Muslim Marine murderer’s father ‘sexually assaulted wife and beat his son’ – and wanted to take second wife ‘because it was allowed under Islamic law’

The Muslim murderer of four US Marines came from an abusive and violent home where his mother was physically and verbally abused by her husband.

Court documents obtained by Daily Mail Online reveal that Muhammad Youssuf Abdulazeez was also victim of beatings by his father that were carried out ‘without provocation or justification.’

The Kuwaiti born gunman was caught up in the messy divorce in his senior year at high school in 2009.

The documents reveal that his father Youssuf Saed Abdulazeez also told his wife of 28 years he was going to take a second wife as it was permitted under Islamic law.

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  • Jay Currie

    Well thank God our American friends let this winner and his family in.

    • I’m surprised Ottawa missed out on this catch.

      • Canadian

        We`ll find someone, don`t worry.

  • Maggat

    Al around well adjusted family. We need more of them, yuck.

    • tom_billesley

      Normal for mahometans.

      • DVult

        Typical Chatanooga family. As American as apple pie.

  • African

    White House Celebrates Muslim Holiday on Day
    Muhammad Murders Four Marine:

  • Xavier

    Ohio company says Tennessee shooter failed background check in May 2013; reasons unclear – @AP

    Another gun control success for the FBI.

  • Xavier

    That right there proves Moslems are crazy. What kind of idiot would want two woman?

    What say you, Billy?

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      They can have up to four. One on each ear while two are resting. Every once in a while they tag off. No wonder they’re always running around on the street screaming.

  • Canadian

    How can someone sexually assault a thing he owns?

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  • David Murrell

    But President Obama says this is a lone-wolf attack.