Toronto Muslim Dr. Saqib Qureshi says he’s ‘debunking the 5 most common misconceptions in North America about Muslims’

“…That If the Nazis were Christians, then it’s weird that the Hitler Youth Handbook is blatantly hostile to Christianity.”

FiveFeet is on a roll…

  • Alex

    I sometimes wonder whether it is *always* taqqiya on the part of people like Saqib Qureshi. It usually is, undoubtedly, but I suspect that perhaps sometimes it’s ignorance (muslims don’t know their own ideology) and/or willful blindness – they know the truth of Islam but stubbornly put their hands over their eyes (“I don’t see anything wrong!”) because they cannot accept that their cherished “religion” is hateful, violent, intolerant, etc. But then again, perhaps it *is* always taqqiya.

    • I suspect that too much stress in laid on taqqiya. I think Muslims generally have a different notion of The Truth. To them, by definition, almost, a person’s version of reality will be self-serving. The idea of honest cultural (not necessarily personal) self-criticism seems baffling to them. Remember, although the term “honour” is used a lot when it comes to Muslim societies, it’s actually far more accurate to describe it as a face culture; that it to say, you must never be perceived to be weak, or in the wrong, if you can possibly avoid it.

      And, God, they do whine a lot.

      • I agree “Face Culture” has a great deal to do with it, has does Islam’s teachings about “never speaking ill” of another Muslim etc.

      • Alex

        The truth is perceived as a tool to be used for their own purposes … so I guess the 5 times a day grovelling and the silly washing rituals, etc., is self-serving in the sense that they really somehow believe that if they don’t do that stuff, then evil – pardon me – merciful Allah will strike them down with a lightning bolt from the heavens. Too weird.

        I think you have a point about how they perceive truth. But it’s bad news if they’re hoping for many future muslim Nobel laureates, in the sciences, at least.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        So, you mean that taqqiya is a symptom rather than an intention?
        I’ll accede that they are a bunch of whiny fucks.
        One thing I learned as a manager was that because you are the boss you are right all the time.
        Except, if you want their respect.
        You get the most out of people when you can admit that you are wrong and need their help.

      • Alain

        That description also just about fits the neo-marxists (leftists for some) to a tee.

    • ntt1

      thats a good bet.

    • They live in a bubble, it is not a part of the world we know and they can’t imagine another.

      • John

        Any Muslim I’ve every questioned at length turned out to be totally fucked in the head.

        And all of them were inveterate liars.

        *Dr* Qureshi is probably no different.

  • John

    Kathy’s clip of Sam Harris is certainly helpful. Harris rocks, whereas most atheists suck big-time.

  • Maggat

    From thereligionof Islamic murder victims during this years ramadam, 2988. Other religion 0. Anti islam hate crime 0.

    • jayme

      Darn – they won again!