Afghan town bathed in British blood once more at Taliban’s mercy

For a town that more than 20 British soldiers died to protect, Musa Qala has not much to offer. A shabby, sunbaked place in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province, its people still live as they did generations ago: growing poppies, and quietly trading in opium.

Yet less than a year on from the withdrawal of British soldiers from Helmand, the one aspect of life in Musa Qala that they fought to banish looks like returning. The Taliban – for whom the town’s opium riches have long made it a key prize – are back.


None of it was worth it. All a waste.

  • tom_billesley

    Spread spores of fungal diseases that damage opium poppies, perhaps by drone.
    (Crivellia papaveracea and Brachycladium papaveris are candidates as mycoherbicides)

    • G


  • Norman_In_New_York

    Taliban rule will last until ISIS takes over.

  • Dana Garcia

    You cannot reform Islam, only quarantine it.

    • Islam is a broken blueprint for a society.

      And like all broken items, it can be fixed.

      But it is necessary to admit there is a problem. Then identify what the problem is. Then do something to bring about a change.

      Islamic hate theology that incites countless followers to randomly commit violence in the name of Islam is the primary problem.

      Islamic theology needs to be sanitized of its hatred and violence promoting passages.

      I know it sounds difficult. So was building the pyramids and other large tasks.

      What are the other options?

      • Doug Kursk

        I think we all know what the solution is….we are just, as a civilized society, not quite yet mature enough to identify and then act on these conclusions.

        That time will come, however.

        • We all know. But, unfortunately “we” refers to us readers of counter-jihad web sites.

          We need to spread the word to as many people as possible. People are becoming receptive to Islamic reality.

    • In the long run, Islam must be forcibly destroyed even in Islamic countries. It is like a deadly virus that cannot be contained for long, but must be totally eradicated.