UK: Fears of deadly terror attack TODAY as evil jihadists twist Eid peace message

Jihadi leaders have said the Holy month of Ramadan is the best time to carry out attacks in the name of Allah as it is the ultimate form of worship.

And as spiritualism increases towards the end of the month – which finishes today, experts fear this is the time of highest risk of attacks or plotting.

Muslim communities in Britain have condemned the call to arms in a bid to stop vulnerable Britons turning to violence on home soil believing it is in the name of God.


Notice of the Chattanooga attack was posted on a twitter account which also served notice of impending attacks on London and Berlin.

Isis chatanooga twitter london

  • Jabberwokk

    Hurry up an do it. Make sure to post ISIS flags and dump Qur’ans everywhere. If you could also stop by the parliament building and pay David Cameron a visits that would be swell. Because yours is a religion of peace no one’s got anything to worry about. Show those hateful right wing bastards they are just a bunch of clueless loons.