Senate Committee on National Security recommendation that Imams be certified misunderstood

“Muslim witnesses were among those warning about the hazards posed by religious/political interpretations of jihad. Several witnesses pointed out that this doctrine has served as the impetus and justification for today’s Islamist terrorism. There is reason to believe that perpetrators were persuaded that such thinking about “jihad” justified the killing of a uniformed Canadian Armed Forces’ warrant officer in Quebec, the murder of a National War Memorial sentry in Ottawa, as well as assorted Islamist fundamentalist plots and hostilities in Canada and around the world.”

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Is that John Turturro?

  • moraywatson

    It doesn’t matter whether your imam is certified, when the ideology he espouses is rotten to its core.

  • Alain

    Better solution would be to cease all Muslim immigration/refugees and start deporting every single one already here who seeks to impose their barbaric and backwards ideology on Canada and its citizens. The very few who are able to respect and honour our laws and culture and demonstrate true tolerance to all non Muslims can stay for now.

    • k1962

      The answer is so simple isn’t it?

  • Canadian

    Certified, no.
    Certifiable, yes!