It Just Got Easier for Iran to Fund Terrorism

Ian’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, did not enter into Tuesday’s historic deal with six world powers to reset relations with the West. It was the promise of more than $100 billion in sanctions relief, rather, that greased the wheels of the recently completed diplomacy in Vienna. And though the windfall of cash will certainly strengthen its position, the real prize for Iran was regaining access to a little-known, but ubiquitous banking system that has been off-limits to the country since March 2012.

  • Alain

    Was this not a major part of Obama’s objective? I say it was along with giving these nutjobs the means to attempt to eliminate every last Jew in Israel.

    • He seems to want to back Israel into a corner.

      • Alain

        I suggest he wants to see the destruction of Israel, and I base this on his actions and behaviour to date.

        • It seems so.

        • Linda1000

          Of course, he does. Can you believe this, Ozero just “unfriended” Netanyahu on Facebook!

          • Seems to be satire. Press TV is bat-guano nuts, so they’ll run anything.

          • Linda1000

            I think that’s a photoshop joke.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        My mother used to tell a story about the war when I was a kid.
        She said that one night one of her aunts went to use the outdoor loo.
        There was a rat in there and cornered it leapt at her and bit her in the throat.
        She died.

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  • The jihadist-in-chief, the Abominable Obama, has scored again, empowering more Muslims, weakening the West further. An evil man has been let loose on the world by US liberals, their media and an incredibly naive electorate. Let’s hope the world survives anyway.

  • Ron MacDonald

    All part of Obama’s plan.