Purple Heart recipient and 21 yr. old just out of boot camp identified as 2 of 4 Marines killed by Muslim Terrorist Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez

Two of the Marines killed in the Thursday shooting at a Naval Reserve center in Chattanooga, Tennessee have been identified as 40-year-old Thomas J Sullivan and 21-year-old Skip Wells.

Thomas J Sullivan, 40 left and Skip Wells 21

Thomas J Sullivan, 40 left and Skip Wells 21

  • ontario john

    Well, they look white, so who cares?

    • Obama hates them.

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  • Gary

    Don’t be fooled by the BS from Imams and CAIR, I wouldn’t be shocked if 80% of the 1200 mosques in the USA are cheering this slaughter behind the closed doors as they tell the Media that it’s a tragic event by a criminal that hijacked their peaceful religion.

    I’ll make an prediction right now that the Toronto police will be part of a cover-up for the future muslim rape-gangs along with the schools and Social workers in the Public Unions.
    These people are getting paid too much money because it has corrupted them to have loyalty to their pay cheque and not Canada’s Laws or the taxpayers. The TPSB just went Sharia compliant to allow Niqabs and hijabs while the TDSB enbraced the homoerotic sex-ed designed by the convicted pedophile Ben Levin that is a buddy of Premier Wynne.

  • Hussein murdered them