Mark Steyn: The Enemy Within

“…I think it’s comparable with what happened in Ottawa and Quebec last fall, where ISIS supporters killed Corporal Nathan Cirillo and Warrant Office Patrice Vincent. And by doing that, ISIS is telling you look, if we can kill your soldiers with impunity, nobody is safe. If you can just kill four U.S. Marines from the most powerful fighting force on the planet, how easy is it then to kill the kindergarten teacher? How easy is it to kill the pastor? How easy is it to kill the accountant? If a soldier’s not safe in a recruiting center, then nobody is safe – and that’s the message that ISIS or whoever is trying to send.”

  • Which is why vapourising these b@$#@rds is crucial.

    • I think Obama has made that war nearer.

      • He knows he has made war nearer.

        The failure to defend the Benghazi embassy was a deliberate decision, as was the decision to oppose Assad.

        Obama should be impeached.

    • Gaian

      Ship them all to Japan, those racist bastards don’t take in refugees and they will just cut them up and eat them.

  • Alain

    The real enemy within are the neo-marxists without whom the Muslim problem would not exist in the West. These are the same traitors who after every murder spree carried out by Muslims in the name of Islam insist on the same lie that it has nothing to do with Islam. These are the same traitors who refuse to end the Muslim invasion of our lands.

    • They are useful idiots.

    • Canadian

      You describe most if not all of our politicians.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    How easy is it to kill the Marines? Making their post a “gun-free” zone sure helps.

    • Alain

      Just another gift from the Democrats.