Islamic Slavery in Africa

The story of slavery that we are told never includes the role of Islam. The slaves were captured by jihadists and brought to the coast. We have a detailed record of how this took place.

Prosperous regions of Africa were destroyed by the Arab slave traders. Out of the slaves that were captured, only 20% of them ever made to the pens on the coast to be sold.

There is an oddity in the language used in historical record. The words Muslim, Islam and jihad are never used, but only referred to.

We will never understand the slave trade until we understand the Islamic doctrine of slavery.

  • tom_billesley

    Then there’s the slave raids into Eastern Europe by the Cimean Khanate: about 3 million captives over 300 years.

    There’s the slave raids across the Mediterranean by Barbary Corsairs and Turks.
    .. and don’t forget the Hindu slaves marched over the Hindu Kush.

    • mauser 98

      population of blacks in US prisons today more than number used as slaves
      native North Americans owned slaves
      ….as for the Moors…where are my reparation payments?

      • tom_billesley

        Well, if all those blacks in prison were given a fresh start in Africa …..

  • Tokenn

    And how many people still upset about the history of slavery are aware that it was white Christians that _abolished_ the slave trade and ultimately slavery as an institution in the Western world? And that slavery is still practiced in many places in the non-Western world…and wasn’t abolished [nominally, at least] in Saudi Arabia until the 1960’s…? In my opinion, anybody who whines about the practice of slavery in The West should simply be told to shut the eff up. They clearly have no knowledge or understanding of the facts.

  • It should be added that blacks were also instrumental in the slave trade, often delivering other blacks to slavers against payment.