The Logic of Elitism

The things that ordinary citizens do politically tend to revolve around the idea of winning elections. In real terms, we vote, assist in campaigns, and donate money to get people who will represent our will into office. When we seek to educate other people politically, it is usually with the unspoken intent that they will see things — and vote — our way. Even when we sign petitions or protest we are, in effect, threatening our representatives with electoral consequences. The efficacy of all of this, unfortunately, depends on the democratic institutions of our Republic functioning as designed.

  • Petey

    “It has become painfully obvious in the last few election cycles that the Republican establishment despises its conservative base.” Unfortunately, all too true.

    So the question has become, just who do they actually represent nowadays, if not conservatives? Those supposedly ubiquitous people in the middle of the political spectrum? If that is who they represent and the values that they now stand for are not longer conservative, then change the name of the party to “Liberal” or something, and leave the name “Republican Party” to true conservatives. Start a new party but stop calling yourselves “Republican”.

    • It’s why term limits are critical, and less government is always better. Ontario is a case in point. The mainstream political parties, are really just pawns of the true masters all of them have to please our bloated public service bureaucracy and the crony capitalists.

      • Petey

        Yes, the bureaucracy has become a bloated monster that controls the government itself, to a large extent anyway, and not the other way around.

        Left-leaning folk are fine with this, by and large, but one would expect more naturally conservative people (like Stephen Harper, perhaps?) would feel uncomfortable with the size of government, and make some attempt, however feeble, to rein it in.

      • Alain

        Unless term limits means that once your turn is over, you are completely out of politics at any level and in any capacity, term limits change very little. It would also be imperative to end all political lobbying. I have no problem with individual citizens attempting to lobby their government about an issue, but that is not what exists. If both of these steps were implemented, it would pretty much eliminate the possibility of corruption, which would be a big plus.

  • Millie_Woods

    When the majority of a population subscribes to an ideology, there is no ‘electoral consequences’ to the party implementing that ideology. It doesn’t matter if the ideology has proven destructive everywhere it’s taken root or that failure and ruin are all around you. It’s the power of the idea that counts and history is full of examples of people fanatically embracing dead-end political theories. The U.S. is there right now. I hope I’m wrong but I don’t believe it can be fixed through the ballot box.

    • Alain

      Spot on.