Pan Am boom is a bust for many downtown Toronto businesses

The Pan Am games were supposed to be one of the busiest times of the year, not only for traffic, but also for businesses around the games hoping to get an influx of tourists and spectators.

Instead, businesses in downtown Toronto say they have been struggling to even get the usual number of customers into their stores since the start of the games, despite sales data showing a small increase in consumer spending on the opening weekend.

For some owners and managers, this has meant cutting hours, hiring freezes and even layoffs, as the streets are emptier than expected, and the boom in business is turning out to be anything but.

  • DMB

    Recently the Kathleen Wynne government announced full funding of approximately $1 billion for a light rail transit system in Hamilton that will replace a cheaper more reliable bus system which will only provide transit coverage on one route in the downtown mainly benefiting McMaster University students. Because of all the road construction needed to put in railway tracks in the road there will be major disruption for businesses along that route. Another white elephant is being created to benefit public sector workers at the cost of the private sector.

  • AmicusC

    why is anybody surprised by this? when was the last time these games, any of the Olympics or really any other event like this made the host city or country a profit.
    some of these might be fun to watch, but none of them justify the obscene amounts of money that is spent on them.

    • Our political class loves to steal our money to line their pockets.