Science and Political Science.

    • Observer

      Oh, I forgot flight schools and aircraft maintenance.

    • No doubt.

  • Dana Garcia

    Too many are from Red China as well. They won’t be chopping up the neighborhood, but college is a swell doorway for spies. A few years ago an estimated 3000 Red China front companies existed to scoop up information and I doubt the number has decreased.

    • Unfortunately our universities love that foreign money – it pays for all that bloated staff.

      • JoKeR

        The universities have to have their Gender Studies and Middle East Studies departments!

        Its not like business, mathematics, engineering or sciences students will support paying for those.

      • Dana Garcia

        It’s all about the money. The suits yap about diversity, but they really love the checks for full tuition.

        University of California admission rates for state residents fell to a new low for fall, despite promises that locals would not be shafted again.

  • tom_billesley

    Students in the UK from outside the EU will have to leave the UK on completion of their course and will be banned from getting a job while on their course, under new regulations propsed by the Home Secretary. If they want a job in the UK they’ll have to apply for a work visa from outside of the UK.

    Last year, there was an influx of 121,000 students from outside the EU, but only 51,000 such students are known to have left the UK.

    • The UK “loses” track of Tens of thousands such students every year.

      • JoKeR

        Canada doesn’t even have “exit controls” to list who has left Canada, when and for where.

        I can be there are a lot of people drawing the dole, or billing OHIP for that matter, while they are out of the country, and there is no list to keep track of that unlike most western nations.

        • tom_billesley

          Britain used to record passport numbers of people leaving the country, but stopped that prectice. I think it was something to do with “plausible deniability” on net migration.

  • John

    They’re here to steal our technology. It was thanks to the espionage committed by Pakistani research students working in western nuclear labs that Pakistan got the bomb.

    It is utter fucking insanity to hand over high end technology to people stranded in the tribal ‘morality’ of the 7th century.

    Muslims OWN their scientific and technological backwardness, and we’ve absolutely no responsability to pull them out of it

  • Xavier

    The quest for new voting blocs won’t stop until the Moslems rule North America.

  • Martin B

    Our political class will continue their suicidal policies until those policies start killing them instead of just us peasants.

    Four dead Marines? Not much will change.

    Four dead Congressmen? Then you’ll finally see some action.

  • BillyHW

    When are we going to stop selling out our kids?

    • Alain

      Perhaps when we cease killing them in the womb and provide those alive with education instead of communist propaganda and indoctrination.