King Edward VIII: Uncle who encouraged young Queen’s Nazi salute ‘plotted with Adolf Hitler to regain throne’

Four years after being filmed performing the Nazi salute with a young Queen Elizabeth, Prince Edward repeated the gesture to Adolf Hitler himself during a visit to Germany.

The Third Reich later plotted to install him as a puppet monarch in the event of a British invasion, with his wife Wallis Simpson allegedly wanting to join him on the throne “at any price”.

The emergence of footage showing a young Queen, her mother and uncle has refocused attention on the abdicated king’s alleged Nazi links.


Alleged nothing, he was a frank admirer.

  • Alain

    I suggest that rather than obsessing over such a long past possibility is irrelevant, since the UK now has a real invasion, even worse than the Nazis in many respects.

  • ntt1

    Sure Edward was a hitler admirer he was a weak little man, but so many of Britain’s titled gentry were also with him in admiring hitler they later came to support the aspiring fascist dictator Oswald Mosley, that generations kids are now busily facilitating the replacement of brits by hostile third worlders ,the apple does not fall far from the tree.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    And yet the media gushed over the Duke of Windsor for decades.

  • I’m no fan of the monarchy but this looks like a smear job.

    Edward’s sympathies were well-known. Smacking a then seven year-old monarch for something her uncle encouraged her to do is pretty low.