Isis or al-Qa’eda? The Arab states have chosen the devil they know

After plunging Syria into five years of a bloody civil war that has killed 300,000 and displaced 10 million, Bashar al-Assad is preparing for the endgame. He has been digging a bunker for himself, creating an enclave in the mountains around the coastal city of Latakia where his community, the Alawites, are in a majority. The Iranians are helping him set up this new retreat, but his hope of hanging on to Syria is dying. The question being asked in the region is not whether he’ll survive, but who will run Damascus once he falls — and what will happen should the country be split along ethnic and sectarian lines.

  • Oh, God- it’s come to that.

  • Fran800

    the US and Britain are paying a bitter price for refusing to remove
    Assad when they genuinely had the chance four years ago. Acting has its
    risks, but failing to act has its consequences too — as we will all now
    find out.

    Weird ending to this article.

    I’m glad to see the first commentator asks since when Assad became the bad boy. Syria was relatively decent — at least as much as is possible for a Muslim country — when Assad was ruler.
    I just listened to a video of Paul Weston pointing out that the only hope for the Christians in Syria is if Assad wins. Not much chance if everyone is supporting al-Quaeda and the U.S. is still hoping for all those democrats.

    • Obama has unleashed a maelstrom.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      I can’t believe that I’m cheering for Assad as the preserver of justice, modernity, and tolerance.
      Thank Obama for making me think thoughts I never would have believed possible before.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    It’s been said many times here. “A pox on all your houses.”

    • With luck they’ll annihilate one another.

    • ntt1

      Best way to handle the pox is containment and quarantine. encircle the entire poxed region and ensure they stay there. Limit refugees to demonstrated apostate muslims and Christians. start deporting problem muslims back to the area and offer one way ,one time,free transportation to jihadis and families.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Break them all up along as many lines as can figure out.
    Iraq should not be 3 countries, it should be at least 9, and the same with Syria.
    The factions there are that hate each other, the better off the west is.
    At that point they can genocide away on each other and we can all feel safer for it.

    • ntt1

      let them evolve into whatever form of government they want but ensure that they know exporting violence will be met with harsh penalty. a balkanised middle east with low level tribal warfare will be powerless for a long time