Barbara Kay: In the history books, this will go down as the Battle of Burl’s Creek

In my formative years, summer meant Lake Simcoe and long, halcyon summers. But today, if nobody stops them, the usual suspects are going to — as the song warns — pave paradise and put up a parking lot.

Oro-Medonte Township is a rural Ontario enclave of about 20,000 souls between Barrie and Orillia. Blessed by lush prime farmland and Lake Simcoe’s gleaming expanse, Oro-Medonte is peace personified. So it’s about the last place in Ontario one would expect to find a political war raging.

  • ntt1

    Traffic seems to be the choke point for these concerts ,we have two a week apart and highway 99 just barely handles it, luckily we have very responsible organizers who have worked hard with RCMP traffic division to smooth things as much as possible. noise is a problem but see how it goes then explore a joint lawsuit against the organizers for loss of enjoyment of property.

  • Clear Thinker

    Having been banned by the NP for suggesting that at slutwalks we ask each woman how many penises, just to see if they qualify, I will have to make my comment here about Burl’s Creek. Oro-Medonte has had one of the worst records of rural road paving over the last 2 decades for any township in Southern Ontario. Some of the folks in the township dont even want to pay for the volunteer fire system they use. When they get the bill for one of the best EMS systems in Ontario, they fill their diapers. Oh the cost of EMS is 145 bucks per household, that is half a bottle of Dom for the cottagers and farmers. In the last 20 years a farm has gone from 300,000 dollars to 1.5 million dollars. The only problem is that the farmer cant get the value out of it, so he and his family do not want to see anyone else get value out of their property. The folks who now own Burls Creek have not been too smart either. Yes in the end they might win, and if they do, I want them to demand costs from the save oro folks. I deal with some of these people, and though they are not thoroughly objectionable, they truly believe their shit does not stink and that someone else should be footing the bill for their lives. ” Tempora mutantur, nos et mutamur in illis”, except in Oro where they want flat growth, flat taxes, but sky rocketing land values. I guess once you get yours it damn everyone else. That should be the motto of Oro Medonte. Also you might note that the save oro folks dont give a thought about the rest of their township, it was called Medonte, it has Mt. St. Louis and Horseshoe North for ski hills, and those folks have embraced the 10,000 person Mudders that come about in the summer time. Yep on any given august weekend 5000 cars show up on hwy 400 and the 7th concession of Oro Medonte and we get along just fine. As for the council here, they seem to not have much going on upstairs and the locals keep on electing what they have in ample supply, brain donors.

  • Tom Forsythe

    Vinyl has also been used to produce many GOOD records.