Palace fury as pictures emerge after 80 years of the six-year-old Queen and the Queen Mother being taught a Nazi salute by Edward VIII in private film at Balmoral

I can understand their embarrassment, Edward was a traitorous shit.

The Royal Heilnesses

  • They were far from Nazis. This is just click bait.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      Edward the VIII was accused to passing (through his slut wife – Wallis Simpson) information helpful to the Germans just prior to the fall of France.

      However in 1933, and as a six-year-old, it’s pretty hard to say that The Queen had any idea of what was going to happen a decade later.
      Hell, in 1933, almost nobody outside of Germany knew much about Hitler, which tells me that Edward the VIII was likely an early Hitler enthusiast and probibly knew exactly what he was about well before almost anyone else in the British Isles.
      They were making fun of those funny Germans…
      They were making fun of the colonists again.

      • Edward was an admirer, that’s why they shipped him off to Bermuda during the war.

        • Drunk_by_Noon
          • andycanuck

            There must be a reason the government didn’t make him Governor-General of an important wartime ally like Canada or Australia and went with Bermuda instead.

          • ntt1

            Yes they had him bottled up in bermuda he could not do any more damage,Ambassador joe kennedy was part of the elite admirers of hitler and that was part of the reason he was sent home with his credentials revoked.

          • David Murrell

            There were a couple of TV documentaries on Edward VIII s pro-Nazi leanings It s fairly well-accepted by historians. But the photo of a 6-year-old Elizabeth s arm in the air is fairly cheap stuff, really.

        • Dana Garcia

          So it appears. Easier to blame Wallis the American that show a member of the royal family leans Nazi.

        • tom_billesley

          New Evidence Shows Duke of Windsor Plotted With Hitler

  • Tom Forsythe

    I’ve said for years that Britain owes a great big thank you to Wallis Simpson.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    I remember as a boy occasional stories in the papers and on television about the whereabouts of the Duke of Windsor and him putting in appearances at various foreign locations, and I asked, to no one in particular, “Why is this important? What difference does this make in the world?”

  • glasnost

    WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Edward VIII was a pampered lefty dipshit. (82 years ago)

  • Clausewitz

    To the real world, context is everything, and to the left, nothing.

  • Tokenn

    Ignorance of history rears its head again… Back in the ’30’s LOTS of people regarded Fascism as a desirable ‘middle way’ between Capitalism and Communism. Fascism hadn’t become a dirty word yet… It was part and parcel of the huge enthusiasm for planned ‘scientific’ economies and Progressive ideals like eugenics and Statist management of society… [Why does the text editor underline ‘statist’ as a spelling error?]