Probe of Chattanooga shooting suspect focuses on Mideast travel

U.S. authorities are investigating travel to the Middle East by the suspect in the fatal shootings of four Marines in Tennessee, including at least one trip to Jordan and possibly one to Yemen, a source close to the probe said on Friday.

  • Helios Megistos

    Mark Steyn is so brilliantly clever! “But I think it’s comparable with what happened in Ottawa in Quebec last fall where ISIS supporters killed Corporal Nathan Cirillo and Warrant Office Patrice Vincent. And by doing that, ISIS is telling you look, if we can kill your soldiers with impunity, nobody is safe. If you can just kill four U.S. Marines from the most powerful fighting force on the planet, how easy is it then to kill the kindergarten teacher? How easy is it to kill the pastor? How easy is it to kill the accountant? If a soldier’s not safe in a recruiting center, then nobody is safe, and that’s the message that ISIS or whoever is trying to send with this.”

  • mauser 98

    clinging to their guns and religion

  • tom_billesley

    Why are the Feds wasting their time on this? Obama has already told them that lone wolves are self-radicalized at the keyboard. It can have nothing to do with travel to Islamic countries. Going to Islamic countries would only make them more peace loving.